Theories for Visions and Dreams


Barbara Zimmerman

Cassandra Baumann

Oil Drum Celebration

Type: Post-Cognitive Vision
First Appearance: Do Dead Men Tell No Tales
Description: Using the bloodstained clothes of the newly deceased Deacon Malone, SESA Agent Cassandra Baumann tapped into one of the last nights of his young life.

Theories for Oil Drum Celebration

  • Sylvester Sandoval believes that the apparitions of Iago Ramirez, Emile Danko, and Joshua Lang are shapeshifters in disguise, using the identities of deceased, non-Evolved dead men to bolster their standing in the Pacific Northwest.

Delia Ryans

Orphanage Fire

Type: Dream
First Appearance: Burn It All
Description: Delia dreamed of setting fire to Saint Margaret's School for Girls in the New York Safe Zone. The next morning she awoke to news reports that a fire had burned the orphanage to the ground, killing the lead headmistress who she and Eve Mas had just interviewed. Her clothes were covered in gasoline and soot.

Theories for Orphanage Fire

Eve Mas

Raytech Lobby Shooting

Type: Dream
First Appearance: Lark of My Heart
Description: The lobby of Raytech Industries is attacked by three unidentified gunmen, killing Odessa, Sera, Barney, Remi, Ray, and Kaylee. Elizabeth's father, Jared, is taken prisoner.

Theories for Raytech Lobby Shooting

  • Theory notes go here.

Eve's Augmented Dreamscape

Type: Dream, augmented by Gillian Childs
First Appearance: Gold Dust Woman
Description: Eve blows out her ability.

Theories for Eve's Augmented Dreamscape

  • Theory notes go here.

Eve and Des' Refrain Trip

Type: Dream, bolstered by Refrain
First Appearance: The Broken Path
Description: Des and Eve take some Refrain and induce a vision that first //apparently sends them back in time to shogun-era Japan where they're confronted by Takezo Kensei, then to the ruins of Moab at Mount Natazhat, and finally somewhere in the future, under the watchful eyes of Bruce Maddox and Erica Kravid.//

Theories for Eve and Des' Refrain Trip

  • Theory notes go here.

Gabriel Gray

Claire Bennet Battles Unknown Figure

Type: Painting
First Appearance: Going and Going
Description: Claire Bennet is small figure at the centre of the frame, and she's falling — apparently, from a great height, her legs kicked up in the air, her arm reaching for the sky, the flag of her hair streaming. She's not alone. Falling with her is silhouette, wreathed in shadow. It reminds her, momentarily, of the inky mass that Gabriel had emerged from moments ago, except that something about the contours of the shape resonates as smoky, ashy, lifting off the dense centre of a person in stream tendrils that flutter from velocity but likewise seem to reach down for the figure of Claire as they fall together, like two angels in a fight, pitching for the earth.

Theories for Claire Bennett Battle Unknown Figure

  • This could be one of three people… Vincent, Samson or… by some miracle Kazimir.

Woman in Desert

Type: Painting
First Appearance: Leaving the Twilight
Description: The bottom half of the painting is desert landscape, and the upper half is roiling storm. Connecting the two are blue zithers of lightning. A vanishing point in the heart of the landscape shows a building in the far distance, and it's hard to make out much detail save that it is grey, squat, foreboding. A woman's face hovers over it. She is older, gaunt, and her eyes are white, and so is her hair. One hand, presumably hers, hovers over the distant building protectively, and lightning from the sky veins her pointed fingers.

Theories for Woman in Desert

  • IDK what the building is (although, maaaaaybe Die, Burn, Explode), but I assume the woman is Alice Shaw. The power makes sense, too, because if I remember, she was a weather manipulator.

Kaylee Thatcher

Strangers in the Park

Type: Dream
First Appearance: Playdate
Description: Kaylee dreams of taking her children on a playdate to the park and encounters two strangers who reassure her about her father.

Theories for Strangers in the Park

  • The two vague figures remind me of Eileen and Gabriel from Bright Timeline; but, the kids from Wasteland.
  • Why do I think this is Eileen?
    • The cup has EG on it… yeah it could have been Earl Grey, but it could have also been for Eileen Gray.
    • The description of her fits the Bright Eileen profile picture.
    • She seems to have thoughts and emotions… stuff Kaylee is able to pick up on.
  • Why do I think the man is Gabriel?
    • This is only a shadow of the man. He has an empty void (simple nothingness) where his mind should be, meaning he might be a figment of the Eileen entity.
    • It is late and I am blanking on the rest.
    • Tall, dark stranger that something about him prickles at the back of her neck? Very Gabriel-like. This alone doesn't stand, since there are a lot of men that fit that descriptor… but it fits with everything else.
    • "I never gave fathers a lot of credit myself," he says, "until I became one." <— Considering Gabriel's relationship with his father, this makes sense. How would you understand why your father did what he did, unless he became a father himself. Only then do you really understand.
    • On the same note, his answer to Kaylee's question fits too… I'm sure Gabriel worries about turning into his father… seems like a delicate line he walks.
  • The kids are clearly Astor and Benji.
  • I can't help but think there is a part that was once Eileen tucked into Kaylee's mind. They did battle it out for Kaylee's son and she faded away, doesn't mean that, like the castle and birds on the island, Kaylee might have a psychic impression tucked into her head.
    • What are the implications of something like that? Hmmmm.
    • I hope it's not picking away at the Kaylee brain! Planning to replace it. MY BRAIN! YOU CAN'T HAVE IT, EILEEN! (This is better for tinfoil than there really.)
  • "Sometimes you have to destroy things in order to save them."
    • Like the Vanguard wanted to do?!?
    • Like her father did by pushing the country into the state it is in? All for the sake of his kids? What was his true plans? Is he a good guy working with what he has? Or is he the ultimate villain and we have not seen everything yet?
    • I find this message interesting…
  • “You’re nothing like him.” Edward, she means. “You’re here with your children, and there’s a void in you where your best memories of him ought to be. I hear it when you talk.”
    • DOUBLE TAKE!! WHAT?!?! That is not creepy. From that little bit of conversation? I think not!
  • Birdsong, muted by the glass pane, sounds like it must be coming from very far away even though she sees sparrows flitting between the bare, skinny branches of the tree outside the window.
    • IDK why… this stuck out for me…. That is one hell of a thick piece of glass.

Multiple Puzzle Pieces

Type: Precognitive Vision
Source: Joseph <3
First Appearance: Being A Little Less Obstinate
Description: During a discussion about the current situation, Joseph offers up his ability in the search for answers.

Theories for Multiple Puzzle Pieces

The Ray Siblings

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Type: Dream
First Appearance: A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes
Description: The Ray family experience a night of restless sleep and unsettling images.

Theories For A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes




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