What Ever Happened To

(Originally Posted in Rolling Stone Magazine)

She was at the top of her game, a rising star that had everything going for her. August saw the release of the smash album "Shores of the Empire State" by pop band Else Kjelstrom and the Shattered Skies. But where is Else Kjelstrom today?

Just short weeks after the album's release, a reported break in at her apartment in Manhattan and reports of blood found at the scene indicated that Else may have met a violent end. But then the investigation runs cold. Why? That answer belongs to Kjelstrom's manager Simon Wolfe. When contacted about this article, Wolfe very tersely discussed the circumstances around Else's disappearance, stating that "Else is alive and well and the authorities investigation was closed."

When we contacted the NYPD to follow up on Else's case, the information passed along to us indicated that Else was the victim of a home invasion, and that the perpetrator had yet to be identified or apprehended, but that no charges were filed by Kjelstrom.

So we're left with a mysterious disappearance from the public eye, one that has even kept her fellow band-mates silent. We attempted to contact the fellow members of Else Kjelstrom and the Shattered Skies, and not a single member of the band would return our messages. This leaves many of us in the music industry wondering: Where did Else Kjelstrom go?

And more importantly, when is she coming back?

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