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Scene Title 1 Unread Message
Synopsis Jac sets the record straight.
Date February 2, 2021

Security Incident @ Raytech
started by: jackal
date: 2 Feb 2021, 3:34 am

Hey everyone.
The incident at Raytech wasn't an accidental trip of the alarm. Or whatever anyone else says it was.

The Lanthorn

A thumb taps against the small USB drive that gives her access to the secured network Asi Tetsuyama set up months ago. Jac Childs stares at the blinking cursor as she tries to coax her thoughts into forming words. It's been a long day. She never imagined she'd be sending any messages over the encrypted server, but she also never expected to have possibly big news to share. Her vision blurs, letters elongate and become fuzzy, as she stares without blinking for a long moment.

Her head tips forward, then jerks backward. “Sleep soon,” the teen promises herself. This needs to be done first, while it's still fresh. She drags a hand over her face, then focuses on the screen again. For a second, she considers how she opened the message and how to proceed with it. With her brows knitting, her fingers find the keyboard and, slowly first then gradually picking up speed, tap out her message.

What really happened this evening was I almost got kidnapped. And I think it might be connected to what happened with all of us before.

I included some stills from the security footage that Mr. Ray gave me. And some explanations about them that I think are the linking points to our problem.

The first picture is the guy who was carrying me. He spoke in German, and the word he said made me completely black out. It might be the same that was on the recording. When I woke up, I tried to fight him but he was really strong and hitting him barely did anything. Ms. Harrison stopped him with her audiokinetics. When she did that, he seized just like everyone who had attacks in November. I think he's in SESA’s custody now.

Next is a woman who was obviously working with the man. She also spoke in German. She made a portal, and that's where the man was trying to take me. She left when we started fighting back.

The last picture is a federal agent: “Agent Hall”. She's with the DOE and showed up just as I was being kidnapped.

I'm okay and I'm safe. But this is what happened and everyone from the plane needs to know the real story.

Sitting back, Jac reads over the message. Her eyes linger longest on the images, trying to recall anything else about what happened that might be related. A finger traces along the trackpad once she reaches the end of the message. The arrow moves along to a lower corner and hovers briefly over the submit button, then clicks.

For a beat longer, Jac watches the screen even though there's nothing left to see. A yawn interrupts her wandering, intangible thoughts, and the sluggish feeling of needing sleep reminds her of an earlier promise. She pulls the drive out of the laptop and buries it in a pocket. Then, after closing her laptop and laying on the floor, the teen burrows into the couch to capture a few hours of sleep.

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