Theory: Whispers in Volume 2

OOC Date: April 26, 2019
"The universe is a web, a net."
"Empty, but occupied."
"Capable of a trap."
"Points of origin and space between, where other things dwell, I am sure."
"God, perhaps?"
"Every good web has a lovely spider."
"Let's hope for all our sakes…"
"…we don't find that spider."

Tell me a story.

"Sometimes a roof is a roof."
"Sometimes things are just coincidences…"
"Do you of all people really believe that?"
"I've seen enough possibilities to know the universe is chaos."
"You can mistake coincidence for design. But if everything… all the chaos, if that's something intentional?"
"What would that be?"

sing sing sing
walking in a ring
I cant feel, mother
gone gone gone
why don't they won't they love me
mother mother daughter son
so lonely
so lonely
I am

What have you done?

"Kamisama. Dochira mo."
"Karera wa koko kara kite inai."
"Karera wa motinimodoru."
"Hitsuyo ga arimasu."
"Kanojo wa watashi no kioku o ikashi tsudzukeru."
"Betsu no mono…"
"Sore wa tobiradesu."
"Watshi wa endesu."
"Sore ga anata ga shippai suru riyudesu."
"Watashi we sudeni katta."
"Watashi wa sudeni katta."
I can see.
Eye to Eye.

"You said my being here changed this place."
"How? The girl, LeRoux?"
"As you called this place, that power, it is a conduit."
"A conduit produces nothing."
"It is exactly what it says it is."
"Have you ever stopped to wonder…"
"What we are a conduit for?"

My child.
I see you.

"I knew far more than was good for me."
"And I was burned at the stake for my knowledge."
"Vous savesz qui je suis Monsieur Boulle."
"We are conduits to the past."
"To the memories of those that once held the gift we do."
"We are conduits for their experiences, their hopes, their dreams."
"To speak as Antoine did, we are mediums."
"But I do not prefer those words."
"We are conduits to everyone who came before, that walks the purgatory shadows of memory."

I can see.
Eye to Eye.

"You've changed the landscape."
"You've tangled things that were once disparate together."
"You've changed everything."

Your place of origin is where you can do the most damage.
"Your victory is only a temporary one."
"You can't prepare for what you can't remember."
Why does it hurt?
"You want out? Hell, so do I."
"I know the formula's in two parts"
"and a human catalyst."
Why does it hurt?
"Do you know who the human catalyst is, Dr. Pratt?"
Why does it hurt?
"The Catalyst."
"The essence passed on from my mother you when you were a baby, Claire Bennet."
Why does it hurt?
"Then… If Arthur took my ability, then he took that too."
"If Delphine restored that too, then I have no idea."
Why does it hurt?
"That's impossible, even for me."
"And Cat's right."
"The Catalyst might resurface again."
Why does it hurt?
"Arthur's dead, Peter's dead, and soon…"

"My name is Joy."
"Feel what I am."
"You're that too, right now."
"Your mother is here."
"Focus on my voice."
"On your mother's gift."
"You can do it."
"You can save her."


OOC Date: May 3, 2019
was emitted @ Emily for unrelated reasons (pretty sure?)
sharing because the song was an inspiration for the Entity
You are near
To the dark
I will tell you 'bout the sun
You are here
No escape
From my visions of the world
You've been crying
All alone
But that doesn't mean a thing
To me
Knowing the song
I will sing
Till the darkness comes to sleep
Come to me
I will tell
Of the secret of the sun
It's in you
Not in me
But it does not mean a thing
To you
The sun is in your eyes
The sun is in your ears
I hope you see the sun
Someday in
The Darkness

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