Table of Alts

This is a repository of characters, to assist with players finding other players when they want to get in contact with them. They're split up into Evolved, Non-evolved (unmanifested, unregistered, etc, the definition is loose for the sake of this table) and Other categories (robots, wiz bits, NPCs, charbodies used exclusively for the lounge, etc). While the eventual goal is to get every character on the game categorized on this table, there is one important thing to keep in mind:

It is NOT mandatory to put your characters in this table. In fact, for those who want to play a character as haven, they're allowed and even encouraged to make a new row for that character. On that note, only put your OWN characters on this table, please, unless you have the express permission of the player who owns them. This is meant to be tool to make players' lives easier, not to out them to others.

Similarly, the OOC contact column is optional, and may be filled with whatever you consider the best off-MU* means of contact, if any.

Evolved Non-evolved Other OOC Contact
Gabriel, Lancaster, Logan Francois, Joseph Brooklyn
Colette, Peter, Hokuto Avi Manhattan
Gillian, Valerie Corbin, Adel Queens, Cash, Kincaid
Deckard, Vincent Danko Rockefeller
Hana, Kayla, Tamara Grace Rose, April, Laura, Sabra moc.liamg|ahsyrv#moc.liamg|ahsyrv
Veronica, Daphne, Peyton Nick, Tasha Greenwich
Abby, Brennan Joanna, Audrey, Ina Aude, Dan, Nalani
Alia Lashirah moc.nsm|eno_yhtrow#moc.nsm|eno_yhtrow
Amato, Matt, Mynama Smedley
Anna, Bethany
Graeme, Ziadie Cate
Delia, Edgar Kristen Dirk moc.liamg|azeehcyrrem#moc.liamg|azeehcyrrem
Elaine, Nadira Savannah, Liza Lilly
Elisabeth Megan
Evan, Daryl Gael
Lucille, Molly, Eve Thalia, Isabelle
Felix, Alexander Henry
Harmony, Yana
Huruma, Bao-Wei, Delilah Gideon, Marie
Dante Seamus Inferno
Kaylee, Kaitlyn, Claire Ryans, Cooper Roderick, Carrie, Cassidy moc.liamg|12ahsno#moc.liamg|12ahsno
Kendall, Luke
Lynette, Monica Jane, Tania Gin, Lexington, Michelle
Magnes, Warren Amadeus
Marcie , Laina
Melissa, Aimee, Shannon Kelly, Clint
Quinn, Emerson, Barbara Ling moc.liamg|xofyargoen#moc.liamg|xofyargoen
Elle, Griffin, Remi Elijah, Keira
Odessa, Nicole, Niki, Rue Kaydence Pandora
Sable, Perry Bella, Abbot Murdoch
Tahir, D.L.
Tuck Sonny, Leland, Niles, Hagan, Rami
Ygraine Chris xmrcaitlin at gmail dot com

Bold is the name of the charbody that it's easiest to find you on.

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