The Alistairs Interviews


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Scene Title The Alistairs Interviews
Synopsis The Alistair siblings in company custody are really, the pair of them, quite rude.
Date April 17, 2009

Company Interrogation Room

Simon's visit to the Company facilities for tagging so far has been uneventful. Waking up in the pared down cell that's sparse but comfortable and eventually led down to an interrogation room replete with table and chairs. At some point between his being brought in and waking, Simons ability was nullified. He'd already been poked and prodded, a file started on Simon and his sister before he'd even hit consciousness. It's five minutes in this room, lead there by unspeaking agents that Minea actually shows up, his file in hand. "How are you feeling Mr. Allistair?" Probably not the thing he wants to hear coming out of her mouth. "Your sister's not awake yet. But she's being well cared for. I thought you might like to know that" That is not a smile on Minea's face, just grim lines.

Slow, heavy breathing comes from Simon, who is slumped in the corner of his cell, knees pulled up tight against his chest. He doesn't know what kind of place he's ended up, but it scares him. There are so many thoughts running through his hard it makes it hard to concentrate on any one in particular. That's the case up until Minea walks in and becomes a lightning rod for all his fear and anger. He glares daggers at and rises to full height. Not exactly imposing, but it makes him feel more comfortable, at least.

"How the hell do you think I'm doing?" he says. His hands are balled into fists at his side, clenched tight. "If you hurt my sister, I swear you'll be sorry." He obviously doesn't believe that they're taking good care of her.

"You can come take a seat please Simon. I promise she's not being hurt. I know my word probably doesn't count for shit right now. But she's not. I need to ask you a few questions and then we'll be turning you loose when your sister is done" The brunette's out of her bar clothes and into a suit and looking professional.

Simon stares at the table and chairs set up in the room and shakes his head without moving towards them. "You're right about that, Minea," he says, spitting out her name as if it put a bad taste in his mouth. "What do you want?" He inclines his head curiously, waiting or the answers to head away and preparing himself for whatever they might be.

Fine. He can be like that. "What do you call your ability?" Start off with the easy questions. 'When did you discover it?"

Simon chuckles and rolls his eyes, this time moving to the chair on his own free will. He takes a seat and looks up at Minea. "I don't know what you're talking about. You can go to hell now, please." Yeah, the kid is going to be difficult, it seems.

"I have a red strip that says otherwise, a couple meetings worth of seeing you do things that really, an un-evolved person can't do. I really don't want to bring in someone else. So you can once again, choose to be difficult and drag this out, or you can just answer the question. Simon Alistair, when did you first notice the manifestation of your abilities. What do you call it, and have you discovered any known limits to it?"

Simon thinks real hard for a moment. Or, at least, he looks like he does. His brow furrows, he looks up and to the right, and he even rests a thumb and forefinger against his chin. "Hmm," he says, appearing to have calmed down much since Minea walked in. "I guess, I would say, my ability would be to be able to deal with crazy assholes like yourself. I'm just now realizing that it's something special, and I have a feeling we'll both be testing the limits of it today."

"Again, you choose the hard way" Minea murmurs, lips pressed together. She's not frustrated though. Nope. Simon would not be the first in company history to give attitude and not co-operate. "They'll come in and take you back to your room Simon. We'll talk again when I'm ready" Not when you're ready. "I'm going to go visit your sister now. Any message you want me to pass along?"

"Tell her not be scared. You're easier than I thought, and Mallory's snark factor is - impressive," Simon says with a grin that borders on psychotic scary, but doesn't quite get there, because he's really rather sane. "You don't stand a chance."

"Simon. Your underestimating me. You really are, but I'll pass on the message, you take care now, buh bye" With that, the file is close,d pen taken, nothing left behind that he can temporarily used as a weapon, and ten minutes later, there's the same two people, coming to escort Simon back to his little hole in the company building. Better luck next time. Of which, there will be, only it'll be with ways to actually get him to answer.

"Buh bye," Simon says with a little wave of his hand. He watches Minea head off, sighs, and submits when the two come to take him away. He'll be quiet with them and not try to fight. He just hopes Mallory will be ok

Another Interview Room

Because Simon's interview went so swimmingly, Minea did a detour along the way, a stop in at some random office in the building to find Katherine. They were trying out to be partners. How better than to see how to deal with the other Alistair in residence. "Her brother, Simon, Evolved, as well as her. He's the one I was telling you about with the toothpick from across the room. Well, his sister was with him. We though what the hell, genetics usually play a part. Well. Bingo. She's tested as evolved too. But he's been a complete .. teenager. No doubt she will too. Her name is Mallory Alistair, twin sister to Simon"

Said person woke up not too long after the start of Simon's interview, and dressed in her own clothes, she was escorted to her own interview room, complete with table and chairs by two other company agents. Last vestiges of what could be called a hangover, but it's the side effects of the sedative. "Maybe she'll be more agreeable than her brother?"

Mallory waits in the room, fingers plucking at one cuff of her hoodie, the hood of which is drawn up. She hasn't fought, but she's hardly been friendly, all slouches and scowls.

Kat seems to be doing just peachy — okay, maybe she's not doing peachy, but she has been a little irritated in the last few days for unexplained reasons. Whatever the issue is, she hasn't told a soul, so getting her to do an interrogation may not be the wisest of ideas. Minea does, however, ask for her assistance with this particular interrogation, so Katherine hasn't any reason to refuse that won't raise some flags.

She nods to Minea as she rises and walks towards the interrogation room side by side with the other agent. "The boy wasn't all that willing to cooperate, hm? Should have brought me with you on that one too, I imagine. The swipes her card into the slot and opens the door, letting Agent Dahl do the same and she turns to glance at the girl there. "Katherine Marks, Special Agent. This is Special Agent Dahl, and as you well know you are in the protective custody of Homeland Security." she recites from memory and she glances down at the packet she picked up as she walked into the room. She glances at Minea, letting her take over from here.

It's not like she held a gun to the woman's head. But she thought maybe getting her out of the office and away from paperwork. "Hello Mallory. How are you feeling. Do you need any water, something to eat?" Her own card swiped to record her entering, she's pulling out the chair for Kat and then herself, file folder in hand. "Your brother told me to pass along to you that he's okay. To be strong"

"In those exact words?" Mallory asks Minea, looking up at the two women in front of her. "Water would be awesome, thanks. On what grounds am I being held?"

Kat hates repeating herself, but she does, for the sake of answering the girl's question. "You are in protective custody. There are no grounds required for keeping you safe. we want to make sure you are not a danger to yourself or to others." Nah, she didn't have a gun put to her head, and she probably needs this big of a distractor at the moment. "The sooner you answer our questions, the sooner we can make a determination and the sooner you can get out of here. Make it difficult and we can keep you here as long as we see fit."

Okay, she's wound a little too tight at the moment, so her words probably come across as far more snippity than she intended. "You've been flagged as evolved. What's your ability?" Let's get to the point. She'll let Minea worry about the water.

Someone somewhere hears the request for water and the knock at the door is someone bearing just that. Katherines done this before, Minea hasn't. Time to learn from the Pro's so to speak. Minea gets the bottle before sliding it across to the teenager. "Please answer the Agent's questions if you would"

Mallory reaches for the water. "I have no idea why I'm flagged. Maybe you could tell me. Hey, can I call my lawyer? Our lawyer, I guess. Me and Simon's. Was I flagged before or after your buddy tazered me, by the way?"

Kat slides the folder in front of Mallory that has the red stripped affixed inside. "Tested positive for evolved. That's what I mean by you were flagged. Your brother also tested positive and it seems his ability can be dangerous. Granted, the tazing might have been a little premature, but we aren't willing to risk our lives or the lives of others. You've been properly taken care of since you've been here." She pulls the folder back. "Now, you can save us some time, save yourself some time and just maybe, get yourself out of here. We want to know is what do you do."

Mallory slides the folder closer to herself and flips it open, examining whatever's inside. Papers. Anything. Brow furrowed, she shakes her head. "What, you don't have a test to know what someone's ability is? 'Cause as far as I know, my only super power is sarcasm." Mallory's voice is tight; for all the bluster, she is scared.

Kat has an ability. Unfortunately, it's not truth detection. She does, however, have what is known as intuition. "Fine. If you don't want to tell me, then don't. I'll have you escorted to a room, and when you're ready to talk, you just tell someone you want to see either of us." She can tell the girl is uneasy about all of this, and hopes that perhaps the thought of being tucked away at the expense of the government might just jog her memory a little bit. "Let's go, Dahl." She turns and goes for the door.

The file taken away from the young woman, Minea rises with Katherine and turns for the door. Not a single word spoken from the older brunette, just letting katherine's threat weigh heavy in the air. Though when her back is turned there's raised brows to the other agent, seeing just where she went wrong with simon.
"You can't keep me here forever," Mallory says after a long moment, hands coming to rest in her lap. "I want my lawyer. This is bullshit."

Katherine places her hand on the door, though turns around at the lovely term for bovine excrement. She turns and looks at the girl, a glance given briefly to Minea. "Not entirely. You're not under arrest. You're in protective custody. There's no requirment for us to provide you with a lawyer, or to even let you contact a lawyer. We are under the obligation to ensure that you are not a threat to yourself or anyone else and until we determine that is the case, you'll be taking up residence right here."

Minea levels a look at the young woman, letting her own seriousness add more weight to Katherines words again. "So you can see how it's in your best interest to tell us what it is that you can Mallory. The sooner, the better"

"And how long do I stay here if I don't know what set off your test?" Mallory demands flatly. "This is bullshit."

"That's alright. Keep calling it bullshit. That'll help your case." Katherine leans against the door for a moment. "Look, all it tells us is that you /do/ something. It doesn't tell us what you do. It's a simple blood test, and either you're hot or your not. And I think you know exactly what it is you do, and now you're just stalling. Let me help you with that stall. Enjoy your stay, Mondays are seafood night." Katherine has had quite enough of this 'bullshit' and she turns, opening the door and stepping out, whether or not Minea follows is completely up to her. Maybe she can get something out of her by playing nice.

Which is why Minea takes a little longer to actually head out the door, not a look to Mallory, but hoping that the young woman says something to her, gives them something to talk about instead of sullen scaredness.

Mallory levels a sour gaze at Katherine's back, which she transfers to Minea. She cocks her head to the left. "Are you sure sarcasm isn't a super power?"

"I'm pretty sure, that the only person who has that for a super power is my boss. maybe my partner there" Minea gestures behind her to the hidden officer. "Me, I got nothing. I'm just a plain Vanilla human Mallory. But there's some poeple out there, they have some really dangerous abilities. It's our job to make sure that people who discover they have these abilities, get the proper help they need to control it, so that there's no hurting innocents around them. Your brother, he was flagged because what he does, has an potential to be very deadly"

"Simon wouldn't hurt a fly," Mallory says, lips pressing together. "Your treating him like a criminal hardly helps. Because you are." Her fingers twitch; she's used to being connected now, feeling the potential contacts around her. It could be a lack of cell phones and other such items around her, but it seems worse in her head. "I will remember your names." Ha ha.

"We're not you Mallory, we don't have the innate knowledge that you do as his sibling to know this. But you do since you know what it is that he can do" The young girl just confessed it. "The moment we know and we can evaluate what you can do, we can guide you, give you exercises, give him exercises to better hone his ability and whatever ability it is that you posess and we can put you back on Staten Island. The sooner you co-operate Mallory, the sooner this will be done. You have my word, whatever it means to you, which I'm sure, like with your brother, it means nothing."

"I don't know anything beyond the fact that my brother wouldn't hurt a fly," Mallory says coldly. "I'd like to go back to my cell now."

Minea nods her head. "Someone will bring you back to your cell soon enough" No farewell, or goodbye. good luck ect ect. Just Minea heading out the open door and closing it behind her. That disconnected feeling mallory is experiencing? That's negation of her abilities thanks to the drugs they cycled through the young woman for the exact purpose. On the other side of the one way mirror, Minea stands with katherine, looking through it. "Are they all like this?"

Mallory turns her head toward the mirror and just stares at it, eyes narrowed, because it's a mirror in a room used for questioning and though she can't see what's behind it, she has a pretty good idea.

Katherine grins, shrugging. "Pretty much." She reaches over and pats Minea on the back lightly. "They all want to keep their secrets. They're afraid. Can't really blame, then but they'll cooperate soon enough. Grab some lunch?" she asks as she heads towards her office.

Even getting plastered with Terry didn't curb her mixed emotions regarding the taking of the two teenagers. But she nods, turning to fall in beside Katherine. "Sure. Lunch. So if they don't talk, what, do they bring in Telepaths?" The file folder in her hand tapped against her other hand.

Katherine shakes her head. "They'll talk."


Some time later

After coming back from lunch, no word from Mallory as far as wanting to talk yet. The Company doesn't like to let these things go for too very long, so Kat manages to get in touch with someone who'll get in contact with a persuader. Little does the agent know that this particular persuader will be someone who is not her favorite person in the world. She arranges for Mallory to be brought back to the questioning room, as she waits for the persuasionist.

She dressed in head to toe Richard Chai. Not dressed for business but for walking the streets of Brooklyn. Brown leggings, brown tunic, a cropped shearling sleeveless vest that bears the tunic beneath. Glossy brown hair falling haphazardly in such a fashion as to make you think it was natural but in truth it's not. Starbucks in hand, they called her in because she was already working for them today. Nalani Holingwoods supposedly at the spa again. Only she's not. Ankle boots strike the floor as she makes her way to Katherine, brow's high and lids halfmast. "We meet again" purred, ever so dangerously by the tall former model. "Agent Marks"

Mallory sits and waits, hood still pulled up, like that last little shield is going to protect her somehow. Her hands are curled into the sleeves of her hoodie. She's closed her eyes, trying to block out emotion. It's proving more difficult than usual. Usually, Mallory is a pretty cold fish.

Kat glances up as someone enters her office and she has to stifle the curse that almost erupts from her lips. Of all the.. She stands and puts on her best fake smile. "Ms. Hollingwood. Thanks for coming over. I appreciate your promptness. Trying to get someone to explain to us their evolved ability, but they don't seem to understand that it's all for their best interest. Basically, she's being stubborn. I hope you can help." Kat leads the way, swiping her card again, and then logging in Nalani as the second visitor to Mallory Alistair.

"You give me the pills, I give you my ability. I just happened to be on call today!" Oh, she's going to derive much joy from this. "You don't look happy to see me Agent Marks. I wonder why that could be. Care to tell me?" Not that she's putting her will behind those words, but how it Kat supposed to know that. "I'll see what I can do" Do what you can't. There's smugness on Nalani's face. At least it gets her out of god forsaken disgusting Brooklyn.

Well, she did ask if 'she cared to tell'. "I actually don't care to tell. But thanks for asking." she answers honestly as she steps back into the room, seeing Mallory all hooded up. "Take off that hood." she directs the girl, whether she complies or not, doesn't concern the agent. "We've given you some time to think, and I'm certain you would rather be able to go home with your brother. So, let's start from the beginning and you tell us what it is you do and we can start moving this along." Otherwise, she's going to sick Ms. H on her.

"What's your problem with the hood?" Mallory demands, turning her head toward Katherine. "Asserting your dominance? You really care if my fucking hood is up?"

"Okay, I asked nicely. We are just trying to help you." Kat turns to Nalani. "She's all yours." Kat moves to lean against the mirrored window and watch the woman at work.

That aroma of Starbucks wafting from Nalani's cup must be awfully delicious. Nalani's not even making to hide what it is, only taking another sip, some 100 dollar a tube of lipstick left on the rim as she watches Katherine ask nicely. She's not standing or posturing at all like the agent or those who have come before. It's very lazy, not worried not a care in the world as she leans against a wall. "Hello pigeon. Your going to answer my questions, truthfully and completely, same as the agent's questions. No lying or trying to hide the truth. Take down your hoodie and tell the good lady what your ability is" Nalani impresses her will on the words, giving a little more than she usually does to try and get an rough estimate of the young girls will, traveling on the hind of those muddled English accented words. Good enough for you Katherine?

"Who are you s…" Mallory starts to demand of Nalani, words dying on her lips as the new woman speaks. She slowly reaches up and pulls down her hood, messy hair pooling over her shoulders. She could really use a comb. "Computers."

Katherine arches a brow at that. "What about computers?"

that's a girl. It's allll natural to answer the questions. Who wouldn't, they're just questions. Nalani just waits quietly from her perch,r eady to re-inforce the persuasion needed, should it seem to weaken.

Mallory's lips tuck into a little smile. She simply says, "Everything."

"What it is precisely that you do with computers?" Kat asks, getting a little annoyed. The girl is comply, but being difficult still.

"give us four examples of what it is that you can do with the computers" Oh, she's as proud as can be. Nalani's better at something than the Company agent. There's another sip from her coffee.

"I can read what's on them. I can send data through them," Mallory says, palms resting on her thighs by her knees. She shakes her head a little, frowns, and continues, "I can… paint. And… link through them. Connect."

Kat nods. Better. She scribbles some notes down. "How long have you know you can do this?" Now that the girl is asking, the questions are short and to the point.

"Last year," Mallory answers, fingertips twitching again. She's watching Nalani as she answers Kat's questions, eyes a little wide.

"You're doing good, Keep answering Agent Marks please" Reinforce it. Choke her will down that line a little more. Your a good girl Mallory, you want to answer them and please the agent. Nalani lifts a hand to scratch at the side of her nose, but back to relaxed boredom not long after.

Katherine nods. "How adept are you at using your ability? Do you instictively know how to manipulate computers, or does it take you some time to figure new things out?" Kat doesn't move, just continues to lean against that window.

"Need practice," Mallory says, glancing briefly away from Nalani to Kat, then back. "Some time. Some… practice." She swallows thickly. This is wrong. This is all wrong. She knows that.
While we're at it.. "Tell me what you know about your brother's ability. Everything you know." she reiterates as she crosses her arms across her chest. Kat glances briefly over at Nalani. That is quite the gift right there. Her eyes move back to Mallory.

Mallory squirms in her seat, fingers trembling. She loves Simon. Simon is the only person in the entire world she's fully loyal to. She doesn't trust herself to speak, so she just shakes her head quickly, curtly. No. No!

"Tell her what your brother does" Shit, Willpower. Nalani shifts off the wall, coffee cup settled on the table as she plants both hands, garnering the young girls focus by putting herself in direct line of sight. "// You will tell agent marks what your brother does. The limits that he has, when he discovered it. Tell me everything" Nalani's not well skilled with her Ability, there's no fine tuned control. She can suppress it or let it flow and choke her full will. WHich she's doing right now. Enough that it's obvious to Mallory what Nalani is doing and enough that there's the start of a nosebleed on the British woman.

Mallory's chin tips upward defiantly, moisture smarting at the corners of her eyes. She thinks of firewalls, tries to imagine building one around her mind, but she's not a computer yet and she just can't do it. She makes a rasping noise in protest, shaking her head. "The same time I did. Last year. He found it last year. He always hits what he aims at. Always. LEAVE ME ALONE!"

Katherine nods, as she motions to Nalani that they are done here. "Someone will see to it you are taken back to your 'room'. She opens the door and waits for Nalani to step before before the door is closed, leaving the teen to her own thoughts and emotions over what has just occured. "Thanks for helping us out here." The agent says, somewhat impressed. "Nicely done."

"Your company holds what I need Agent marks" Nalani slinking out, coffee taken with her, tossed into a garbage can elsewhere. For now the back of her palm serves as a kleenex since her purse was kept elsewhere, a glance down to it and the knowledge of what the pain that flares to life at some point in her mind signals. It's an infrequent occurrence. "Her brother. I have enough in me to speak with him" Mallory's not given a backward glance at all. Much like her brother, on occasion, she too can be the heartless bitch she's so often accused of being. "Surprised Agent Marks?"

Katherine glances at Nalani, before she grins and shrugging. "Perhaps. We'll call you again when we need to." She turns and heads into her office, letting the door close behind her.

Take that as a no. So Nalani heads in the opposite direction, towards where she needs to go as opposed to sticking around.

Mallory mashes one hand against her mouth, shaking in place on the chair. She curls up, sneakered feet on the seat of her chair, and reaches with both hands to pull her hood down low, tears squeezing out of her tightly shut eyes despite her best attempts to stop them. She keeps her arms up over her head. Simon, Simon, I'm so sorry, Simon… And below that, the quiet, cold rage. I'll make them pay.

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