3 Die In Apartment Fire

BROOKLYN — A suspicious fire tore through a three-story complex late Tuesday night, authorities said. Three people were killed, with another who apparently jumped from a window, clothes and hair ablaze, in critical condition. One firefighter was injured in the attempt to contain the flames.

Witnesses reported black fumes filling the neighborhood, making it difficult to trace the exact location of the blaze. The fire started on the ground floor of the tan-brick building, vacant at the time, though it spread quickly to both upper floors.

"Most are sleeping at the time," said landlady Adrianna Zawadzki, clutching thick glasses in her hand - all she had managed to recover from the flames, which reduced the structure to a smoking, skeletal framework. "I am returning home, saw orange and red, lucky not to be inside. My tenants not so lucky."

Firefighters said they didn't know the cause of the fire, which was deemed suspicious. Fire marshals were investigating.

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