Comtitles: Manhattan

Unity Park is closed on weekends

  • …And holidays, apparently (Queens)
  • Unity Park is seen in A Sound of Thunder (The Road to Hell)

La Mer

  • Referencing The Flood Future
  • This song has many recurring appearances, most recently in (The Chicken and the Egg)
  • Was heard during Ouroborus when the Mallet Device showed them a view of the Flood Future. Having a multiverse moment where we got to see a supposedly avoided future happening parallel to this one.
    • Has also been heard on the broadcasts that Manny tossed onto SCANNER.
  • Was also heard when Aric died when they were trying to use him to power the Mallett Device instead of Elle. (The Transition Part II)

The Past is Prologue

  • Conclusion of Ouroboros

The Way Back is Closed

  • Perhaps things have been changed too much and the time travelers can't return to their own time
  • A song composed by Else and Julie (Duet)


  • This is Ruiz not just spelled backward, but mirrored. Whyyyy?
    • Perhaps because his scenes were - mostly - played back to front?
    • But more likely, my money's on mirror dimension/parallel timeline


  • Now you're just being an asshole (Hunch)

Three Mothers/Three Witches

  • What.


  • Okay but like that's thematic so I don't know what you even—
  • I mean, this happened

Are you dead, mister?

The missing vials

  • The formula? (Hunch, Citation Needed)
  • Advent Virus? (Hunch, based on events in Risk vs Reward)

Latest Manhattan Comtitles

  • Kravid escaped.
    • FFFFFfff -
    • This has repeated. Worryingly. Do we think that this means Kravid escaped from Adam? She was part of Institute San Fran, right? Or am I confused? There was that radio broadcast that (seems like) Adam might be picking off the leftovers from the Institute.
  • Wolves in the Bunker
    • According to broadcasts, "Wolfhound" is a paramilitary group supposedly reporting to SESA, of which Cat Chesterfield is on the board. Strike teams called Wendigo. But could also be locally known as the Wolves?
  • We have a breach in the disposal room.
  • For the nothingness wants to devour everything. Its creator most of all.
  • Welcome to Yamagato Industries Civic Park
  • Bookends
  • Where is Joy?
  • The Tale of Samson and Delilah
  • Sharrow's Shadow
  • She Had Two Daughters
    • The Sun and the Moon
    • Who Could Never Meet
    • Until The End
    • When Her Children Wandered Too Far
    • They Became Lost Forever
    • Until Sun and Moon Find One Another Again
    • And Wake Their Mother From Her Sleep
      • Sun and Moon meeting is an eclipse (thank you, Huruma)
      • Is it possible that we're looking at Adam and Joy needing to meet up? Just a weird thought, that they might be needing to go find the "god/dess" who was part of the Eyes of Sun and Moon
  • The Garden of Forking Paths
    • I got this one: The Garden of Forking Paths is one of the stories contained in Ficciones, which is now in Odessa's possession
  • What About Pete?
    • Petrelli??
    • Varlane?
  • Penny For Your Thoughts
    • There's this? What the hell, Manny.
  • The Other LeRoux
    • Sarisa Kershner was born Sarisa Marlene LeRoux?
    • This time, baby, I'll be bulletproof. o/‘
  • Adam’s Strain
  • How long did it take for ninety percent of the world to die?
    • Gotta say, this one still really worries me, guys.
    • Oh, duh, Virus future. Thanks Odessa. XD (I'm no less worried.)
  • Less than five years.
  • Yamagato District is Open to the Public two days per week.
  • The Void Hungers For Its Creator, Most Of All.
    • There's been some chatter about Ruiz and his ability and it's relationship to black holes?
    • And/Or! Magnes/Liz's situation??
  • What is Redhouse Painting?
  • Agent James Woods, UEO
  • Dead is Dead.
    • Is it, though?
  • (static) ( szzkt) (can anyone hear me?) (is this thing on?) (we received your message) (szzkt) (What is Project Icarus? Who is Adam Monroe?) (over) (static)
  • String of special characters that went along with the above: %#^?+~{##}%&@$+^%.
    • So just because…. 536?+~{33}5724+65….. This has similarities to the coordinates used before, but…
  • Ya'll don't quit the game, Dickie. The game quits you. An' from where ah'm sittin'? It looks like the game jus' got started. So you go'n take yer retirement. You put it under her pillow. An' ah'll be here jus' waitin'. For th' day ya'll come back around. Because if this here game's taught me anythin', Dickie. It's that it all comes back around in the end. "Hello? Yeah, he jus' left. You want me t'have him followed? A'ight. Whatever y'say Mr. Petrelli.
    • K-Kain? Is that you?
      • Only one other person butchers the English language quite so beautifully, and that is definitely not Kaydence up there
  • Project Eclipse
  • String-Theory is so fucking BACK.
  • SESA is protecting
  • Report Anti-SLC-E crimes to your local SESA agent
  • Your local SESA agent serves the community
  • SESA-NY's Offices are located at 137 Yamagoto Park and are open from 8am to 4pm
  • SESA is letting the Evos steal our world! Pure Earth! Pure Earth!
  • Yamagoto Park Security is authorized to use lethal force on trespassers
  • Negoxan causes cancer! You have to take it off the market!
  • There are no lions in the Manhattan Exclusion Zone
    • I'm guessing there's been a nuclear explosion or meltdown in Manhattan, I'm assuming, that will leave an uninhabitable area like the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone? And I'm sure that Lions are referring to CatBots.
  • Yes there are! I saw a whole pride!
  • "This is Strike Team Wendigo {static}
    • we've breached the safe house. Going in hot."
  • Wendigo-1 this is Wolfhound Command. We read you. Light those fuckers up. {fzzt}
  • Wendigo-1 we're patching you through to civil defense for clearance to land. I'll let them know we took LeMay alive. {crack}
  • {Hide and Seek} {*}*{***<
    • {There's Nowhere to Run} {kzzzt}
    • {Hide and Seek} {crackle}
    • {They're Coming For You} {ksssst}
    • {static}
      • These are lyrics from one of the Else Kjelstrom songs Quinn recovered from the Arcology - specifically, "Execute".
  • Excess Manifests>
  • Learn to Survive
    • Reference to The Ordinary World by Duran Duran
  • {Listen to the Sounds}
    • This appears again, later! See below!
  • No Apologies
  • It Won't Give Up It Wants Me Dead
    • Goddamn This Voice Inside My Head
      • Lyrics from The Becoming by NIN
        • This appeared in a radio broadcast that depicted Monica getting her replacement arm. It was not a pleasant experience.
  • WSZR 1510
    • Local radio station in New York
    • "This is Station WRAY, the Ray, shining a light in these troubled times from the heartlands of America all the way to that bruised Big Apple…"
  • 2112
    • Stylized as above. Perhaps significant?
    • Several points here:
      • 1) Could be a date. (Because damn it, I'm always pointing that out.)
      • 2) Rush's album of the same name: Recorded in FEBURARY 1976, Released APRIL 1976. Side one of the album is occupied by the 20-minute futuristic science fiction song "2112". The seven-part track is based on a story by Peart, the band's primarily lyricist, who credits "the genius of Ayn Rand" in the album's liner notes. Rand, a Russian-born, Jewish-American novelist and inventor of the philosophy of objectivism, wrote the 1937 dystopian fictional novella Anthem, the plot of which bears several similarities to "2112," and all members read the book. "2112" tells a story set in the city of Megadon in the year 2112, "where individualism and creativity are outlawed with the population controlled by a cabal of malevolent Priests who reside in the Temples of Syrinx". A galaxy-wide war resulted in the planets forcefully joining the Solar Federation (symbolized by the "Red Star"). By 2112, the world is controlled by the priests who take orders from giant banks of computers inside the temple. Music is unknown in the world absent of creativity and individuality, but in "Discovery", a nameless man finds a beaten guitar inside a cave and rediscovers the lost art of music. In "Presentation", the man brings the guitar to the priests at the temple, who say, "yes, we know, it's nothing new; it's just a waste of time," and then proceed angrily to destroy it and banish him. Next, in "Oracle: The Dream", the man dreams of a new planet, established at the same time of the Solar Federation, where creative people live. He awakens, depressed that music is part of such a civilization and that he can never be part of it, and commits suicide, in "Soliloquy", originally titled "Soliloquy of the Soul". Another planetary war begins in "Grand Finale", originally named "Denouement", resulting in the ambiguous spoken ending: "Attention all planets of the Solar Federation: We have assumed control". Peart described the ending as a "double surprise … a real Hitchcock killer". (per Wikipedia).
      • 3) Lyrics really should be read thoroughly. 2112
    • Okay, but also it's the number of the room Peter was brought to after Odessa fucking skewered him in the Bright Timeline. (The Road to Hell)
  • 81707
  • Have Faith, He Will Return>
    • Thanks to the recent broadcast and Odessa's theorizing, we can assume this is our good friend Kazi. Kazimataz. Kazimoto. Kazidocious. You know the dude.
    • Have Faith, He Will Return>
  • You are the ones i am searching for>
    • This appeared in all black, save for TWO YELLOW EYES — I mean Is.
      • You are the ones i am searching for>
      • And then I did a thing on Spoilers channel and I apologize in advance for turning the Manny-cogs.
      • The Japanese is a translation of Manny's comtitle, with a nod to the flavors of the text from Eyes of Sun and Moon and recent Radio broadcasts, taken as if the one saying "You are the ones i am searching for" is the Unknown entity
Luther Stagewhisper @ Manny. anata wo sagashiteiru
You are the ones i am searching for> Manhattan says, "that--"
You are the ones i am searching for> Manhattan says, "christ"
You are the ones i am searching for> Manhattan says, "it has two i's"
41911 Odessa says, "It sure does."
41911 Odessa says, "Luther with the assist."
Miles Behind Us> Chess says, "an eye for an eye"
You are the ones i am searching for> Manhattan says, "wow luther"
You are the ones i am searching for> Manhattan says, "wow luther wow"
  • {Listen to the Sounds}
    • Magnes was saying that he thinks the sounds we see in the curly brackets are significant, and I agree (Broadcasts: Radio)
    • This comtitle has appeared before, too. So apparently we REALLY need to listen to the sounds.
  • Aftermath>
    • I suspect this styling is important
  • *pop*
    • If that's not a reference to Odessa with Darren's ability (especially because I'd just posed on channel watching green sparks on the tips of my fingers) I will be shocked
  • .
    • That's it. That's the title.
  • my baby
  • please
  • she's not healthy
  • she needs a doctor
    • ;_; These and the . were all stylized in black to make them invisible on the (majority of) MUX client screens
  • Aftermath>
  • I'm Still Here> (on Peter)
    • Spoilers> I'm Still Here> Peter has joined this channel.
    • Spoilers> Laissez-moi entrer… Odessa says, "Dead but never gone, Peter?"
    • Spoilers> I'm Still Here> Peter says, "To weep is to make less the depth of grief."
      • So, that's Shakespeare. And I know someone else who was quite fond of quoting his works…

What? Manhattan has joined this channel.
Nothing to see here. Manhattan says, “this weather we're having”
Just ordinary weather. Manhattan says, “whew”
Shia Surprise! Hudson says, “Cloudy with a chance of mavs over there, 'Hatts?”
Nothing happened. Manhattan says, “nope”
Who's Brooklyn that sounds made up?? Manhattan says, “nothing to mav”
Remain calm. Manhattan says, “yep”
The scalpel is your friend. Manhattan says, “just lie still.”
I just work here Brooklyn :)
Shia Surprise! Hudson says, “Wow.”
You are bettering humanity. Manhattan says, “wow is right”
Pain is a key part of transformation. Manhattan 8)
Embrace Transformation. Manhattan >_>
Misty Knight Rider> Monica says, “Listen”
Misty Knight Rider> Monica says, “I'm feeling called out, manny”
Misty Knight Rider> Monica hands on hips.
You are the next generation. Manhattan says, “yeah”
You are Human. Manhattan says, “it's a call out day”
Blonde Attack Dog, Kaylee says, “"Run Monica. Hide.”
Contrast of the Light… Robyn says, “Theyre coming for you next”
Human is First. Manhattan says, “you can't hide.”
Misty Knight Rider> Monica says, “Fffffffff”
Human is Forever. Brooklyn says, "you're scaring them"
{machine screech}
Manhattan says, “only a little”

  • ALRIGHT WELL I am going out there and saying this is related to our new friend Oscar and his ideas of negating the Evolved populous. He's got some interesting familial connections and while the Arrowood/Astrid/Rex brigade seem quite entertaining so far, I'm not sure we've really seen the depths they're gonna sink to. Not to mention there's SESA connections and all that that implies. Could be our Oscar's ideas of medical negation is only the opening move toward grooming the population into being okay with the idea of removing SLC-Expressiveness altogether and making everyone non-expressive.
    • Is that a stretch? IS ANYTHING???
      • Once everyone is special, no one is.
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