Scene Title Target
Synopsis Samantha gets her next package.
Date March 22, 2009

The Apartment of Samantha Lee Tanner.

After a long night out and being foiled at her latest kill, Samantha lies in bed but sleep doesn't come to her. She considers the figure from across the way as she tosses and turns in her bed. She reaches for the remote and flips on the TV, only to be deluged with super sales men and women hocking their wares from cooking accessories to workout equipment to make up to instant money making scams. It takes 17 rounds of golf to go by before she finally is able to close her eyes and sleep.

The shuffling at the door wakes her up. She glances at the clock. Red block numbers declare the time to be 11:33 AM. It takes her a moment to get her bearings as she pulls the covers aside and slips from her bed. She makes a stop at the latrine and a few minutes later is walking to the door, reaching out to open it.

There is a package on the stoop and she reaches down and picks it up.

She closes the door behind her and flips the bolt. Her address is stenciled on the front. She walks over and sits down on her bed and proceed to open the package. The contents would not be a surprise — Well, not entirely true the actual target would be very much a surprise.

She dumps the contents out on the bed and begins to pick them up one by one, pulling out each slip of paper from the rubble of foam peanuts that were also in the package.

The first is a picture. Black and white. He's kind of handsome. Maybe she should try and seduce him first. It's an option.

The second is a psychological profile, followed by a career history.

The next report is the meat and potatoes of the target. Ability. Strengths and weaknesses. How best to handle the elimination. His address and usual working hours.

The next was the preferred method of elimination. Public execution. Nice. Ensure the organization is implicated in the hit. Lots of media attention. With this target, that is sure to be.

She starts to gather up the papers, and she sees a small card. She picks up and looks at the address given. 360 Utica Ave in Brooklyn. She places everything back in the original package and moves to her kitchen where she opens up a bottom cupboard and pulls out a few pots and pans. The bottom is lifted out and she places the package inside before putting everything back where it belongs.

She walks back to her bathroom and takes a quick shower and gets dressed, grabbing her jacket and helmet before pulling out of the parking lot on her bike as she heads for the Crown Heights neighborhood. She notices several old mill buildings and warehouses when she pulls up to 360 and parks.

She uses a plastic card to get past the simple lock that holds the door in place and slips inside the building. Inside the building is bare, except for one case, dead center of the warehouse. Sam walks over and squats down in front of it and pops the case open.

Samantha finds a disassembled M40A3 Sniper Rifle with its components set down into a memory foam designed to snugly hold the components, along with 50 rounds of ammunition. The sniper rifle is a bolt-action single-shot rifle, and highly accurate. She chuckles to herself. They really want to make sure she doesn't miss. It's a far better rifle than the one she normally uses.

There is one more thing left at the warehouse for her. A single piece of paper and written in black magic marker are the words:

"Humanis First!"

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