Shahid "Shaw" Khan

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Name Shahid Khan Aliases Morris Morrison
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Sense Manipulation
Gender Male
Birthdate October 29, 1989 Age 29
Height 5'9" Build Lean
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence Formerly East Harlem
Employment Courier for Pigeon Courier Services
Flood Shipmate
Wasteland Resistance Member
Bright City Courier
Virus Hub Scavenger
Parents Mother and Father, RIP
Faruq Mansoor (uncle), RIP
Dima Mansoor (aunt), RIP
Siblings Hasan Mansoor (Cousin), RIP
Hiba Mansoor (Cousin), RIP
Marital Status He Said Yes Children Namiko, Adopted Daughter
First Scene The Last Lemon Last Scene
Profile Shaw comes from the Virus timeline, where he was a scavenger-scout and jury-rigging handyman. In the Bright timeline he assumed the identity of a city courier and delivery driver, although his doppelgänger appears on a frequent local TV commercial for housing construction and flooring. In the Wasteland, he's back to utilizing any skills and talents in order to protect his friends and "family", survive the harsh environment and be a useful member of the Resistance. After surviving the Flood, he's finally landed on solid ground and survived long enough to make it to the Prime time. In any timeline, he is a quiet and lonely-seeming eccentric spirit. Kinda creepy, kinda cool.
Shahid "Shaw" Khan
portrayed by

Riz Ahmed

I'm not scared of the dark

I'm not running, running, running

No, I'm not afraid of the fall

I'm not scared, not at all

Why would a star, a star ever be afraid of the dark?

"Scared of the Dark", Lil Wayne & Ty Dolla $ign, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse



Known to Most

  • Wasteland: Eve gave him one of her Desert Eagle pistols. He's got it on his person almost all the time along with a Beretta 92 pistol. Lose one and get two.
  • Bright: Shaw's timeline doppelgänger is a home construction and flooring design man whose local TV commercial runs frequently. Let our flooring prices drop your jaw, call 1-800-YEE-SHAW!
  • Virus: Shaw was in the Hub near the start of its establishment. He was a scavenger, scout, and handyman, and performed just about any task within his power to do if asked.
  • Any: Shaw's non-material trading policy was well-known, where he would accept a good story, poems, songs, even a dance could suffice as payment. Of course, material items were also welcome.

Known to Some

  • Bright: Shaw operates under the alias Morris Morrison as a city courier and delivery driver. He doesn't work for any one company, but contracts services out and often times gets the job done quicker.
  • Virus: His three-man scavenger team was ambushed by Vanguard members and while the two escaped. It took Shaw a bit longer to return to the Hub. He came back bloody, injured, but luckily uninfected. He was recovering in quarantine for a while and hasn't exactly been the same since. He's cagey about this event.

Known to Few

  • Any: The car crash that killed his parents and left him hospitalized for several weeks also resulted in some brain damage and thus is partly to blame for his being the way he is.
  • Any: His uncle Faruq and aunt Dima were somehow involved with The Company.


vf_isa2_icon2.gif Eanqa' - Phoenix. Isa is Shaw's guiding light and spirit of life that burns brightly, hotly, passionately, and pushes away the darkness. She is the Jessie to his James, the Bonnie to his Clyde. Without her, he might truly be lost.
vf_ruiz_icon4.gif Akhi - My Brother. Not even Shaw could precisely pinpoint at what point the nature of the bond with Ruiz and him slipped from friends to family. He was promised, Shaw will regard him as his brother in any timeline.
vf_kaylee_icon3.gif Hamim - Close Friend. In the Qu'ran, a close and devoted friend is like the rain that falls after the intense desert heat, providing relief from the pressures and brutal situations. He admires her patience, strives to learn from her knowledge of the world, and thinks she looks good as a brunette too. He understands why she chose to stay behind.


Aftermath Logs


Virus Bright Wasteland Flood
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