200 Dollars For Five Minutes


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Scene Title 200 Dollars For Five Minutes
Synopsis Wendy wasn't Cook to come to the Hamptons with her. Even if it'll cost her 200 bucks for his last five minutes of shift. She also wants to know what the hell it is that he does.
Date July 4, 2009

Balor's Pissing Eye

It's an Irish bar, with all the hassles and ruckus of most Irish bars. Tonight it's pretty tame, though, and Cook is sitting on the bar top, belching. He's practicing for the competition later in the week, and considering some of the things he's capable of consuming, he's letting out some serious doozies. People clap after really loud ones.

Wendy is an occasional regular. When she's in this part of town. The kind of girl who doesn't follow the same cookie cutter form as her parents and her brothers, but not to the point where she's disowned. She does what she needs to and they let her do what she wants. SO torn jeans, boots, pruple blouse, Wendy's entering Balor's. One of her favourite places. It's fourth of July, she expects it to be louder. She's got fireworks and prim proper dresses later, and she wants some liquid courage before heading to the Hamptons. "Hey! Give me a pint of whatever is you worst tasting!" Called across the bar as she takes a seat two down from cook. The belch catches her attention. "Not working today?"

Cook grins at Wendy. "I'm workin'!" He swings his legs over the bar and hops down, landing behind it to get her some of the swill they keep at the end of the tap-line. She asked for the worst, and you never ask for the worst unless you fully expect to be served it. The pub is emptier than usual: any non-Irish clientele is probably off celebrating, and the Irish don't really give a rat's ass about American independence. Why celebrate for one country what your own is still in some ways fighting for? Cook sets her beer in front of her and his elbows on the table. "What's up then, lass?"

'Getting me some courage" She fires back at him, all big eyed and grinning. "Gotta endure the parents and jimmy choo's when I'd rather be in my ratty canvas. Figure I can kill an hour here, get some fun in before I hang the noose round my neck. What about you?" Her fingers linger on his when there's the handing over the beer but beyond that, there's nothing untoward. The glass comes up, lips to rim and she takes a long long couple gulps from the glass before pulling it away. "Oh god, it's awful" She wipes her mouth on her sleeve. "But damn I love it. set me up with another before I finish this one?"

"All work an' no play makes Wendy a dull girl, huh?" Cook doesn't register the touch. He just nods and sticks his hands in his pockets. "I'm jus' hangin'. If no one calls before m'shift ends, I'll jus' go to bed. Can't be seen out past curfew." He makes a big show of shaking his hands. It's no secret he heavily dislikes curfew and probably breaks it routinely.

"No fireworks for Cook? awwww" Wendy makes an over-exaggerated frowny face at him before she chugs back the rest of the first glass and pushes it towards him. "I can invite you out to the Hamptons if you want? I just gotta put in my obligatory few hours and then I'm free as a bird and there's no curfew out there"

"Y'are temptin' me, lass," Cook tells her, setting another beer in front of her and taking the dirty glass, tossing it in the sink. "Not sure you wan' be doin' tha' wid'out knowin' wha' I'm like."

"Nothing says I gotta bring you to the party, I can stash you in the pool house, let you out on a leash when I'm done. besides, I come here enough, I know your a wild thing. I highly doubt too that a curfew stops you. Doesn't stop me" Wendy licks her lips to wet them before pulling the second glass towards her. "Besides, going ot bed alone, on this night? Come on. you expect me to believe that?"

"Y'are a reg'lar temptress, Wendy, d'you know tha'?" Cook smirks and grabs a rag, swiping it over the bartop and tossing it onto a hook where they're kept. "Tell you wha': if Rachel comes in on time and Kieran lets me off th' hook 'fore you leave, I'll go."

"ohh, boost my ego Cook. Tell me I'm a temptress again and maybe i'll just make sure that Rachel comes in early" Wendy leans back on her chosen stool, calling out in the bar with a loud voice. "Kiernan! Where are you you bastard?!" her hands cupped around her mouth. No, this is her regular behavior when she's not needing to be proper.

Cook just laughs. A moment or two later, Kieran (who looks a lot like someone might imagine Cook looking at 50+, but with long hair and fake teeth) comes over, looking Wendy up and down. "Hi lass. What'd you want, then?"

'Two hundred bucks if you call Rachel in to cover the rest of his shift and let me run off with him to the hamptons to scare my parents?" She's even opening her big purse and pulling out her wallet. "Deal?" There's a smile over to Cook.

Cook raises his hands up like he's got nothing to do with this. Kieran looks at Wendy, then at Cook, then at Wendy again. "Deal." He takes the money and glances at the door as it opens. In comes Rachel, swinging her backpack. "Rachel! Cover the rest'a Cook's shift!" And then Kieran is walking away.

Rachel slides behind the counter, raising a brow. "Wha'? All five minutes that're left?"

It's this last question that has Cook in stitches.

"Cost versus Worth" She doesn't care that she just coughed up that money. Though there's a pointed look at Cook. "Congratulations, You're getting tip from Kiernan. He has to share the 200 bucks with you" Wendy points out to Rachel, settling back in to getting her pint and one big mouthful from it.

Cook just gives Wendy a short grin. He never said how much longer his shift lasted. He kisses Rachel's cheek like MUACK and then ruffles her hair. "Later cuz." He grabs his brown leather jacket and slides it on. It is beat to hell, but comfortable.

"So cook, other than stare at my pretty face and kiss, maybe more, what do you want to do out in the Hamptons? My parents have a boat, could always take that out. Drive really fast, or hell, bar hop out there, now that you're free of work tonight and there's no curfew to hinder you"

"Never been invited t'the Hamptons b'fore." Cook shoves the door open for Wendy and holds it, waiting for her to step out before following. "Could al'ays do all of th'above, unless you plan on goin' t'bed early."

"Lots of rich shallow people" Wendy assures him. "Lots of banging parties, parties that put anything you've seen at the raves here to shame. I know a great sushi place. There's a private beach too, usually parties happen there as well. I figure you're safe enough and I don't plan on going to bed early anytime soon" as she's heading out, ducking under his arm, her cellphone is being slid out of her pocket and dialing a number.

"Y'are assumin' the parties back in Dublin weren't bangin'," Cook points out, but he follows dutifully enough, hands in his pockets as she dials her cellphone. He'll follow her, make trouble on the side.

"Never had a party in Dublin" There's a cock of her head to the side. "Maybe I'll have one for my birthday" But whomever is on the other side is connecting and Wendy jabbers into the phone, seems to be ordering a car to come around, that she was ready. But as soon as its' connected it's done and she adjusts the strap of her purse after the phone is tossed inside. "How'd you get from dublin to here, and what exactly is it that you do?"

"Hrm? I took a plane. And I'm a bartender." Cook grins. He doesn't have any extracurriculars. College? What's /college/?

"I know you're a bartender just, I mean.. never mind, i'll ask in that car" Which is coming to a stop in front of the pub. Black town car and she opens the door before the driver can even get out and open it for her. There's a motion for Cook to jump in. "My brothers have clothes that will fit you or we can stop at your place and you can pack for overnight"

Cook pauses, and then points over Balor's Pissin' Eye. "That /is/ my place. Kieran's my uncle, lass. I rent a room in'is house." He grins at her, and then shrugs, sliding into the car. "I ain't got any nice clothes tho'."

"You won't need em. you look fine" Interesting though, that he's residing above the bar, but then, many places have residences above the premises. Door closed by the driver, Wendy parks her butt on the seat and leans back, feet up on the front seat and partition that's up. "What do you do cook? Not the bartendering, I mean, you're evolved ability"

Cook freezes. He looks over at Wendy and then checks the locks on the car with a quick eye. "Don't know what you're talkin' 'bout."

Cars moving, but the locks aren't locked. "Don't worry, not gonna rape you cook." She digs into her purse, slowly, producing her wallet and her own registration card, offering it up for the looking. Power detection it says, right under her smiling face. "I can feel like this compass arrow leading right to you beside me, and when I touched your hand, I got this really empty? empty feeling, the kinda empty feeling that you get when your starving. I never felt that before, so I'm really curious what you can do"

He stares at her. He doesn't find this cool. Not at all. But still, she knows. She can't not know, it seems. He wipes his sweating hands on his knees a bit and says, "I eat."

"eat what?" Out comes a compact that she flips open, followed by some lip glass. Drinking alcohol tends to wipe it off the lips yes? She looks over at him then rolls her eyes. "Still going to party Cook. I was just curious. I never came across that kind of ability before. I kinda like to put a name to the feleing ya know?" no probably doesn't. "There's water in the cooler under the seat. I promise, cross my heart, hope to die, you won't hear me tattling on you"

Cook rolls his eyes. "I just eat." He reaches over and snatches her lipstick. He holds it up, so she can see, and then pops it in his mouth, the crunching sound meshing with the actual lipstick being munched into the plastic.

"Hey! What are yo… oh" OH! Now that has her attention. "Anything?"

"Anythin'." Cook rolls his eyes.

Well now. She digs into the big purse and brings out a pen, offering it up.

Cook snorts a bit. He takes the pen, and bites it, cracking it in two. Then he sticks the second half in his mouth, chewing calmly until it's all nice and swallowable. He swallows, and then smiles.

"Cook, you are…" Wendy looks like she hit the evo jackpot. "Fuck I love it" But then, she loves every ability. "Don't worry, I don't tattle. I just like.. collecting names of abilities to go with what I feel right? Like I knew this guy who could fly, shit you not" She's tossed her purse to the side and turned towards him, one leg tucked against the other once she's bent it all naturally. "Felt like a breeze for a few seconds cross my skin"

"What's your ability feel like, then?" Has she ever met anyone like her? Cook raises a brow. This is surreal.

"I don't know. Never run across another. When I registered, they stuck me in this room and they kept bringing in like, homeland agents who were evolved, I had to touch them and tell them what it was. But I never met another person who can tell what other peoples abilities are. Not yet. Negators though, they're tricky. tricky tricky tricky" Forefinger comes up to smear what little lip gloss she managed to get on her lips before he ate it all. "Sorry if I freaked you out. I just had to know. I don't automatically know what an ability is ya know. Not unless they tell me what it is they do, and then I know, i have the name to match that sensation.

"Bottomless Pit. Dark Appetite. Enhanced Digestive System and Metabolism." Cook shrugs. "Dunno that there's a name. I just eat. I'm fine like I am, really."

"I can't tell the difference between you and a guy who only eats metal. Doesn't give me that good a detail. But really, I promise you, I'm not running off with you to some place other than a big house on the Hamptons and probably offer to screw your brains out, get really drunk and watch fireworks from the beach, possibly bar hop"

"Oh well as long as it's only that," Cook says. He's still a little on edge, but he isn't looking around for escape routes anymore. "M'ability makes me a cheap guest," he offers.

There's a punch to his arm, loose fisted, thumb tucked in. "geeze, seriously, that's all, besides, if I were gonna do anything bad, you could just like.. chew your way outta the car" she points out.

Cook starts to laugh, shaking his head. "Might take a while, tha'." He glances out the window and then asks, "Y'gonna bring me back? Never been t'th'Hamptons."

"Sure, if you wanna come back. Or we can go to dublin. If you got a passport. I can see about getting my parents plane" There's a wink to that. "It'll be a few hours before we're at the house, so, we have movies we can watch, we can pull over to grab food, or whatever you wanna drink." Wendy shrugs. "I'm easy"

"…I can't go back t'Dublin." Cook shakes his head. "Thanks, tho'." He's not going to share the reasons; not unless she resorts to some very effective torture. "I'm easily entertained. You pick."

"Then… hit the satellite radio, lemme hit the button for the sunroof and we can hang our heads up top like dogs out a window and maybe entertain ourselves along the way huh?"

"Okay." Cook starts to look for the sat radio controls. He's not used to this sort of car. In fact, he's not used to anything this expensive.

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