1.5 Miracles


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Scene Title 1.5 Miracles
Synopsis Minea has some information on Danko for Len, who receives it maybe just a little too late. Plus, he gets a little extra just to make his day all that much brighter.
Date August 24, 2009

Fort Hero: Minea Dahl's Residence

When poor Len gets back from the fronzen tundra of the north - in a smuch as where he was going really require long johns since it's balmy weather around this time of year - there's a message on Len's desk. More like a blank card and inside written fancy script. Someone has a sense of humor.

1.5 miracles waiting, M

Whether he'd call them miracle, who knows. But she's got something for him, and a little something else. Where Agent Dahl can be found is her quarters, busy on a landline phone, punching in numbers and listening to thing. Automated services suck, but she's doing something, trying to get to someone through their normal lines. The door to her apartment in Fort Hero open enough for someone to knock and come on in. Her drafting desk littered with some pieces of work, a couple folders and a myriad of ink bottles, nubs, calligraphic pens and .. a capri sun juice box.

When you are law enforcement and you approach someone's door and it's ajar, you automatically assume the worst. However, they're on Fort Hero so that assumption is not entirely with merit, since they are practically alone out here. Only those who are supposed to be here, are here. His hand moves up to rap his knuckles against the door as it nudges a little more open.

"Aren't you scared of the Boogeyman, Agent Dahl? He could be coming to get ya." Len grins as he hollars in, but doesn't enter without invitation. He's hoping her miracles live up to the billing, but as he's found out, Minea Dahl seems to keep them up her sleeve.

"Just you Denton. You're the only boogyman i'm afraid of" Minea fires back. Come on in" The capri sun is picked up, thin yellow straw stuck in her mouth. The boss has returned. "Freeze your nuts off wherever you went?"

Having only been back in the States for a couple of hours now, Len steps into the room and smirks at Minea. "Actually wasn't as bad as I'd imagined. I went expecting iceburgs, just to make sure I was warm enough." He grins as he shuts the door behind him. "Otherwise, it was a productive trip." He places the sticky note on her drafting table. "So, I'm told you've been growing miracles in my absense. I didn't imagine you'd have a green thumb."

"One miracle came from Ivanov, the other… well lets just say I stumbled cross something. Might not be much but, it's something. I still got feelers coming down the pipe. Pull up a seat. I think this is about to become another goodman type mindfucking" She's warning him ahead of time. "Surprise, or Mr. EMile Danko first?" The box of Capri's beside her table is dipped into and one is throw towards him.

Len pulls up a seat, and leans back. "I like surprised, so let's go with what I already know. Tell me about Danko." Len's had his weekend full of surprises already, so he can wait on that. "Whatcha got on him?"

"I got nothing. Official"

The bottom file is slid out from it's counterpart and then handed over to him. "He's clean Len. I mean, we're talking someone went through and sanitized him in every respect. I still have other avenues to pick at and through non official channel means. I'm burning a few favors and setting up a few new ones but our friend here. He's suspisciously clean. I'm thinking black ops likely, in the military" She regards the other man, lips pressed together.

"His friends are indeed Humanis though. I came across one of the two girls who kidnapped by H F. I managed to get some questions in while I was driving her down to get registered" A hand comes up. "Yes, I know, not my job, but it a chance I couldn't pass up. Turns out the two guys at the bar who 'ordered' the cab that kidnapped them, referred to a man named 'emile' and then referred to him as 'shorty'. I get the sense that he's someone … important within the organization "

There's a moment of silence as Len takes all that in. Black ops and Humanis First, just doesn't click well for him. He might have to dig a little deeper on that one. "Okay. Humanis First have really stepped up their tactics as of late, so it's not totally unreasonable that someone like Danko would be running the show. You can't do the kinds of hits they are doing without someone with a great deal of experience pulling the strings. Okay, keep digging and let's see if we can unsanitize Emile Danko just a little bit."

And now the surprise. And it's not even Len's birthday. "What else do you have for me?"

"I have this" There's another file plucked up, her name on it and passed over to Len. Inside are pictures of Feng Daiyu. Front, left, right profiles. Rundown on what she's digged up. "The two vanguard - i'm assuming the second man with Ruskin was Vanguard - were beating the shit out of Ivanov for information about this man. His name is Feng Daiyu. Rumored to be CIA, DIA, and is in fact, Neither. Operating on American soil with the purpose of eliminating Vanguard members that still remain. He's a defectee, supposedly from the Peoples Republic of China after being involved in the incidents at Tieneman Square. At the exact same time as one Zhang Wu-Long of the Vanguard"

She looks over at him. "Like I told kitty, he's so black, he's a god damned hole. What I didn't tell kitty is this"

A sheet from her table is passed over. "Somehow, he's linked to General Autumn and a Ms. Sarisa Kershner of the CIA. Via Germany and a raid on the Vanguard cell that remained there. By a taskforce, I believe, that was the … forerunner of our brand spanking new FRONTLINE"

Well. Damn. Len mulls over the questions that begin to formulate within his brain. "Do we have any clue if Autumn and Kershner are involved in the current FRONTLINE? And how many other members of Vanguard remain, besides Ivanov?" He holds the paper in his hand as he looks it over

"Ivanov was not Vanguard, Ivanov just participated in the January 28th events to thwart thier plans for mass genocide of the human and evolved population. How many are currently active. That I know of, Three, possibly four. Eileen Ruskin, Ethan Holden, this mystery man i've taken to calling Mr. Hand Grenade and.." He's not gonna like this last name. "Gabriel Gray. Also know as Sylar. I also have a suspiscion that Mr. Feng Daiyu is bonafide Vanguard as well, possibly a turncoat."

Minea inhales deeply and leans back "General Autumn has been a guiding force in the creation and implementation of FRONTLINE. He wants it and he wants it bad" Her fingers dance on the arm of her chair. "Before I came here Denton, I did recon here in New York. Military Intelligence, oxymoronish as that may be at times. The intel I gathered was on Vanguard, Phoenix, Pariah. Christian Powell and I. Goodman recruited me and I submitted what I had. It apparently, got sucked up into the black hole that is security clearance that I can only ever dream of having. Or not. Even my dreams would be too top secret for me to have. Something's fishy Len. Something is really fucking fishy. You dont' disappear that sort of information unless it's a really bad embarrassment and your trying to cover it up or… or something bad is about to go fucking down and you don't want the public to run screaming"

There's a weary sigh coming from the man as he listens to what she has to say. Len really needs to get a life. Something more than this. Not that he doesn't love his job, but..

"Probably more of a clearance than I have, but I'll look further into it. If not, I know someone who might be able to tell me more. I don't want you looking any deeper into this. If it's as classified as you say it is, I'd rather not have to send you off to be labotomized again if I don't have to. Stick with Danko and see what else you can drudge up on him.

Of course, knowing Minea as he does.. "But if you happen to come across any additional information on this other thing, feel free to come let me know. Just be careful."

Len stands. "Anything else?" he says as he starts towards the door.

"I'm getting in touch with Laudani, to see about ruskin and HGM. I got a message out to someone else who seems to be on conversational terms with Daiyu. But i'll keep it low. Right now Denton, i've left a trail, but on purpose. They'll either come, or they won't to see what I know. I figured that you and my bosses might want to know if they didn't already about what's playing in our backyard"

"I don't need you dead, Dahl." Len says as he opens the door. "Whatever it is you're doing, just be careful." There is concern in his voice. Just when things were looking to even out, it just looks like they're only getting darker.

He slips out of the door and starts down the hall, pulling out his cell phone. He scrolls through his contacts and dials out. Voicemail. "Got some information on the name you gave me. Let me know when and where you want to meet, Harrison."

Little does he know..

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