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Hello, Theorists. Hudson here, and welcome to Theory Volume 2: Electric Boogaloo. I’ll update this as new shit comes along. Any questions? You can hit me up on the MUX on Hudson, or any of my PCs (Nicole, Odessa, Rue or Niki).

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Lonely Radio

ARG-Related Broadcasts

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"Lonely Radio"

  • First appeared in the broadcast OOCly dated March 27, 2019
  • Described as she/her in an article by Quentin Frady
  • Rejected from Peridance
  • Sending messages to her parents
    • She talks like she knows she'll never find them - another universe?
  • Currently suspected to be Lisa due to a few scenes.
    • Edward and Juliette stated that they had a child in From Here, mentioned in meta as part of a 'terrible truth'.
    • Mentions that she has a 'good reason' for the Mandela Effect but is an outlier - from another timeline?
    • Spent time in an underground area with cramped locations. Ark?
    • Lisa's name is listed as 'Louis and Mary Bradbury' - Luis was Juliette's surname. Bradbury = Ray Bradbury. Cover identities??
    • Is spending time in Jackson Heights and has sent at least one person to Raytech. Family ties?
    • Ability is 'Heightened Intuition' - possibly a version of Edward's ability? Complained about statistics in one of her broadcasts.

Adam, Joy, and Kam

From Spoilers from MoniMoni:

Spoilers> Littleleaf Linden> Monica says, “em did you ever read the legend of white snake”
Spoilers> Littleleaf Linden> Monica says, “it's about a snake who gains immortality thanks to a young boy”
Spoilers> Littleleaf Linden> Monica says, “and she can shapeshift into a woman”
Spoilers> Littleleaf Linden> Monica says, “and at one point she saves another snake and they become sisters”
Spoilers> Littleleaf Linden> Monica says, “snake ladies are A Thing in east Asian myth”
Spoilers> Littleleaf Linden> Monica says, “but madame white snake makes me think of Joy and Kam and Adam”
Spoilers> Littleleaf Linden> Monica says, “the boy buys immortality pills without knowing what they are, ends up throwing up into a river where white snake eats them and gets immortality and magical powers”
Spoilers> Littleleaf Linden> Monica says, “and she and the boy's fates are all intertwined after that”
Spoilers> Littleleaf Linden> Monica says, “at one point, the two snake sisters turn into women and white snake and the boy (when he's older) fall in love and get married”
Spoilers> Littleleaf Linden> Monica says, “there's even a bit where another spirit is all pissed off and plots against them”
Spoilers> Littleleaf Linden> Monica says, “they trick white snake into revealing her true form and the dude dies of shock, so the snake sisters go to a mountain (or something) and steal an herb that brings him back to life”
Spoilers> Littleleaf Linden> Monica says, “if we ST this, and the herb is actually whatever gave Adam his power… then maybe he's been trying to replicate it all this time with all his science experiments”
Spoilers> Littleleaf Linden> Monica says, “listen i am onto him, i read mythology”
Spoilers> Pussy Willow> Eve says, “same girl same”

Conduits and the Entity

  • What are the Conduits conduiting?
    • Kazimir asks this in Wszyscy Święci
      • … The Entity? Something a level above that?
      • There was an answer given by Rouen in What You Are, but she admits it's only her take on the subject.
        • “We are conduits to the past,” Rouen finally explains, looking up to Nathalie finally. “To the memories of those that once held the gift we do. We are conduits for their experiences, their hopes, their dreams. To speak as Antoine did, we are mediums. But I do not prefer those words.” Rouen glances down to the snow, then back the way they'd come. “We are conduits to everyone who came before, that walks the purgatory shadows of memory.” Then, brows furrowed, she adds: “All conjecture. One woman’s perspective.”
  • The Conduit hosts seem to persist and maintain the same way that the Entity does — through memory of them
    • In All Saints, Peter says Kazimir persisted because of something Gabriel did that preserved the memory of him
  • Mosaics who possess the Conduit are 'vessels' rather than hosts
    • See lack of Gabriel in the Graveyards seen in Wszyscy Święci
    • See lack of Alfonse d'Sanmartin in list of Conduit hosts found on Kazimir page
      • Quote from All Saints: There's a subtle shake of Peter's head, the way he tiredly closes his eyes is more telling. "It was different for you. Different for Alfonse d'Sanmartin as well." Another unfamiliar name, one that comes with a shrug of Peter's shoulders. "Sometimes, this… ability. When it tries to possess someone, it's the other way around. The vessel takes control, wrestles the beast into submission. Then it's more like a tool, an instrument to be used. I think Alfonse lived in England, sometime in the 1700s. I had a dream about him…" Dark brows crease together in a look of concentration, "he was hung."
  • Mosaics vessels who possess the Conduit may somehow fuck with things in a way that cause its previous Host's memory to persist
    • See: Kazimir's spirit persists on after Gabriel, very strongly
    • Needs confirmed: Did Alfonse d'Sanmartin possess the Conduit immediately after Madeline Rouen?
  • Entity is HELLA old - likely Mesopotamian in origin?
    • There are various uses of ancient Sumerian in reference to the Entity
    • Manny dropped this tidbit 6/12: "I've technically already spilled the tea on what the Entity's ability is" "since it can manipulate genes on the fly" "It's not like anyone in 530 BCE knew what DNA was" "but if the Entity wants to do something, it flips its DNA to make it possible." "on the fly genetic manipulation"
  • Are mosaics immune to the Entity/Conduits / 'cut from the same cloth'?
    • In All Saints, the gold-eyed raven in the Graveyard "[n]ever crashes, of course, soaring past Gabriel's shoulder, though he never reacts even when feathers clip fabric. Or, more accurately, pass through it, as if they were made of the same substance"
  • The Zuni's take on the Entity -
    • In Sun and Moon, Laughing Coyote tells the tale of a well-meaning man who accidentally unleashed the vengeful spirit of his dead relative into the world and caused the world to be flooded in vengeance
        • In it, the major, world-changing actors are:
        • The vengeful spirit of the Towa who was killed by a Navajo, who kills nearly every Towa chieftain and shaman
        • The unnamed Towa youth, who did not die when touched by the spirit, and instead became possessed by it
        • The grandmother who came down from the mountain, died, and became Kolowisi
      • The youth calls on the spirit for guidance because he feels his clan is too greedy and proud. He asks for help in stopping the cruelties of his clan, setting right their wrongs, but the spirit "knows only one answer" and goes methodically murdering the leaders of the Towa clan. Catastrophes follow in the spirit's wake - great earthquakes. The Towa people, including the young man, flee to the top of a mountain. When the spirit comes, the young man descends to meet the spirit and deter it, and instead is possessed by it. The spirit says, through him, that the Towa will drown in 'all the world's waters.' A grandmother descends to ask that the waters wait until the children of her tribe arrive, and the spirit agrees; but takes her life as payment. The spirit is washed away in the flood that comes, and the remaining Towa people survive atop the mountain.
    • In A:dikwahna' — MORE MYTHOLOGY YAY :D — gods and aspects of Zuni religion are explained
      • Reintroduces concept of winged serpent of the water, Kolowisi (also known as: Awanyu, Misi-kinepikw, Unktehi)
      • Introduces Awonawilona; name for the sun, "Creator of all things"
      • Introduces the Ahayu'da warrior twins of the sun — Ahaiyuta and Matsailema — heroes who helped the first people defend themselves and rise up from the great flood
        • These two are shown with opposing color schemes, and it's believed they represent the Conduits, where Awonawilona would be the Entity in this case.
        • Where this gets fucking confusing for me (Emily) is I have no idea how well this ties in with the myth referenced in Sun and Moon?? Because you'd figure the vengeful spirit to be the Entity representation in that one, and the boy to be Adam, possibly?
      • Also introduces the concept of the Kachina — "living spirits that inhabit all things. Even time and space" — importance to them not immediately obvious?




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