Theories for Eyes of Sun and Moon (Corona)
  • Corona has appeared in the following scenes:
  • I think Corona gives non-Evolved people Evolved abilities. A catalyst?? But from the log, I'm going to say more like the original Evolved. Or something… more than that. (Bookends: ????, Eyes of Sun and Moon)
  • So, what if Corona is "they" not wholly to denote a gender neutrality, but because Corona shares a consciousness with whichever body's inhabited? Like less erasure/merging of identities and more… blending/harmony? IDK, that just kind of hit me and I thought I'd note it.
  • Corona may currently be Kimiko Nakamura. (Hunch)
    • Theory co-signed.
  • Hudson's alternative theory: Corona is currently Kam Nisatta. (Hunch, To Best Serve)
    • Reasoning: She has ALL THE KENSEI SHIT. Just look at the Fellowship. LOOK AT IT.
  • I still theorize that this is a dual entity; the 'moon' and the 'sun', feminine and masculine.
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