Shahid "Shaw" Khan

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Name Shahid Khan Aliases Morris Morrison
Status Evolved Ability Sense Manipulation
Gender Male
Birthdate October 29, 1989 Age 23 (arriving in Bright 2012)
28 (present)
Height 5'9" Build Lean
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence Harlem
Employment City Courier, Formerly Hub Scavenger
Parents Deceased Siblings None
Marital Status Spicy with Isabelle Children *nervous laughter*
First Scene The Last Lemon Last Scene
Profile Shaw comes from the Virus timeline, where he was a scavenger-scout and jury-rigging handyman. In the Bright timeline he assumes the identity of a city courier and delivery driver, although his doppelgänger appears on a frequent local TV commercial. He is still a quiet and lonely-seeming eccentric spirit. Kinda creepy, kinda cool.
Shahid "Shaw" Khan
portrayed by

Riz Ahmed

Death doesn't discriminate

Between the sinners and the saints

It takes and it takes and it takes

And we keep living anyway

We rise and we fall and we break and we make our mistakes

And if there's a reason I'm still alive when everyone who loves me has died

I'm willing to wait for it

I'm willing to wait for it

"Wait For It", Hamilton: An American Musical



Known to Most

Bright Timeline

  • Shaw's timeline doppelgänger is a home construction and flooring design man whose local TV commercial runs frequently. Let our flooring prices drop your jaw, call 1-800-YEE-SHAW!

Virus Timeline

  • Shaw was in the Hub near the start of its establishment. He was a scavenger, scout, and handyman, and performed just about any task within his power to do if asked.
  • Shaw's non-material trading policy was well-known, where he would accept a good story, poems, songs, even a dance could suffice as payment. Of course, material items were also welcome.

Known to Some

Bright Timeline

  • Shaw operates under the alias Morris Morrison as a city courier and delivery driver. He doesn't work for any one company, but contracts services out and often times gets the job done quicker

Virus Timeline

  • His three-man scavenger team was ambushed by Vanguard members and while the two escaped. It took Shaw a bit longer to return to the Hub. He came back bloody, injured, but luckily uninfected. He was recovering in quarantine for a while and hasn't exactly been the same since. He's cagey about this event.

Known to Few

  • The car crash that killed his parents and left him hospitalized for several weeks also resulted in some brain damage and thus is partly to blame for his being the way he is.


Eanqa' - Phoenix. Isa is Shaw's guiding light and spirit of life that burns brightly, hotly, passionately, and pushes away the darkness. She is the Jessie to his James, the Bonnie to his Clyde. Without her, he might truly be lost.
Akhi - Brother. Not even Shaw could precisely pinpoint at what point the nature of the bond with Ruiz and him slipped from friends to family. He was promised, Shaw will regard him as his brother in any timeline.
Kaylee provides a source of knowledge of the world that Shaw has been looking for in all the places. Her patience and generosity, kindness and wit are all aspects he admires of her. She looks good as a brunette too.
Elisabeth represents a huge mystery to Shaw, being not from any world that he knows. She's an alien, a human, a shooting star.


Date Title Characters Summary
11/15 The Last Lemon Isabelle and Shaw Shaw returns from scavenging. He and Isabelle discuss the newcomers. And have opinions about the world's impending doom.
12/01 And Also Fuck You Lynette and Shaw Lynette trades Shaw a couple of stories and a blow to toxic masculinity.
12/04 #sorrynotsorry Lynette, Peyton and Shaw Lynette and Peyton come upon a studious Shaw trying to relearn the ways of society. Unfortunately, there's a disagreement about certain civic duties.
12/11 Butterfly Kisses Elisabeth, Isabelle and Shaw Isabelle introduces Shaw to Elisabeth. They discuss a number of topics from The Importance of Staying Positive, Magnes and Ruiz working on a Plan(TM), Why Precogs and Telepaths have the shittiest power, Raith is a Ghost, and Why Lynette's Mad. Now with Surprise ending inside the box.
12/14 Men Need Fixing Ruiz and Shaw Ruiz and Shaw go to fix a broken boiler, but there's more wrong than just some equipment.
12/25 We All Fall Down Isabelle, Shaw and Thompson It's far too late for a pocketful of posies.
12/25 Jackpot Isabelle and Shaw Isabelle and Shaw return to the Hub after their scavenging run to take stock of all that happened and what's to come.
01/12 Another Endgame — Suffer the Children Dave, Elisabeth, Gillian, Isabelle, Kain, Ling, Lucille, Rico, Ryans, Shaw, and Vör The residents of the Hub launch a desperate attack against the Vanguard in a bid to leave their dying world.
01/13 Bonnie and Clyde Isabelle and Shaw After the attack on the Vanguard facility, two survivors make their way through the ruins of the city to figure out their next move.
01/16 Another Endgame - And All That Could Have Been, Part II Bowie, Cardinal, Dave, Denisa, Elaine, Elisabeth, Elspeth, Hana, Isabelle, Kain, Kaylee, Ling, Logan, Mala, Peyton, Rickham, Ruiz, Shaw, Steve, and Ygraine The final attack on The Hub forces its survivors to flee for the Deveaux building, and to enact their most desperate plan.
01/16 Another Endgame — And All That Could Have Been, Part III Bowie, Cardinal, Dave, Denisa, Elaine, Elisabeth, Elspeth, Gillian, Hana, Isabelle, Kain, Kaylee, Kazimir, Ling, Logan, Magnes, Mala, Peyton, Rickham, Ruiz, Shaw, Steve, Vör, and Ygraine "My loneliness is happy with that elegant hope."


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