Theories for Odessa Knutson Price
  • Believes she has been in possession of her ability of Temporal Manipulation since she was roughly fifteen years old. (Thoughts of a Dying Atheist, Part I)
  • In the Bright timeline, Odessa was born in 2009 and given the name Kara by her mother, Kara Price. According to her mother, baby Kara was stolen away by Hiro Nakamura and hidden in the past. (Starlight, Midnight, Goodnight)
    • We have since been told by Hiro that this was a lie; Hiro never kidnapped Kara or Odessa, who were born on the same day, their memories altered by Arthur for some unknown reason— he claims it's 'too dire' to reveal. (For The Things I've Done)
  • In the Prime timeline, Odessa is believed to have been born on April 8, 1984 to Rianna Price, who died in the hospital shortly after Odessa was born. Kara and Rianna are identical, but Rianna was several years older than Kara. (Starlight, Midnight, Goodnight)
  • Appears to have been initially - or at one time - raised as the younger sister of Mateo Ruiz. The two were separated because apparently Something Happens when they're together. (Eyes of Sun and Moon II)
    • The sibling relationship has been confirmed in the Virus timeline as well as the Flood.
    • Their abilities seem to interact in an… interesting manner. Time and Space? One can theorize the keys to all creation (or to the prison of Sun and Moon?) - perhaps the reason they were separated?
  • Rianna Price's brother was Eric Mas - Eve's father. Her maternal grandmother's maiden name was Beaumont, as was Jean-Martin Luis's wife, making Luis the grand-uncle of Odessa. (A Tree In The Woods)
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