Theories for Eve Mas

As we head into Book Two I wanted to have a place where we could all be like WTF is that about Eve's visions and dreams. Her dreams are symbolic or literal. Most times symbolic though cuz that's more fun to play.


  • Manifestation Dream
    • Killing Me Softly
    • This was Eve's first dream that she had at age 16. She honestly hadn't thought of it much until her adventure in The Broken Path where the words "Gutes-asi" were said to her for the second time.
    • After Corona is heard saying this during The Broken Path… I'm pretty sure this has something to do with her origin. Or.. at first I thought it had something to do with Leroux.. But since Eve only sees the future and this seems like a ancient memory for some reason it doesn't make sense. Unless Eve is going to end up back in time again… and witness this. I'm not sure why I want to say this is the first eclipse that granted Corona her power.
      • I'm worried about how this relates to your Mitochondrial Eve comtitle <.<
  • Raytech Warning
    • Lark of my Heart
    • Eve received this dream while in Maine visiting Gabriel.
    • The name 'Edwin' was uttered by one of the group that arrived to massacre the employees of Raytech.
    • One of them knew Kaylee? But they referred to her as 'Telepath'. Kaylee being registered means her status as a telepath would be known right? And isn't she in the public light? I'm trying to debunk the theory that they were from another timeline but idk idk *waves hand puffs joint** Thoughts?
      • I don't think another timeline anymore, but it seemed weird that it just sounded like Des and Kaylee knew them or something.
    • Kaylee is a celebrity and registered so yeah. Plus she doesn't hide it. So it makes sense.
    • The clothing was rather mismatched. Maybe a criminal element from Staten. Pure Earth maybe? Jared isn't evolved.
    • This could be over our Hydroponics Inititive. A food shortage means more money for certain people. So this could be tied to all that and the food thefts.
    • Valerie and Luther are both missing from the death parade. Did they just happen to not be around or were they left alive on purpose? If it was on purpose… to what end?
  • The Lost Otter/Second Manifestation
    • This was during the manifestation of Eve's more advanced ability, when she is first introduced to The Hub. The place inside her mind that she goes right before having a vision of the future. The Eternal Forest.
    • One Otter is dead and that is assumed to be the Ruiz that was being held by the Institute in 2011. The second Otter, the lost one. I'm not sure what timeline he has ended up in. But I'm thinking he's a younger one than Mateo in 2018.
    • This is discussed in Other Otters with Lynette and Mateo.
    • I believe that the dead one is Ark Ruiz (and believe we have firmly established that Ark Ruiz was from Flood) and that the Lost one is Virus Ruiz. Assuming the timeline hopping works and he's off on an adventuuuuure (of sadness :( sorry about your life, Virus Ruiz). But Virus Ruiz, at the time of assumed timehopping, is younger than Prime Ruiz is right now. And also, in Eve's paintings were the timelines were shown and everyone was banging on the glass, he was the only one who could escape his world.
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