Shahid Khan

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Name Shahid Khan Aliases
Status Evolved Ability Sense Manipulation
Gender Male
Birthdate October 29, 1989 Age 28
Height 5'9" Build Lean
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence The Hub
Employment Scavenger for the Hub
Parents Deceased Siblings None
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Last Scene
Profile One of the many lean faces in The Hub. He works mainly on the scavenging and scout teams, but helps out wherever and whatever is needing to be done without any qualms or loud complaints. A quiet and lonely-seeming eccentric spirit. Kinda creepy, kinda cool.
Shahid Khan
portrayed by

Riz Ahmed


RP Hooks

Known to Most

  • Shaw has been in the Hub since near the start of its establishment and performs just about any task within his power to do if asked. The key is asking him to do it. When he is engaged, though, he is 100 percent in even if it's for a short time until something else distracts his focus or stumps him on the how-to.
  • When not topside scavenging, Shaw can be found wandering through the tunnels basically to patrol them, but also map out or check on various routes.
  • He and the few children that exist in the Hub have formulated a number of games to play and while away the hours. One of the most noticeable (for reasons obvious) centers around using the bottom of a cooking pot or pan that has a lot of dark soot and ash, playing a rhythmic memory hand game that involves hitting said pot repeatedly with one's hands in increasingly complex patterns and mimicking the pattern, and eventually the one that slips up gets drawn on the face by all the other kids with the dirt on their hands. It's uproariously good (clean) fun, ok?
  • Want something found topside without having to get it yourself? Shaw's willing to look for you for a non-material trade. Got a good story? Poem? A song? Even a dance might suffice. And of course material items also welcome.

Known to Some

  • Back in early October, his three-man scavenger team was ambushed by Vanguard members and while the two escaped, it took Shaw a bit longer to return to the Hub. He came back bloody, injured, but luckily uninfected. He was recovering in quarantine for a while and hasn't exactly been the same since. He's cagey about this event, or rather, more cagey than usual.
  • His long-range firearms skills mostly have to do with going out and hunting down fresh animal meat for the Hub. He's not had to shoot very many people with a gun. Yet.

Known to Few

  • The car crash that killed his parents and left him hospitalized for several weeks also resulted in some brain damage and thus is partly to blame for his being the way he is.


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