The Search For Cally


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Scene Title The Search For Cally
Synopsis Kammy's clued in that Cally's nowhere to be found. She and Brian start nosing around for her whereabouts…
Date February 19, 2009
Rating F for Foreshadowy

Central Park

Currently in New York, it is mostly cloudy. The temperature is 31 degrees Farenheit (0 degrees Celsius). The wind is currently coming in from the west at 14 mph, with gusts up to 23 mph. The wind chill index puts the temperature to 21 degrees Farenheit (-6 degrees Celsius.) The barometric pressure reading is 29.60 and rising, and the relative humidity is 39 percent. The dewpoint is 9 degrees Farenheit (-12 degrees Celsius.)

Stranger and stranger. Granted Kammy's been taking it relatively easy with her sprained ankle - relatively easy being using her cane more for support, lead along by pup via leash. When she was supposed to be lounging on the couch and resting her ankle, rather than overdoing it. But she'd also planned on looking for Cally to invite her to the Lighthouse. Only… Cally wasn't anywhere in the Lower East Side, where she'd /said/ she was. Nor was she anywhere in the park. Which brought Kammy to mentioning it to Brian. Which brought the both of them here, to the park where they first met Cally.

"There he is." Brian intones softly to the woman beside him, letting his gaze slide over to her, a small upturn of his lips forming for the briefest of moments. Setting his course on the man, he goes to give Kameron's arm a little squeeze to indicate the intended direction to Kameron. "What was his name again?"

While Kammy may suck at the names of locations, she's pretty good at names of people. Especially if she hears their voices. Of course, going to the park with a person in mind helps. "Mack." Kameron answers swiftly, her voice quiet so the target doesn't hear her say the name. It'd have more impact if Brian addressed him at the get-go with his name. At the brief squeeze though, Kameron turns towards the direction it indicates, and starts to pace after Brian, with Prince sniffing on the ground every few steps.

Brian also happens to be good at names. But, he also likes to talk. And if he doesn't have anything to say, why not ask a question you already know the answer to? "Mack. Gotcha." Letting his hands fall into his pockets, he looks over at her briefly. "I'll let you do the talking." Watching her have social interactions was fun.

What. Kameron had been planning on simply letting Brian do the talking, but he wants her to talk instead? "Oh - uh .." Well it did make sense! She knew Cally. Moving forward, she reaches out and rests a hand on the counter. "Excuse me, Mr. Mack? Sir?" leave it to her to address even a minor player in he grand scheme of things, as 'sir'. "-No, no I don't want a hot dog-" she waves a hand apologetically, "Actually, I just have a few questions." It's probably a little weird that she can't even look the guy in the face, but from behind her shades, she does at least watch his profile. And while she speaks, she leans forward a bit, Prince's leash looped over her arm while the dog looks about. Mmm, hot dogs. — that's just really wrong for some reason.

A little smile curls up as he stands at Kameron's side just as protective and loyal as Prince. Giving a glance over at his littler compatriot, he flashes a smirk crouching down to give the dog a little ruffle of his head. He then straightens to set his eyes on Mack and his hand goes to rest on the back of Kameron's shoulder. Just a little support.
ORDER: It is now your pose.

Mack, only mildly dismayed at a lack of a sale, glances at Brian with a Knowing Smile(tm) at the gesture. Man. If Kammy had a quarter for everytime someone did that. There is a smile at the gesture from her friend nonetheless, and Prince's tail wags a bit more at the ruffle of fur. He's a happy puppy. "Do you remember the girl that was here a few days ago?" Kameron asks the vendor, tapping her fingers together. "Cally?"
At the man's nod, she continues, "Well, I've been looking around —" there is a brief wince, "I mean, we've been looking around," she motions to Brian with her free hand, embarassed, probably much to Brian's amusement. "But we haven't seen - I mean he hasn't seen -" augh. "Have you seen her lately?"
Mack, who is probably amused by Kameron biting her own tongue verbally, scratches his head, "Well…I did see her a couple of days ago. Mentioned something about going to Staten Island. But I haven't seen her since then - maybe she found a job there." or friends. OR DIED.

Brian's lip pulls back just a bit. She recognized his nod. He'll have to tell her to be a bit more careful. Or she's going to get more problems from stupid cowboys. He smiles politely to the Knowing Smile, though doesn't really acknowledge it. What if she could see that too?? "Staten." He repeats, the smile at Kameron's awkwardness disappearing instantly. "Why would she—" A little frown. "Maybe she was looking for us." He intones a little softer to Kameron, his hand tightning just a bit on her shoulder.

She'd completely forgotten about Smedley - it was just one encounter, right? Right? And… she didn't even realize her carelessness in responding to the nod. Hopefully Mack didn't either. "Staten Island.." Kameron is silent a moment, thinking, "Ah -t.. Thank you sir. Um - I'll - I'll come back and buy a hot dog from you after we find our friend." She promises, turning her head slightly at the quieter comment from Brian, a slight shake of her head to the hand on her shoulder.
"I don't think so," she answers, moving to turn towards him, to answer equally quietly, "I didn't have a chance to tell her about the Lighthouse. I was goin to.."

"Thank you very much, bro." Brian says with a little smile, warmer this time. "Come on." He murmurs. "I think I have a contact who should be able to help us out with the whole Staten dealie." The replicator murmurs, letting his hand slide down to slide into hers. His smile getting a little brighter as he goes to do that. But once he pulls her a significant distance away from Mack— "Are your eyes open?" He asks softly, under his breath.

"Your 'Uncle' Mike?" Kameron asks curiously as she moves to follow along after Brian, lead away by his hand. After all, Deckard was the only contact she knew of that had a connection to Brian. "He did meet Cally briefly, that night in the park- i mean, the second time in the park, not the first." And then the question that follows, which seemed a bit …strange. "They are now," she answers, having closed them again when she turned away from the vendor. "Why?"

"No. I know a lot of people, Kammy." Brian murmurs softly. "And they're not all good people. So let me do some digging and see if I can find anything. Otherwise we'll do a little walking around the island.. but only in certain parts." No way in hell would he allow Kameron to go to the rookery. Even if he did take Bai-Chan there. That's different, he can climb up walls. Kameron climbing up walls—would be a lot more hilarious. Giving her hand a little squeeze, "He nodded at you, and you kept talking. Like you saw." He notes, "You need to be a little more careful, I think."

Climbing up walls would be -awesome-. And probably a lot more useful than the ability she -did- have. Ahem. "All right," she answers thoughtfully, a little perturbed at the fact that Brian knew Bad People. And that ain't good. She brightens considerably at the idea of walking around the island, "Well it's a good thing we have Prince with us." She motions at the pup, "He may still remember Cally's scent." This is a pretty good bet, as much time as Kammy and Cally were together that one day. Besides, she's his rival.
She tenses at the latter comment, blushing briefly, "I-.. I did?" Dangit. "..Sorry," she lifts her free hand to scritch at the back of her head. "I didn't even think. You don't think he thought anything of it do you?"

"Nah." Brian murmurs, giving a little grin at her blush. His hand gives hers another soft squeeze. "You don't have to be sorry to me, KamKam. I'm just saying. for your own sake. I don't want you to get hassled by people like that prick." He pauses. "That guy had guns on him, Kammy. The guy who hassled you. Uncle Mike got a look at him." The replicator murmurs softly to his cohort. He grins at her brightening. "We'll make it a little event. We can bring the kids and look around." But in reality, the brunt of the looking will be done in the rookery.

This time she blushes for an entirely different reason. Like, Brian calling that guy a prick. A word that refuses to process itself in Kam's head. No! Dun want it to! "I-" She stops. Dead. Probably even letting Brian's hand slip out of hers, startled by that revelation. "He had…" Try it again, "He had guns? What t- Why w.." What. Just ..
"H-he didn't.. really…" Kameron starts walking again, shuddering briefly. Guns. Oh sure she knew people had them in New York, but - to have been so close to someone who had a GUN on him? (pff, let's not look at Brian, hrm? :>) Nevermind GunS. Plural. Scary. She chuckles faintly at mention of bringing the kids, nodding a bit distractedly. "Sure." A pause, "I know it's rough on Staten Island lately. I hope she hasn't gotten into any trouble."

He didn't expect her to react that much, stopping once he realizes she's stopped. He turns to face her. Confusion coming over his expressions for a moment, maybe back in the days before coming to New York, before he was so jaded. Before he had shot at people. Before he killed—His mind darts around that subject. Best to repress it, right? "It's not that big of a deal, KamKam. Lots of people carry them for protection. But this guy had two six shooters. So who knows what kind of crowd he runs with. I want you to avoid him, if you can."

Though guilt does seep in. If she feels that strongly. "Kammy.. I.. I hate to do this to you. I mean I don't want to scare you but." He goes back, to try and take her hand again. "I usually carry a gun." His tone kind of holds a question to it as if he were asking if that was okay.

Even if it weren't okay, it wouldn't matter. "I-I know people carry them for protection, It's just -" Just what? Knowing the man carried a gun was reason enough to avoid him. But then Brian drops another bomb on her, and she jerks her hand back, more in surprise than in a 'don't touch me' manner. "You…carry a gun?" For protection. But … it's not like he kept the guns around the kids, where they could get at them. He had more sense than that, right?

Though it's perceived as a don't touch me, and the man sticks his proverbial tail in between his legs in the form of putting his hand in his pocket. His lips drag down in a gun. Well, he carries several, but not all on the same body. And the basementthe very locked and secure basement is full of his arsenal. "If I didn't I would probably be dead by now." Or more dead than he already was. Probably the only man on Earth who could say he has died, three times. "I.." Hmm. He shuts his mouth.

It's.. pretty clear that Kameron is a little uneasy with the talk of guns, but - well, she can …get over that. Brian is, after all, one of the good guys. She glances away in her own version of the hurt puppy face, even though she doesn't do it intentionally. ".. Sorry," she turns back, offering a hand - a peace offering. "I.. keep being reminded that things aren't the same way they are back home. I shouldn't be surprised by now, after everything." the bomb, the whole situation that wound up with Brian staying with her at the apartment, wih Joe, what he'd told her. "I don't have any right to judge." Not in this era. Not when everyone seemed to be carryin guns.

"I.. I'm not a killer, Kammy. I would never want to hurt anyone. It's just.."A flash of pulling the trigger on a guy's kneecap pops into his memory for a moment. "Let's just not talk about it anymore." He requests softly, his hand going to retake hers, fingers interlacing her warmly. Giving a little tug on the hand he goes to briefly wrap his other arm around her back in a short hug. His own way of peace offering.

"Let's go home." He murmurs softly, going to walk again. Glancing over at her, he for some reason feels compelled to say, "I would never hurt you. Kammy. Never. I promise." Maybe an attempt at reassurance.

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