14 Locos Arrested 6 Dead

NEW YORK CITY - Insane New York gang/cult was dealt a huge blow on the night of the 30th, when an anonymous tip led to SWAT forces going into the old abandoned tunnel network of Midtown. 6 of the Locos members were found dead, while an entire 14 were either maimed or unconscious. Police are unsure what exactly happened down there, with some reporting the sight of Gabriel Grey, and FRONTLINE, and their former leader, Mortimer Alex Jack in some sort of low-tech Horizon armor. Inside sources say that FRONTLINE had nothing to do with whatever happened down there, and that there's a great amount of evidence to support sudden inter-gang conflict.

While it's not yet known for sure what happened down there, teams found all tunnels except one to be blocked off by polyurethane, which some may remember was involved in the Locos' destruction of the Bronx Primatech facility. Teams are still trying to open the vault itself, which seems to be an elaborately designed clockwork construct. They're being cautious to avoid triggering any traps, but only time will tell what they find in such a place. Among the members captured, their apparent acting leader, One, was not found. Heat scanning of the base shows that there's no signs of life within it. He remains at large and is considered armed and dangerous, police are offering a reward for information leading to his capture.

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