Unrealistic Expectations



Scene Title Unrealistic Expectations
Synopsis Not using powers… sucks. And bound to bring disappointment.
Date January 27, 2009

Pause Magazine - Nalani's Office.

The housekeeper. The cook. The doorman. The chauffer, security, the people in the lobby between her and the elevator banks. Who she used her ability on.

There was another list. Who knew what she could do and tattled to whomever it would be brought to the attention of and thus down the line to her brother.

That night she had returned from dinner and had sat around in the blue and gold lace gown, running over the conversation with her brother. He knew.

HOW had he known.

The barista at the coffee place, the person coming in the door of the coffee place who hadn't seemed inclined to hold the door open for her. On and on. Had it been like this before? security, her assitant, she did it without thinking, regardless of knowing how to turn it on and off. It was…

It was like breathing.

She'd stopped trying to keep track of it all about four hours into her day after the first few meetings that she attended. She lost her temper and nearly told them all to jump out a window, her irritation sky high right now. Only, she couldn't do that. She'd promised and knowing two of them in attendance were so high strung, they just might. That would displease Rami. Just a little.

It's not a good day at Pause.

It's another few hours later and Nalani's fingers are massaging her temples in small circles, murmuring something in arabic beneath her breath the door to her office closed. Not so nice words in Arabic. But they sound nice to stranger who doens't know what she's saying.

Not that it stopped anyone from looking in. Her assistant would sometimes dare to peek in through the non frosted sides of her windows or press the intercom when someone arrived at the office suite for a meeting only to have to usher them out stating that Nalani was occupied with something important. Her "important" was a big bottle of advil perched on her desk, a very discernable frown on her impeccably made up face. The entire building was now on Alert 1. Anticipating their glamazon boss's demands.

But none have come today.

The glass is tapped on to her door, the vauge outline that is stephanie on the other side of it, just a form really since the pane is frosted.

"What is it Stephanie?" Her voice is tired, as if the very effort of each spoken word is a trial. Like she really wants to say leave me the fuck alone with a little something something tacked onto it. But it's restrained, tacked in. "Come in" her hands are lowered from her temple, bring back that air of composure around herself, that aura of power about her. Without relying on her ability to do it.

The assistant minces in, wary, fearful, a handful of folders in her hand, as well as a coffee, piping hot from the steam that wafts up from it. One could almost imagine that it was boiling and bubbling moments before. Placate the boss, placate the boss! "Do you want us to reschedule the rest of your day Ms. Hollingwood or will we be carrying on with the day? Modifying it? Robert has called, asking if you want the meeting rescheduled till tomorrow since you couldn't do it today, then Jean from…"

"Could you please stop yammering Stephanie. Really. Right now, I don't want to hear you talk" Shit. Even as the words leave her mouth she can feel the demand that flows down the pipeline and cast out with each syllable.

Stephanie does just that, a nod of her head as if it's perfectly reasonable for her to stop talking, wondering mentally what she'd done to upset the woman.

"I'm sorry Stephanie. please, you can continue" This time it's purposeful, not automatic, releasing the woman from what she had willed her to do. Rami had no clue how hard this was. Momentarilys he's angry with him, her eyes narrowing as he become a blip of focus of her dislike, but it's soothed away soon enough, by guilt. She can't hate him. He warned her, and he loves her and he was protecting her. She can't call him either. He's likely busy and she's unsure what he'd even tell her in the first place. Try harder? You can do it? She doesn't want a fucking pep talk right now. It's like being told "No, you can't have coffee ever again" even though it's the most natural thing in the world and cutting it out cold turkey…. Maybe she should give up coffee. That would give a visible excuse for how she is be… She's interrupted in her thoughts by the blonde assistant again.

"D..D..Do you want us to call down to Sense and see if there's an opening for you?" Theres always an opening, in their mind. Forget that usually it was Nalani who got on the phone and did the ordering or she just drove down and magically, magically to everyone else, there was always an opening for her.

"Call them, I want one now" Shit, again. If she was any other person she'd be smacking her own forehead, instead she just twitches her nose, little lines scrunching around her eyes. "Tell them i'll be there in the hour, my usual if you would please" Reign it in. Shove it down. Rami didn't know what he was asking her to do. Her palms flat on the table and pushing herself up, Nalani moves towards her office door as the other assistant runs for the hidden closet and her coat there as well as purse. "I want the car waiting downstairs" Shit. Again. "Please" As if the please negates what she just did. Which only makes her scowl more and glare at the other assistant, snatching her jacket. Everyone in the halls scurries out of her way, no need to tell them to get out of the way and soon enough she's ensconced in the town car, the chauffer taking her off to the Carlyle, staring out the tinted window at the world outside.

She was failing her brother.

Somehow, that seemed far worse than being exposed as evolved and her fears of her companys decline.

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