11th Hour Election Scandal
Date February 9, 2010
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The New York Post is reporting two massive scandals in the already bogged down New York City Mayoral Campaign. These 11th hour revelations come just one week before polls open on the 15th to finally determine who will be the next Mayor of New York City.

Both Marcus Donovan and Jennifer Chesterfield are cited in these incidents on wholly separate charges lobbed at them by an anonymous tipster close to the New York Post.

Donovan's involvement claims that his campaign, despite it's staunch position against the Linderman Group has been secretly receiving back-door financial contributions from that very organization to the total of several million dollars. This accusation sent shockwaves through all three campaign headquarters when it was released as part of a front page report in the Post. The newspaper cites documentation delivered to their offices which clearly indicates a financial involvement between Donovan and the Linderman Group for unspecified purposes, funneled through a shell bank account that was tracked to one of Marcus Donovan's chief campaign aids.

The Donovan campaign immediately responded today by stating that these allegations of campaign inpropriety and dealings with the Linderman Group are "Wholly false and unbelievable." Campaign manager Dakota Stevens continued by adding, "the notion that Marcus Donovan would ever accept money from a notorious mobster that he has spent years trying to clean up from the fine city of New York is both laughable and preposterous."

Furthering this political firestorm, comes accusations from the same article linking Jennifer Chesterfield and her late husband Mason to the now defunct pharmecutical company Pinehearst, which has been the target of a six month long inquery into human rights violations and inappropriate medical practices, following the destruction of their main facility in Fort Lee New Jersey. Indicted CEo of Pinehearst Company Morgan Dietrich is facing upwards of twenty years in prison for nuclear safety violations following the discovery of an unauthorized private nuclear reactor in the ruins of Pinehearst's New Jersey plant.

Chesterfield's involvement with Pinehearst is being cited as an assistant to the inhumane medical processes and scientific research put forth by Pinehearst, and also tags Chesterfield as being responsible for the development of a biochemical agent that— following the collapse of Pinehearst— made its way out onto the streets to become the drug now known as Refrain. Furthermore, Chesterfield's up until this point silent daughter Catherine has been pulled into the mud-slinging with accusations that she was a member of the now defunct terrorist organization known as PARIAH that was dismantled by the NYPD's SCOUT branch in the fall of 2008.

The Chesterfield campaign initially had no comment on these allegations, but several hours after the Post hit the shelves, the campaign commented that "These allegations are baseless and without proof, and a testament to the New York Post's inability to rise to the occasion and show itself as a reputable news outlet." Furthermore, the Campaign's spokesperson Wanda Merrel added that, "Jennifer Chesterfield never has had any connections to the Pinehearst Company nor did her late husband. Any attempts to drag the Chesterfield family name through the mud for the simple purpose of political gain is both unethical and untrue."

The New York Times has questiond sources within the Post to receive copies of the alleged documentation they received, but have so far been denied access.

We will keep you up to date on this scandal as it develops.

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