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Scene Title Walkie Talkie
Synopsis Elias chats with Brian regarding his current feelings about Kazimir, and what they should all be prepared for in the future
Date January 8, 2009

Cliffside Apartments

Cliffside Apartments is a bit of a misnomer, as it isn't located anywhere near cliffs at all. The apartment building is a garish beacon of color amidst the otherwise gray and brown hues of the industrial complex that is Long Island City. The entire south face of the apartments have long since been a target for graffiti artists, and finally the longtime owner 'Manny' Chavez simply gave up and let them do as they wished with the building after too many attempts to clean up the work. One side of the building — painted a bright pumpkin orange on the first floor, and more of a peach shade on the second and third, has been tagged and practically covered with a wide manner of graffiti, to the point where it looks markedly intentional. The other three sides of the building look more vandalized, with no finished paint beneath to make the "artwork" stand out.

The interior of Cliffside Apartments makes it clear the building was once part of an industrial park. All of the three floors of the apartment building are loft apartments with concrete-block walls that were long ago soundproofed when the building didn't serve as residences. Given the economic decline of Queens, much of the Cliffside Apartments falls into an affordable range for the region, but is still considered steep outside of the New York area. Despite the relative affordability of the housing, few people have flocked to the area to live due to the exceptionally high crime rate.

Ramshackle and surrounded by crime and occasionally despair, Cliffside is not the sort of place people aspire to live in. Unless those people are themselves criminals and especially if they're like Elias de Luca: professional criminals. The building offers a relatively safe location for him to operate from for his varied escapades, from his 'work' with the Vanguard to his usual thievery and drug dealing. But how much longer he can stay here, is a question he doesn't know the answer to yet.

And it's that question, in part, that finds him in the hallway of Cliffside instead of in his dwelling, knocking on someone else's door entirely. "Brian, you in?" he calls, as if that might somehow make his neighbor appear faster. He needs to have a conversation with him, and it's not a conversation he especially wants to have. But it's important.

It takes a little bit but the deadbolt is slowly undone and the door cracks open slightly. Enough for a single eye to peer out. Despite having a peep hole, Brian obviously favors actually peeking around the door. He is proceeded though by loud rap music swiftly evacuating out of the door and spilling out into the hall.

"You." Brian says, not particularly in a hostile tone, but more of a shocked one. "What is it? Is she okay?" The man asks hastily of the other man.Opening the door a little further it becomes apparent that he is barechested, wearing only sweatpants.. and slippers. A pair of big fluffy blue ones.

For a briefr moment, Elias is lost for words. His attention is focused primarily on Brian's slippers. Yikes. "Uh-" he begins, quickly regaining his concentration- "That depends. It's not a hallway sort of conversation. Catch my drift?" The part about 'she', whether it's Eileen or even Abby, shouldn't be a problem to exchange in the hallway. It's the rest of it that needs to be kept indoors.

"Uhh.. Fine." Brian mutters, taking a steap back and bringing the door open so Elias can come in. "Dude. If anyone comes by here.. I would get in so much trouble." He says with a little bit of a frown. It's one thing having an arrangement with the killer down the hall. Inviting him in for tea is a completely different story. Once he enters Brian closes the door behind him.

"Tea?" He asks, locking the doors. He gives a little dust off of his blue sweatpants, complete with little footballs designed into it all over the cloth.

"What's wrong man?"

"If anyone comes by here, I'll be down the hall, no sweat." About this, Elias seems confident. "No tea, thanks. Cherry Coke, if you have it, sure. As for what's wrong, that's a complicated issue. We found Eileen, a few days ago, halfway to FUBAR. Bruises, asthema attack, all cut up, dislocated shoulder, the works. Worst part of it? Inside job." That's all he says, for the moment. Brian amy not be a criminal mastermind, but he's pretty sharp. He'll realize the weight of the situation before long.

"Cherry coke? That's pretty specific dude. Would you like it in a blue cup with a handle also?" Brian asks incredulously. He doesn't even have tea, in truth. He just thought it would be nice to offer. He waves the other man in. There are two large bean bags in the barely furnished living room. "Take a seat." He offers.

"Is she.." Concern all but overcomes the young man's face as Elias tells him the details. He looks very concerned, sympathetic, and sad all at once. "Inside job? Like.. one of yours?" He asks with slightly wide eyes. "Why?!"

"He was supposed to grab her," Elias continues, taking a seat wherever one happens to be available, "Throw her in a bag, bring her to Volken, that sort of thing. He is, however, a disobedient soldier, incapable of following orders, figured it'd be more fun to just kill her, say it was an accident. We're looking for him right now, but that doesn't matter. What matters is that, for whatever reason, Volken knows there's dissent in the ranks, and that's threatening to him.

"I would assume, it seems reasonable to me, that he's looking for ways to reign us in, keep exerting control. Brian, what I have to say is of the utmost importance, so while it might be helpful to pass this on to your fearless leader, don't do it yet. Capice?"

The replicator frowns at Elias as the stereo continues to play in the background. The song changes and his brows slightly narrow as 'don't go chasing waterfalls' comes on. His lips tug into a frown as he's temporarily distracted by the embarrassment of being found out to be a listener of such music but he quickly remedies the situation by giving a smooth. "Buh-huh?"

Looking a tad confused he shakes his head. "So you're not working for this Volken guy anymore?" Then at the last bit he gives a little nod. "Oui."

"He doesn't know I'm not working for him yet, and if I have my way, he's not going to find out until after he can't do anything about it." Elias fixes Brian firmly with his unwaivering gaze. A serious matter calls for a serious expression. "He's working on something, Brian. I won't say what or where, but if he gets it off the ground, and it works, it'll make what happened in 2006 look like a firecracker.

"There's no big words here, because that's all the sales pitch I need. If Volken stays alive, then I guarantee you, a whole lot of people are going to die."

"A virus." Brian murmurs. "That kills all the Evolved." He says casually, as if it's no news to him. "We know." He says lightly as if its no big deal. He brings up his hand to rub at his stubble. "We're working on it."

"Doesn't matter if you do or don't," Elias says, "Kazimir's not going to get the chance to set it free once they finish working on it. He may need a supervirus to kill the Evolved, but I don't need anything close to that impressive to kill an old man." This is the part, really, that wasn't fit to be discussed in the hallway. Elias doesn't think that someone is watching him; they keep him paid and he'll cart around whoever or whatever they need, no questions asked. He doesn't think someone is watching him, but he doesn't want to take the chance that, in his apartment, someone is listening.

"Oh." Brian says a tad dumbly as he simply stares at the other man. His hand comes up to rub through the back of his hair as he gives a little 'unnh'. "Are you asking for my help or something?" Brian asks tentatively.

"I think I can get to someone in his inner circle, give them a bomb disguised as something else. Little TNT and some nails should do the trick. Should, do the trick." Elias is careful to emphasize that. "But things happen. Bomb goes off too early, too late, not at all. It gets found, I get found. I never run into anything without a backup plan, and this is a one-shot deal.

"It gets fucked up, no second chances. It needs a less subtle method to take care of the problem, and for something like that, I need manpower. I've got one person I can count on in the organization, two if Eileen gives me a really dirty look when I tell her she can't come. I could get two more for certain, but my ability to control them is basically zero. Unreliable. There's one more I think I can get. At best, counting me, that's six people, not enough, you follow?"

Brian's brow twitches a little bit. "I should probably ask my people.." He murmurs, more to himself than to Elias. He's messed up so much lately. This could be the perfect tool for redemption. Or just another mistake. He looks up at Elias with narrowed brows. "How do I know you're not trying to set me up?"

"To what?" Elias asks. "To kill you? There's a thousand ways I could do that. I could teleport you out to sea, let the sharks take care of you. Or, what, trying to set you up, get information about Phoenix? Brian, Eileen is like a little sister to me, only family I have. No one fucks with my family." To emphasize this, he points his finger in Brian's direction as if warning him not to try it himself. "Inside job that nearly kills her and I'm going to keep working for this shithead Kraut? Fat fucking chance. You want to doublecheck my story about Eileen, then ask Abby. Who do you think kept my girl from dying?"

"Alright, alright. I'm sorry." Brian says quickly as if he had offended the other man. He sits back on his own blue beanbag, looking contemplatively at the other man. "Well.. I am pretty good at manpower. What do you have in mind?"

"Depends what abilities we can access, doesn't it?" Elias asks with a small smile. He leans forward, enhancing, in his eyes, the importance of this as well as the need for secrecy. "I don't have the full story on Volken's plan, yet, but I think I can get it, or at least a better idea. From there, it's divide and conquer. There's going to be some loyalists, so we'd need to cut them off from their leader, make everything much smoother. But it depends on Volken's final plan, and all of this depends on whether or not we can take him out before it becomes relevant. Put the word in with your boss. They want to meet, fine, but I pick the place and time. If you have any cops working for you, that'll be good to know too. If he survives an assassination, it's going to take every resource available to bring him down. Everything works out right, we save the world, and the world never even knows what happened."

"You got it." Brian says crisply, giving a little smile. "I'll let them know. And.. I'm sure we'll get this all figured out." He says as if they were working on a broken down truck or something. He slowly offers a hand to the other man. "Do you have a cell phone or something I can call you on?"

"Just a pre-paid, ever since all of Vanguard's phones mysteriously stopped working about a month ago," Elias replies, "Got some paper and a pen?"

"Yeah. In my room. I got one of me in there. Just say it and I'll write it down in there." He says, tapping his head as if something magic happened in there. "Like a little walkie talkie." He says somewhat proudly with a little smile.

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