26 Federal Plaza
Hours of Operation 6 AM - 7 PM
Current Status Open for Business
People Come Here For… Government employment, questioning, meetings

A massive building by many standards, 26 Federal Plaza (lengthily known as the Jacob K. Javits Federal Building) looms up as many as forty-one storeys, glass and concrete making an alternating pattern of the many, many windows that make up its four faces.

Bristling with security, personnel and cameras alike, this building serves as the _department-of-evolved-affairs New York HQ, among other government groups. The foyer is all glass, steel and grey, with a large DoEA seal planted in view of glass doors. A set of six elevators navigate the many floors, with only reception at the second level being accessible to the public, which also contains a cafeteria and various meetings room. All levels above and below, excluding the ground floor, are only accessible via keycard wielding employees, with differing levels of clearance.

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