30 Days To Live


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Scene Title 30 Days to Live
Synopsis Trask catches Aimee up on his life.
Date April 4, 2011

Aimee's Apartment

It's early morning when Aimee's nose is tickled by the smell of bacon. Everything is better with bacon! Trask has been officially living here for a week or so already but hasn't actually spent more then one night all the way through there. He is much more likely to be caught in during the day taking a nap or something during the slow afternoons or early mornings. Or grabbing a shower at odd hours. He has been the perfect houseguest though, not making noise, and keeping the fridge full of leftovers.

The smell of bacon has Aimee slipping out of bed and tugging a robe on over her pajamas, belting it before she comes out of her bedroom and makes her way into the kitchen, smiling. "G'morning." She lets out a yawn. "Smells good."

Trask smiles softly, he adds chopped shallots and some sweet peppers and chiles to the pan. "Sorry didn't mean to wake you…. Breakfast isn't quite ready yet."

"It's fine, I'll make coffee," Aimee says, still smiling. It seems she's one of those icky morning people. And she does start making coffee! "Did you sleep well?"

Trask grins, "Well as can be expected. Got woken up early by something and figured I would get a shower and get some food made for when you got up. Thank you again for everything."

"There's no need to thank me, Trask," Aimee says, shaking her head and moving to sit down once she's gotten the coffee going. "You helped my family, I'm repaying the favor. And I've been wanting to help people for a while now in any case."

Trask nods, "Yes but…it's still appreciated. You didn't have to do this. And I am sure I've been putting you out some with my odd hours…" He adds Eggs now that the bacon grease has well oiled the pan.

"You've been fine," Aimee assures him. "Besides, when you cook breakfast, it's hard to mind."

Trask grins and puts in some cheese. "So tell me, what kind of things do you like, I've been sticking with the staples like meat loafs and casseroles so far."

"I'm really not a picky eater," Aimee says, shaking her head. "Meat loaf and casseroles are fine. I'll eat just about anything that's edible."

Trask nods and begins paying direct attention to the omelet keeping it from burning, "Still any special requests? Anything you crave? I've been known to be a decent cook."

Aimee laughs and shakes her head as she stands and moves to grab a coffee cup, pouring herself some coffee and adding cream and sugar before she sits down again. "Honestly, I'm fine. Whatever you cook I'll eat."

Trask chuckles, "Be careful what you promise, I sometimes get creative.

Aimee smiles. "And it'll be fine. Stop worrying, okay?"

Trask grins, "I always worry..you should learn that." He grins and makes her a plate, "Salsa, sour creame?" He moves toward the fridge.

"Hmm. Maybe a little sour cream," Aimee decides after a moment's thought.

Trask nods and adds a couple dollops, then heads over putting the plate down in front of her. He collects a plate of his own and some coffee and finds somewhere comfortable to park it. "So tell me about the last year or so?"

"Not really much to talk about," Aimee says, shrugging and setting down her coffee, exchanging it for a fork. "I had to finish school, which kept me out of the state for most of the last four years. And since then I've pretty much been working."

Trask nods. "Still apparently the US has gotten…darker of late?

Aimee grimaces faintly and nods. "Indeed. Everyone's required to Register now, whether they're Evolved or not. A lot of things now require you to show your registration card. They have Evolved only communities, but they don't seem as safe as claimed. Some sort of Dome went up over one of them for a while, caused a lot of destruction and terror."

Trask noddles, "I heard about that a little…on the news." He pats his pocket, "I have my registration card myself. But then I've had one for about 4 or 5 years.

Aimee nods. "Where is it you've been though? And what sort of trouble /are/ you in?"

Trask says, "What all do you know about me? What all have you seen on TV? What do you know about the last three years?"

"I don't remember seeing anything about you on the news, but then, the last three years I was pretty intent on my studies," Aimee admits.

Trask noddles and sighs softly, he closes his eyes, "Me and some friends of mine, we decided that the evolved should have rights to. We didn't like the way many of them were treated. We began a grassroots movement. Unfortunately evolved are human, like anyone else. There are good ones, and bad ones. Two of them in particular caused quite a bit of trouble. The first was a man named Sylar, who convinced us to help him break into a secret government holding facility. There dangerous evolved criminals were being held without trial. The second was a man named Kazimir, who wanted to wipe out humanity. He began using our name to cause mischief and mayhem, dragging it through the mud so to speak.

"Sylar? The /Midtown man/?" Aimee asks, eyes going wide. "And why would anyone want to wipe out humanity? We're all human, evolved or not."
Trask nods, "yes well…some people are insane. And some read to much neitzche and believe that if something kills 95% of the population, the remaining 5% will be super men, forced to evolve to survive.

"That's…bizarre and flawed thinking," Aimee says, grimacing and shaking her head.

Trask nods, "Anyway Kazimir killed my best friend and kind of scattered many of us to the four winds. Mean while we discovered Sylar was planning on assassinating the President of the United States on live TV."

Aimee looks horrified. "Why would he do that? You stopped him? Or did the authorities stop him?"
Trask says, "We stopped him, and in doing so…revealed our own identities to some of his inner circle. We convinced Mr. Rickham to assist us in a joint venture to eliminate Kazimir before he could kill everyone.""

"His inner circle? Sylar's?" Aimee asks, picking at her food more than actually /eating/ it, given the seriousness of the topic.

Trask says, "No the presidents inner circle. Sylar…yeah he was a bit of a character, body changed, laser beam eyes and he made my partner shoot me seven times. Sylar really doesn't have an inner circle; he is more of a solo act. He doesn't usually need back up.""

Aimee looks confused. "If they knew that you were trying to prevent the assassination though, why would you be in trouble?"
Trask says, "Well after we took out Kazimir, Homeland security arrested most of my team for avoiding registration and civil disturbances. Going back on the deals they made."

Aimee shakes her head, now looking disgusted. "But you were Registered, right? Is that why you weren't arrested?"
Trask says, "Actually I ended up hit by a 30 foot metal cable swept into the harbor, and then captured by slavers who had me fight in a blood sport underground evolved gladiatorial ring."

"You…what?" Aimee asks, blinking, her mind not quite comprehending everything he just said.

Trask shrugs, "fought for 3 months in an underground pit fighting ring spending my nights in a metal cage… Happens pretty regularly…especially in New York.

Aimee just stares at him for a minute, then two. "How did you get out alive?"

Trask shrugs, "Some friends found me…they came for me. Word to the wise, avoid Staten Island if you can…things there…can get out of hand." He sits back and seems to digest his food a little. "Anyway I found out my other friends were being held in Moab Federal Penitentiary unjustly."

"I think Staten Island is closed off right now anyway," Aimee informs him. "And Moab? That prison that just appeared somewhere? I don't recall where offhand."

Trask grins, "Well more the prison that disappeared while we were in the middle of breaking into it. People inside it ended up in a lot of strange places. I ended up in 2019."

"You…ending up…in the future," Aimee says, voice flat, disbelieving.

Trask nods, "Yep…a pretty nice future…where I had a son, and everything was hunky dori…and I died ion the 18th May, 2011."

"Wait, you were in the future, and you knew that you died in this month of this year?" Aimee asks, suddenly freaked out, very freaked out.

“Maybe we should try this again later?” He smiles softly, “It’s a lot to take in all at once. More coffee?”

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