Wasteland Timeline Logs (Garden of Forking Paths)

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61 logs posted for 2017 through 2018.

11/08 Afternoon String Theory Pending Garden of Forking Paths
Date Time Title Participants Storyline
03/06 Morning The Message Cardinal Garden of Forking Paths
05/11 Late Night The Devil's Hands Cardinal Garden of Forking Paths
05/12 Night A Ripple on Distant Shores Peter Garden of Forking Paths
Date Time Title Participants Storyline
10/14 Evening Xanadu Eve and Kay
Date Time Title Participants Storyline
04/10 Evening Sun and Shadow Finn and Tamara
06/15 Early Evening Welcome To Hell Cassandra
07/04 Afternoon Happy Together Woods
07/15 Afternoon Burnt Eve and Owain
10/10 Afternoon A Different Lighthouse Lance, Lily, Lucy, Mala, Owain, Paul and Squeaks
10/20 Afternoon The Vagrant Tamara and Wilbur
11/08 Night Burning Chrome, Part I Alia, Avi, Elaine, Eli, Elisabeth, Eve, Isabelle, Kain, Kaylee, Ling, Lynette, Lynette, Magnes, Odessa, Quinn, Ruiz, Shaw, and Tyler Garden of Forking Paths
Night Burning Chrome, Part II Eli, Isabelle, Kaylee, Ling, Lynette, Luther, Magnes, Peter, Tyler, and Woods Garden of Forking Paths
Night The Happy Ending Elisabeth and Elisabeth Garden of Forking Paths
Night Head Case Kaylee and Tyler
Night A Light in the Darkness Cassandra, Elisabeth, and Kaylee Garden of Forking Paths
Night You & A Promise Magnes and Quinn Garden of Forking Paths
11/09 Late Morning Lucy... SPLAIN!! Elisabeth and Magnes
Late Morning They'll Disappoint You Cassandra and Elisabeth
Late Morning Ruminations on Revenge Eve, Lynette, Lynette, Odessa, and Ruiz Garden of Forking Paths
Early Afternoon First Sparks Lynette and Ruiz
Early Afternoon This Bullshit World Avi, Eileen, and Emily
Afternoon The Resistance Has Need of a Technopath Alia and Eli
Afternoon Butterflies Hailey
Late Afternoon Someplace Sunny Elisabeth and Kain
Evening Oracle's Red Queen Elisabeth and Eve
11/11 Afternoon How Hard Can This Be? Elisabeth and Odessa
Evening Lost in Paradise Odessa and Woods
11/15 Evening The Dragon and the Lost Princess Bao-Wei and Valerie
11/20 Afternoon Ungrateful Lot Cooper, Eve, Luther, Lynette, and Veronica
11/21 Wee Hours Heavy Mettle Kaylee and Luther
11/22 Night Called Out Alia and Elisabeth
12/10 Night Visitors in the Night Cassandra, Elisabeth, Emily, and Squeaks
12/12 Morning The Witness Eve, Isa, and Shaw
12/18 Late Afternoon Baby Steps Aurora, Emily, and Kain
12/24 Late Night A Merry Little Christmas Elisabeth and Aurora
Late Morning Together for Christmas Avi and Emily
12/25 Early Morning Learn To Enjoy The Little Things Kaylee and Luther
Early Morning Invite Love Into This Place Cooper and Eve
01/12 Early Morning Footcare is Important Kaylee, Luther, and Shaw
01/19 Early Afternoon I Need To Know Kaylee, Isabelle, and Shaw
01/29 Morning Then There Was A Firefight Kaylee, Luther
Afternoon The Forest Is Red Lynette and Ruiz Garden of Forking Paths
02/08 Late Afternoon Patron Saint of Impossible Dreams Cassandra and Elisabeth
02/14 Late Night Shades of Blue Isabelle and Shaw
03/02 Afternoon Discoveries Gillian and Owain
03/03 Evening A Seer's Plan Cassandra, Cooper, Eli, Elisabeth, Eve, Kay, Lance, Magnes, Odessa, Peter, Quinn, Veronica and Woods Garden of Forking Paths
Night Sound Check Elisabeth, Lance, and Squeaks
03/04 Morning Everything To Everyone Elisabeth and Peter
03/06 Early Afternoon Conflicts Eve and Squeaks
03/17 All Day Need a Bigger Bed Kaylee and Luther
03/18 Late Afternoon Home Is Not A Place Elisabeth andKaylee
Evening A Place A Lot Like Home Kaylee and Luther
03/20 Pre-Dawn A Serpent's Trail Eli, Elisabeth, Eve, Hana, Kay, Logan, Magnes, Odessa and Peter Garden of Forking Paths
Morning A Community That Cares Cassandra, Lance, Quinn, and Squeaks Garden of Forking Paths
03/21 Afternoon An Uncertain Reunion Hailey and Lance
04/03 Afternoon Your Eyes Kain and Kay
10/10 Afternoon The Gang Says Goodbye Kain, Kaylee, Ling, Luther
12/24 Night L'Être et le néant Magnes
01/10 Afternoon Too Little Too Late Elisabeth Garden of Forking Paths
01/12 Afternoon String Theory Pending Garden of Forking Paths
From To Title Participants Storyline
July August Kill The Loop Cassandra and Eve
January 2018 March 2018 Within Range Kaylee and Luther
February 2018 March 2018 Marauders Isabelle, Ruia, Shaw, and ??? Garden of Forking Paths
March 2018 October 2018 Don't Go Kain and Kay
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