Tell Me What You Know


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Scene Title Tell Me What You Know
Synopsis Allison 'visits' a healing Luke to do her mojo on him.
Date May 2, 2010

Fort Hero - Infimary

Do you know how tiring it is to be stuck in a room for days on end, unable to do anything because it'd send jabs of pain from your hand, side, or shoulder, and on top of that having your power negated constantly? It sucks. Majorly. Luke kept on telling everyone the exact same thing, answering the questions the exact same way, and he's getting sick of it. Right now, he's staring up at the ceiling, glaring at cracks.

And now he has a new person walking in to talk to him. Though this one doesn't look like an agent, and she's smiling, all chipper like. "Hello Luke. How you feeling today? On the mend?" she asks in a pleasant voice.

"Obviously not, or you douchebags would've kicked me out of here by now and tossed me in some hole. That's what you people do." Luke seems to think this group of people are connected to the people who locked people away in Moab.

Allison gives him a sympathetic look. "Don't like being stuck in bed, huh? Well, I can sympathize there. I always hate it when I get laid up with the flu or something. Doesn't matter where I am." Though she's never been in this particular situation. "So. Want to tell me what happened?"

"No." wow, right to the point, isn't he? Luke turns his face away from Allison in a clear dismissal. Why, yes, he's being rude.

The dismissal doesn't seem to bother the psychiatrist one bit. Allison even smiles. "No? And why not? Have you just decided to be rude to anyone who comes in? It's not a very wise course of action if it is. Perhaps you'd like to reconsider." And yet, still she sounds friendly, as if talking with her best friend about current events rather than interogating a prisoner.

"What if I'm just being rude to you, huh?" Luke is certainly doing that. "And the bitch who shot me. And I don't want to, it's as simple as that. Go exchange notes with your friends, I've said all I know. Leave me alone."

Though the smile and friendly tone don't fade, Allison's eyes narrow ever so slightly, and if Luke didn't have his back to her, then he would see the color drain from the irises of her eyes and settle on the outter edge, as silver rimmed by black. "You will be polite, and you will answer my questions as truthfully and fully as you can. Do you understand me, Luke?" she asks, this time backed by her power.

Luke stays silent aside from a plain "Yes." in response to her orders, though he still faces away from her.

Allison nods slightly, though she expected nothing less. "Wonderful. Now, do you want to talk? Perhaps tell me all you know about this Batsu? You two are close in a way, aren't you?" she asks, her eyes remaining that odd silver, and focused on him.

"No I do not. I have told everyone all that I know already." Luke answers to her first question, since she did order him to speak as truthfully and as fully as he could.

Allison shakes her head. "Luke, you need to answer all my questions, not just the ones you chose." And that isn't a request, it's an order from the head shrink. "What do you know about Batsu?" One thing at a time, despite her order. She can play this game too!

"I don't know much. I've only seen him twice, and only spoke to him once. All he did was tell me that our kind wasn't welcome at the shelter, and asked me how I felt about my mother. He looked at me, and the next thing I remember was waking up and finding my mother's trailer on fire." Luke replies, which is the exact same thing he's told the others.

"Did you feel anything unusual or odd when he was talking to you or when he looked at you? A physical sensation, or something nagging you at the back of your mind?" Allison asks, sliding easily into routine. "Just before you blacked out."

"No, nothing." Luke responds. "I just blacked out. It happened a lot, I'd be doing one thing, then wake up a few hours later and I'm somewhere else."

"Do you remember, perhaps, a common word that was spoken each time you blacked out, just beforehand?" Allison asks, brow furrowing slightly.

"No, I don't. And that was the only time I've met him, so it would only account for that one time, not the others." Luke's expression can't be seen from where he's turned away from her.

Allison nods slightly. "Did he touch you at any point during that meeting, Luke? Try to remember. Even just a casual touch, like accidentally bumping into you or something like that."

"No, I didn't let him anywhere near me." Luke replies. "Can't be too careful with homeless people these days, they'd mug you for your jacket if you went anywhere near them."

Allison nods at Luke's answer, and considers him for a moment, still with those eerie silver eyes. Then she smiles and lets her voice take on more of a monotonous quality, more lulling than questioning. "Okay. Now Luke, I want you to relax. Each breath you take, let it relax you more and more," she murmurs, continuing with such words for several minutes, to draw the poor kid into a trance-like state, mixing traditional hypnosis with her own ability. Why waste either when she doesn't have to?

"I want you to remember the very first time you blacked out. The period of time right before. You said that was the first time you met Batsu. The first time you actually spoke to him. I want you to tell me about it. As much as you can remember, for as long as you can remember," she says, trying to coax the memory to the surface.

"Um…" Luke sounds confused. "I didn't meet him right before I first blacked out." he explains. "But… nothing happened, I walked around, bought newspapers and read them, went walking in Central Park. Just for an hour or so here and there."

"That was what you did while you were blacked out? Nothing more? What about the next instance? The time when you did meet him, and woke up to see your mother's trailer on fire?" Allison prompts. "Try to remember what you did from when you were talking to Batsu, until you woke up."

Luke is silent for a minute until the repressed memories decompress like a giant zip file. "I watched him leave, and then I left and started walking towards the Bronx. I walked all the way to my mother's trailer and knocked on the door to make sure she was home. She answered, saw me, and screamed, went to call the cops. I said…" Luke looks a little confused. "'He does not forgive you.'" Luke hesitates. "Then I blew that bitch up like a potato in aluminum foil in a microwave." he sounds a little satisfied and guilty at the same time at the last bit. She deserved it, but…

Allison's head tilts and her expression goes curious. "Okay, now this one is going to be difficult, Luke. I want you to think really hard. After that time, do you remember seeing or hearing Batsu again? Even for the briefest of moments?"

Luke is silent for a longer time. "Once more. Right before I was shot and tasered." sure, he can still be resentful while being polite as ordered. "He… brought medical supplies and was stitching my side where I was shot earlier."

"Did he talk to you, Luke? Say anything at all?" Allison asks, though she's frowning. "And where did he find you?"

"He didn't say a word, and just met me at the skyscraper that I was running towards. That's all." Luke sounds tired. All this remembering stuff! It's cramping his style.

Allison is quiet for a moment, before she nods. "Thank you, Luke. Now I want you to sleep. A true sleep. Let your mind and body heal. When you wake, you'll feel well rested, and do try to cooperate more with my coworkers in the future." She looks towards the door then and sighs. She got information alright, but not the information that she hoped to find. Damn Batsu!

Luke falls asleep. Wootwoot.

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