Tinfoil Theories

I previously believed that Odessa and Magnes were siblings, but I believe that it's far, far more than that.

Magnes is Odessa's clone. He's not her twin, obviously, but he is her clone. He was cloned in an attempt to recreate Odessa's ability, because Pete Varlane clearly knows what her real ability is. However, his ability is only related to 5th dimensional space in other ways, because he is an imperfect clone. Magnes Prime, the one we all know and love, is the first in a series of Odessa clones, and Pete can see Magnes' potential to interact with 5th dimensional space, but knows that his ability is far too weak to do so without augmentation for the most part. So what he's doing now is trying to clone him until he perfects the expression of his ability.

His ability will gradually become less and less about having an exceptionally powerful gravitational field that he can control, and more about sensing 5th dimensional space, and opening it. Which means that each Magnes is a progress in that direction, and when he takes the thing out of the dead clone brains, it's to further that part's mutation and progress so that Pete Varlane can begin side traveling and interacting with people in other universes for even more power and influence.

Alternatively, Magnes was cloned from Odessa for her great intellectual potential, and the thing that Pete takes out of his brain represents cloned brain tissue from Odessa herself. The parts that hold her vast knowledge of science. It continuing to not express itself in the way that they want is why they keep killing all the Magni. It keeps expressing itself in rather random and volatile ways, much like Magnes Prime's overall personality so far, and the rather eccentric way that he interacts with his intelligence.

Or perhaps Magnes was created to be complimentary with Odessa in some way, in a way that the two of them can work together, and the thing that Pete removes from his brain is Odessa's love of herself, so that he will work with her no matter what.

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