The Flood Future

Standing on the shores of the Empire State
beaches of 34th street
Lapping shores of the Empire State!
Building a new day from the remains
of all that we have been
for the nothing left behind

Lyrics to "Shores of the Empire State" by Else Kjelstrom

The Road to Resurrection


Prophets are often called madmen in their times. Else Kjelstrom may not have been a street-corner preacher, but she was a visionary never the less. Her brand of prophecy came to her unknowingly in the form of songs she wrote and occasionally vivid dreams and hallucinations. One such song, written in 2009, called "Shores of the Empire State" foreshadowed a future in which New York City — if not the whole world — was underwater.

The Flood did eventually come, and the world was washed away like a Biblical allegory brought to life. People of the era had no knowledge of how the flood came about, that the tidal waves that washed away the cities of the world were created by detonating a 100 megaton nuclear warhead beneath the Antarctic ice shelf. The _vanguard's failsafe plan in the event of Kazimir's death, one last ditch to cleanse the world and begin anew, to start over again.

Carried out in secret by Heinrich Wagner, the bomb — dubbed Munin by Kazimir — tore a hole in Antarctica, vaporized miles of ice and flash-melted miles more, creating a surge of crumbling ice, earthquakes and water that spread out from Antarctica and washed over the cities of the world, creating a global flood that destroyed all known civilization, saved for pockets of fortified remnants at high elevations as Kazimir had planned.

Others survived the apocalypse that had come. Rumors of a sealed city deep beneath the waves in what was once the state of Massachusetts called "The Institute" spread through the pockets of civilization. Mankind did survive, even if they had been knocked back to simpler times. The world lived on, though to what extent is largely unknown.

This future has never been visited by time travelers, as far as anyone is aware, though it has been witnessed in what may or may not have been visions created by the prophet Usutu in the minds of a handful of individuals, and seen in prophetic dreams by Eve Mas.

Whether anyone from that future ever traveled back, or if anyone had ever traveled forward to that time is unknown…

Logs from the Flood Future

The Flood Future
La Mer Else, Eve, and Kazimir
La Mer, Part II Dajan, Danko, Doyle, Else, Huruma and Usutu
La Mer, Part III Eileen and Gabriel
La Mer, Part IV Avi, Dajan, Edward, Eileen, Else, Gabriel, Gabriel, Huruma, Tau, and Usutu
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