Peter Petrelli
Peter Petrelli
Portrayed By Milo Ventimiglia
Sex Male
Status Registered Evolved
Ability Empathic Mimicry
Age 39
Date of Birth December 23, 1979
Date of Death
Occupation Executive Officer, Pinehearst Company
Family Arthur (Father), Angela (mother, deceased), Nathan (brother), and…
Significant Other(s) Gillian Petrelli
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Peter Petrelli is an executive officer of the Pinehearst Company, working alongside his father Arthur to better the world.

Character History:

At the end of 2008, Peter Petrelli found himself admitted into government hands after the death of his replicant that worked for the Company. Willingly remaining in the custody of Homeland Security, he was transferred to the Moab Federal Penitentiary as Inmate 1 after a security breach into his New York holding cell by Eve Mas, Kent Wisdom and Gillian Childs. The order to move Peter into Moab was given by Agent Jonathan Carmichael of the Department of Homeland Security, under recommendation by Roger Goodman.

Through much of 2009, Peter remained in custody at the Moab Federal Penitentiary, the nation's first maximum-security Evolved-Capable prison. A failed escape attempt orchestrated by Peter in March of 2009 ended with several inmates dead and no successful escapees. Peter would remain in prison until January of 2011 when President Andrew Mitchell pardoned individuals from the Moab Federal Penitentiary.

He is reunited with his father, Arthur, and his father's work against the Company and his efforts to make right for what Angela and Daniel Linderman did to Peter reinforce their familial bond. Peter is immediately brought in to work at Pinehearst and begins helping stabilize the world in accordance with his father's plans. Initially, Peter is given small, simple tasks to gauge his competence, but over time it becomes evident that Arthur has other tasks in mind for his favorite son.

On May 8th 2011, Peter proposes to his long-time love, Helena Dean while continuing to work closely with Pinehearst. On the 18th of May, Peter Petrelli is present at a summit at the United Nations Headquarters on Manhattan when Helena dean and 13 others are killed in a suicide bombing at Clombia University. Word reaches Peter shortly after the explosion, and his immediate reaction is to travel back in time to prevent the explosion.

It is unknown if Peter attempted to travel back in time to prevent the explosion.

Disappearing from the public spotlight in light of Helena's death, Peter retreats into private work at Pinehearst a broken man. Were it not for the company of his personal secretary Kayla Reed and Pinehearst's archivist Gillian Childs, Peter may well have never truly recovered from Helena's death. In the months that followed, Peter threw himself body and soul into the apprehension and imprisonment of members of Humanis First! whom had claimed responsibility for the bombing.

Working alongside Gabriel Gray and other members of NYPD-SCOUT, Peter serves as a Pinehearst liason. This is the first time Peter and Gabriel had spoken in years.

By December of 2011, Peter and Gillian's relationship has grown close in light of Helena's violent death. He proposes to Gillian amidst pressure from his father to marry and find stability in his life, and the media circus resulting from their engagement burns through the press like white-hot fire up until their spring wedding.

For the next several years, Peter and Gillian remain close, though there is a rift between them caused mostly by Peter's inability to ever truly get over the loss of Helena from his life. His feelings of guilt over her death and his inability to prevent it turn a once passionate marriage into something banal and retained for the security it affords them both. While Peter does love Gillian, his remorse over still having feelings for Helena years after her death keeps him from truly appreciating what he has with her.

In private during these years, Arthur begins to channel Peter's aggression and frustration towards other ends that the world at large and even the majority of Pinehearst are wholly unaware of.

Evolved Human Ability (Empathic Mimicry):

Peter still possesses his empathic mimicry ability, however ten years of use and proximity to a wide variety of abilities while working at Pinehearst have drastically increased Peter's repertoire of powers. It is unknown the full extent of the powers he possesses, but his control of them has greatly improved since his early years.


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