Lynette Rowan

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Name Lynette Rowan Aliases
Status Evolved Ability Electrokinesis
Gender Female
Birthdate February 2, 1978 Age 33
Height 5'5" Build Slim
Eyes Green Hair Blonde
Residence The Hub
Employment Power and Maintenance for The Hub
Parents Dead Siblings None
Marital Status Engaged to Mateo Ruiz Children None
First Scene Rats in the Walls Last Scene
Profile Lynette helps manage and maintain The Hub's power and wiring. She sometimes does scavenging runs (although, not lately).
Lynette Rowan
portrayed by

Elisabeth Harnois

"There's a million sad stories on the side of the road. Strange how we all just got used to the blood. Millions of stories that'll never be told, silent and froze in the mud. Silent and froze in the mud." - Patty Griffin - Cold As It Gets



I've never seen this kind of love
The kind that won't wash away
And then leave you in the dark
I would die for you
I would die for you
I would die for you

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