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Scene Title 36
Date March 14, 2009

Greenwich Village

The news vans are already all over the scene by the time Elisabeth arrives there. In truth, she wishes the bastards weren't allowed to have police scanners, and as she ducks under the yellow tape in front of the brownstone Liz nods to the uniform holding back the neighbors and press alike. The mood outside is somber but the mood inside is even worse. Just to the right of the foyer in the large sunken family room, thirty-five bodies are laid out in as if they all simply went to sleep on the floor of the room, all together, some touching the hand of the one next to them. It looks like a huge teenaged slumber party. A forensic technician looks up at the blonde officer enters and nods slightly. "Officer Harrison…. TOD would be about thirty-six hours ago, give or take, ma'am."

Elisabeth looks over the room, avoiding looking at the bodies for a moment. It looks so normal, just a kid's party. Except for the fact that there's a video camera that recorded the whole thing. "Anybody watched that yet?" she asks quietly.

"No, ma'am. We were waiting on you. There's also a note. Officer Mitchell bagged it. He's in the kitchen."

The call to Katherine Marks' apartment was inconvenient at best. She leaves her place with a scowl on her face and she drives to the address given and pulls in close. If they weren't a few minutes apart, Harrison and Marks would have taken the same exact route to and through the house. In a hurry to get ready, she pulled her hair back in a ponytail, though there's still that bit of mussed up look towards the front. She walks in behind Liz as the video camera is mentioned. "Well, I'd like to take a look at that, since I'm getting calls dragging me out of bed." The aknowledgement follows: "Harrison. What do you have here?"

Elisabeth glances toward the door, and she too doesn't look quite in her professional gear. Sneakers, well-worn jeans (not the nice ones she wears if she's coming to work), and beneath it a wide-necked, off-the-shoulder blue sweater. Her hair is mussed, but that could be from anything. The bite mark on her neck, though, really couldn't be. Clearly Marks wasn't the only one interrupted. "Just got here myself. I'll tell you in a minute. Feel free to watch the vid if the tech says it's okay to touch." She heads for the kitchen to get the note from Mitchell. It doesn't take more than a couple of moments, really, and when she walks back in, she's reading it with a frown.

"Hey, you done with this?" she doesn't seem to wait as she walks over and since no one else is touching the video camera, she could probably touch it. She considers going ahead and playing it, but she doesn't need NYPD Liz with the bite mark on her neck whining about not getting to see it. She waits for Liz to come back before playing it, but sees the look on her face and arches a brow. "Now what is it?" The camera is left alone as she reaches out her hand for the note. Katherine has run out of patience for shenanigans at this point anyhow.

The tech merely nods to Kat's question, but Elisabeth looks up at the agent. Her mood is not so good given the call anyway, but it's going downhill fast with the note. Instead of handing it to the agent, she brings the bag back up to her face and reads aloud,

Dear Moms and Dads,

We're sorry that it had to happen this way. We're so sorry that you're losing us like this. We found each other at school after Washington Irving. So many of us, two at a time, started to finally trust each other with our secrets. Each and every one of us is Evolved. And we're all scared. Scared because we're different from everyone else, scared because some of us have cheesy little abilities like …. well, Jimmy has perfect pitch and can copy any music he's ever heard on his keyboard without seeing sheet music. But four of us have… bad powers. Powers that a lot of people would be afraid of. Leslie can read minds… she thought she was going completely insane until she met Billy — and he was thinking about how he could throw energy bolts of some kind. Shasta can make ice, and Maureen can talk to plants. Literally. They scream every time someone cuts a flower for her. Anyway…. we all started this after school club to help each other, and things on the streets keep getting worse and worse. And now we're afraid that some or all of us will wind up doing what a couple of other kids in school have done — go missing. They went to Register and they never came back. None of us want that, and we don't want to leave our families to face each loss alone. So we're doing it like this so we can all go together, and all of our families can help support each other. We are more sorry than you will ever know. Some of us have great home lives, and some of us don't…. please, everyone try to stick together. And if our deaths can bring attention to the missing kids… make it big. Make a HUGE political statement with it. Mom, you're real good at making a big stink about stuff. Get on the news. Get it out there. Make it mean something okay? We're too scared to stay here anymore.

Elisabeth looks up at Agent Marks. "It's signed with thirty-six names," she tells the woman, her jaw clenched tight to bite back anything else she might say.

Katherine listens as Liz reads the paper. There are several emotions that flicker in her features as the words are read aloud. When Elisabeth finishes, Kat does't say anything for a very long time. What else is there to say when something like this happens? "Well.. shit." finally comes out of her mouth as she takes a sigh and moves to fiddle with the camera again. "Have they said how many of the parents have been contacted?" she asks with a glance up at Elisabeth.

There's a long moment as Elisabeth looks toward the front room. "About half," she says finally, softly. "They were all obliging enough to leave their parents' phone numbers on the letter." Silence seems to be the only answer. As her eyes go over the children — and they really are, the youngest looks only about 12 or 14, the oldest no more than 16 or so. She's a pretty good judge of kids' ages, what with being a teacher in Irving for two years. She shakes her head and softly says, "What a damn waste." She hands the letter back to Mitchell when he comes to retrieve it, but then she stops. Looking down, she verifies something briefly, and her eyes shoot to the tech. "How many bodies do you have?"

There's an urgency to her tone that he doesn't miss. "Thirty-five, ma'am. Why?"

Liz looks at Kat. "Someone's not here." She looks at the tech. "You get my IDs on these kids, yesterday." She looks at Mitchell and scowls. "You sent PEOPLE to call on these families you've alreayd contacted, right?"

Mitchell looks horrified. "Yes ma'am. They're bringing the ones they've contacted down to HQ with pictures of their kids. All they've been told so far is that there's been an incident and we're trying to figure out who's involved. Captain Hankins is handling that part."

Elisabeth looks at Kat. "If you were part of this and it didn't work, where would you go next?"

"If I was part of a suicide pact and my poison didn't take, my name was on a list with 35 others, and the police will be looking for me in a matter of hours?" Kat moves away from the video camera again. "Underground. If he was tough, Staten. He might go home. More than likely he's heading out of the state. Maybe even north towards Canada. Of course, those changes are awful slim. Runaways tend to not go too very far unless they have money. We don't know who he is to know if he has access to money. Show me the bodies." she says. "If we're going to find out who's missing, we're going have to get in there and look."

Elisabeth grimaces. "It's been thirty-six hours. If my dose didn't take, I'd have freaked…. run off and hidden from my parents for a little while. But how long?" She shakes her head. "That kid could be anywhere." She sighs and tells Mitchell, "We need those pictures. Now. We gotta figure out who's missing," she tells him. And she glares at him. "And then you can explain to Hankins why you didn't catch this before we got here."

Irritable would be putting it kindly, it's far beyond that now. Kat arrived irritable and has gotten even more so as the time has gone by. "You'd think people can do simple math around here. Or at least say, "Hey there's a body missing." What the hell?" Swearing. Yeah, she's beyond upset here now. "I want that name. We can't do a damn thing with it." She moves closer to Liz now. "Do we have anything else at all? Has anyone looked at that video?"

Elisabeth shakes her head. "No… go ahead and run it," she tells the agent, glaring at Mitchell's back as he retreats into the kitchen. Because that's an elementary mistake, and Mitchell's not a new kid on the block — he should have caught it. running a hand through her messy hair, Liz walks over to the camera with Kat to see what the kids taped. "If we're lucky, they'll say each other's names or something… Fuck." She pauses and looks at Kat. "This is getting out of hand. Can't you say something to your superiors, Kat? I mean…. when twelve-year-olds are so scared of the cops and Homeland agents that they commit suicide? This is going too far, don't you think?" She's actually looking at the agent, wondering if the other woman will just blow this off too. Hardcore 'secret agent' shit is one thing, but this? Jesus…

Kat can actually understand Liz's frustration. She, under any other circumstance would probably tear her a new one, but here.. there's some truth to what she says. "Look. We aren't trying to be the bad guys here. We're trying to keep everyone else safe. Some abilities are far too dangerous to be kept out on the street unsupervised. We are not concerned with those with 'perfect pitch' or plant talker. These ability require some sense of responsibility, and if the evolved who has the power isn't held accountable, then we will have chaos." She sighs. "The majority of these kids would never have been touched by Homeland after their intitial screening. Only a handful would have been monitored to make sure they know what they're doing and are not doing anything that will hurt others." Her eyes narrow at the negotiator. "It doesn't help when there are those trying to hinder our process, and making it difficult for us to do our job. We're not the bad guys, Harrison. We're not. The public sees us as the bad guys, because they are scared." The tape does not get played as Kat finishes her speech. "As long as people continue to be ignorant, there's nothing we can do about the fear except our jobs, which is to do what we can to protect."

The blonde just looks at the Homeland agent. "You know what? It's good to know that you believe what you're saying, because that's what you're supposed to be doing for damn sure. The trouble is, your bosses have gone to zero lengths to reassure people that it's going to be all right, that they're not going to vanish off the streets. And because some people have done so… and the rumor mill has probably increased that number by a hundred times what it actually is because 'someone' always knows 'someone' who knew 'someone' that it happened to — I'm not sure we're going to be able to turn that tide. Paranoia is rampant out here because there's too much secrecy, and you're right… they see you as the enemy because they're scared. These kids… were scared out of their minds. Literally scared to death. And they're going to stay scared until there's some transparency about what happens to people who have major, potentially destructuve powers. And frankly? I hope their parents do make a stink, a huge political stink about this situation and about Homeland Security's shoddy policies and mishandling of the Evolved situation, all the way down the line, Kat. Because I'm tired of seeing people who have talents and abilities like the plant talker and the piano kid being scared into killing themselves."

She never raises her voice, never yells, never gets excited or makes it a big scene. Elisabeth is actually pretty subdued, weary sounding and … pretty damn beat down by this one — this one eats at her. The forensics techs in the room never look toward the pair of women, though there's a sense that they're probably hanging on every word for the Old Lady Grapevine in the precinct. She shakes her head. "Turn on the goddamn video, will you?" she asks quietly, shoving her hand through her hair.

The face of the agent totally gives away that she wants to make some sort of comeback. To /win/. Damn pride and all. She almost starts to, in fact, when Elisabeth demands the video be turned on. There's a smoldering gaze directed towards the officer, then those around. Tongue is bitten, temper is flared, no one dies — this time. The look that is given says very clearly that 'this is not over.' As shady as Kat has been over the past five years, she knows she does it for a good reason and fully believes in it. Of course, her original foray into the land of The Company was to keep her own hide out of the fire, but she has slowly developed a belief system that is beyond her. She knows that everything she does is not entirely on the up and up, but it's surely for the better of this county. Regardless of what her superiors have in mind. She has to visibly force herself to turn towards the camera and flip it on. They have already hooked it to a television brought in to view the video and the image comes to life.

"Uhm… yeah… hi. Is it on?" The boy on the screen is one of the older ones, perhaps 17 at the outside, with brown hair and brilliant blue eyes. "Oh… okay. So… this video is probably never going to make it past the cops, and we kinda figured someone would squash it. So it's also been uploaded digitally to the Internet." The boy gets a sly smile. "It's timed to send off on Saturday morning — so assuming you find us after that, it's already too late. Mom, Dad," he gets serious now. "I'm sorry. I can't tell you how sorry. I found out what I was about six months ago. I, uhm… I got mad at Jimmy Denson and I darn near killed him. You know that concussion he got that he was in the hospital for? It was…. it was my fault."

There's a sound of negation in the background of the tape, but the brown-haired boy shakes his head. "It was, Jimmy. I shouldn't have let you talk me into trying it out on you. We're lucky I didn't kill you, and you know it. You had a brain injury." He looks back at the camera. "So at the end of this, I'm going to read off the names of those of us in on this pact. We all met at our school, after the Irving explosions. We started an after school group about six weeks ago, after each of us sort of hooked up with a friend who knew another friend… you know how networking goes. We were all pretty scared and freaked out. Most of us got pretty decent homes and families… some would have supported us, some not. But we been watching the soldiers, and hearing all this stuff on the street…. and we know two kids in the senior class who went to go Register powers — they were part of our after school group — and they disappeared. Never came back again. That was Leslie Tippen, who was … or is… a pyrokinetic, and Jason Dexter, who was …. heck, we don't know what he did exactly. He like melted things…. ANY thing. We asked their parents, and they didn't have an answer…. they said that the kids went away to be 'trained' but Leslie's parents haven't heard from her at all since she left, and Jason's mother …. well, she's kinda a druggie and she thought he'd run away, so she hasn't heard from him either. But if he was free, he'd have come back. That was the deal. Leslie and Jason volunteered to be the guinea pigs for Registration and testing."

There's a moment of quiet on the tape, and the boy sighs heavily. "So now, we're going to go ahead and do this. Because if we have to go, we want it to be together. We want our families to be able to comfort each other and know that we are set on this course because we want to make a statement. We are too scared to go back to school anymore. Six kids in our school have been beaten my 'normals' with baseball bats in the past week for just being SUSPECTED to be Evolved. The teachers are not helping the crazy attitudes, some of them spout off just as much hate as the kids. We … we really don't see any options here. We don't want our parents put through the pain of losing us. We don't even want to die. But we believe that this is the only way out for us — at least it's painless. The screen at the end of this has each of our names and our powers. And we mailed letters right before we came to the brownstone… our parents should get them Monday, we hope. We love you. We didn't do this to hurt you. We just… don't know what else to do."

Elisabeth remains dead silent through the recitation, and the rest of the cops in the house trickle in when they become aware of what's being watched. There is a kind of reverent silence, listening to the words this boy has chosen as his last. Evolved or not, cops who are pro- or anti-Evolved…. there's not a single man or woman in the uniform that would wish *this* on any kid or parent. The blue screen at the end lists thirty-six names and powers, as best they understood them — the one that may jump out is "Nancy Stillwell (unknown)."

The silence lingers long after the television turns to the big blue screen. Kat is the one breaking the silence, when she takes a deep breath and exhales rather loudly. The mist in her own eyes would surprise some, but she turns and walks into the other room. Those who weren't present during the video are still working. Matching up as best they can, names with bodies. Phone calls to various schools for photographs have the Fax machine working overtime as it spits out school ID after school ID. Finally, Kat clears her throat and asks. "So.. who's missing? We don't have all day." In fact, 36 hours is a long time for someone on the run, and she knows it. Someone runs over with a fax and hands it to Marks who glances at it, then brings it back and hands it off to Liz. "We need an all points out on this one."

Elisabeth fights back tears of her own, and turns to talk to the forensics guy to see if he can narrow down what they took. He can't give her an answer without an analysis, but he's guessing basic cyanide. It's easy to get hold of. She looks up at Kat as the agent returns and stands up to take the paper from her, looking at it. "Nancy Stillwell?" She looks at the picture of a good-looking African American girl with a wide smile and deep black hair. "She the one listed as unknown?" Liz hasn't got perfect recall, but that name did sort of stick out. "Let's go talk to her parents," she says quietly. And then she looks around, "MITCHELL!" she shouts. "You didn't have the Stillwells alerted, did you?" The officer hurries in and shakes his head, "No, ma'am, that's not one of the names we have." Elisabeth nods at him and looks at Kat. "C'mon," she says with a sigh. This is so gonna suck.

Kat starts to follow, and pauses only briefly to look at the loss that occurred here. Teeth clenched as she continues out the door. She's conceded a few points here tonight out of respect for what has occured. She's not about to concede any further. "I'm driving." she insists and heads for her car, using her key to unlock the doors. "Hop in or follow."

Elisabeth just shrugs, not in the mood to fight with the agent. "Drive. I don't care." She climbs into the car and looks out the window, only giving Kat directions as necessary to get there. The streets are dark and it serves to hide the fact that what went on back at that house is making Elisabeth physically ill, though she's managing thus far not to lose her lunch — it wasn't gory enough for that.

When Kat arrives at the home of the parents in question, it's another brownstone barely four blocks away. When the car shuts off, Liz can't get out for a long minute. It's like her feet are held to the car floor by lead weights. She clenches her teeth and forces her words out past the ache in her chest. "She's not a suspect… and I'd venture to guess that whatever her power is, it's pretty passive. How do you want to do this?"

Kat doesn't respond to anything on the way home. She receives the address and says nothing. Her knuckles are white against the steering wheel as she drives at a respectable speed through the residential neighborhood. She tries not to think during this short drive of what all she's seen in the last couple of hours. She parks along side of the road. She isnt in any hurry to get out of the vehicle either. Elisabeth's words are heard, but not yet responded to as she stares out the window at the house they are about to visit. "They should be grateful. Their kid isn't dead. On the run, probably, but not dead. You're the sensitive one. I'll let you take the lead, if you think you can handle it." It's not spoken as a challenge as it might have been on any other day, but more of a question as to whether she was up to it.

"They'll be grateful," Elisabeth says softly. "They'll be grateful, and horrified, and terrified, and …. God only knows what else. And some of those other kids' parents will blame this kid for not dying with the rest. And it'll be a huge mess." Elisabeth continues to stare out the window. "I've got it," she says dully, shoving the door open and climbing out.

Katherine pushes her door open and steps out, slamming it shut. She walks along side Elisabeth up the walk and through the porch. Another glances towards Liz before Kat reaches over and raps her knuckles on the screen door. There is no real way of knowing how this is going to go. If they're lucky, the girl is already home. If she's not, it's going to be a bad night. She knocks a second time just to make sure that the first ones were heard.

The door is thrown open by an older black gentleman wearing a pair of suit pants with an Oxford shirt open at the collar. "Yes?" he demands in a deep baritone.

Elisabeth chokes for half a second and says, "Are you Mr. Stillwell?" she asks, flipping out her badge. "I'm Officer Harrison, this is Agent Marks. May we speak with you a few minutes, please? It's about your daughter Nancy."

The man actually goes pale, the first time Liz has ever seen that. "Is…. is Nancy in some kind of trouble?"

Katherine watches the man's demeanor, surprised by the law enforcement at his door. She doesn't intend to interrupt Liz when she asks. "Your daugher is home, isn't she? Perhaps we could come in and clarify this a little for you, sir. She's not necessarily in trouble, but we do need to talk to her." There is a serious tone to her voice as she speaks, trying to convince the man this is in his and his daughter's best interest.

He's a good, law-abiding kind of guy, Mr. Stillwell is. He steps back and invites them in with a mere gesture. Elisabeth moves to step in and asks, "Is she all right, Mr. Stillwell?"

He sighs heavily. "She stayed out all night a couple nights ago, and when she came home late yesterday, she refused to tell us where she'd been, what she'd been doing…. nothing. She's been in her room ever since. What's going on?"

"Dad? Was there someone at the.." Nancy comes down the stairs, then stops when she sees the two. She turns to move back up the stairs rather quickly, when Katherine speaks up. "Nancy? We need to talk to you. Please." The last word stops the the girl as she doesn't turn around but faces upwards. "Nancy.. we need some answers." Kat glances over to the father. "Sir.. it's important."

Elisabeth looks up at the girl and finds herself relieved to see her. Though she can only imagine what Nancy's feeling about all this. "C'mon downstairs. You're not in trouble, Nancy. You didn't do anything wrong. We're pretty sure we know what happened, but we need to hear it from you."

Nancy casts a glance at her father, an apologetic one. She.. she thought maybe he'd never find out about what she was going to do. What she'd done. She turns around and comes down the stairs as the foursome move into the living room. "You may want to sit down, sir." Katherine addresses the father. Nancy is quiet. She's not going to offer anything, but wait for the questions to come. Kat looks to Elizabeth, as she walks over and sits down next to the girl.

There's a faint sigh, and Elisabeth looks at Mr. Stillwell. "A lot of this may shock you. And I'm sorry." She looks at Nancy. "When did you figure out that you were Evolved, Nancy? Tell us about that first, okay?"

"A few of us got together and thought we'd take the test for fun. To see what happened." She looks down at her hands, which seem to captivate her as she never makes direct eye contact with Liz. "Some of us tested positive and somehow the word got around school. Some of the kids started showing their… powers right away. I never showed any powers at all." She looks over at her father. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you, Dad. I didn't want you to be ashamed of me for being different."

Mr. Stillwell looks flabbergasted. "Oh…. oh, Nancy…. no," he whispers softly, horrified. He moves to sit next to his daughter, wrapping an arm around her. "Honey…. your mom and I love you, it doesn't matter." The girl crumples into her father's embrace, and Elisabeth gives them a moment to deal with that. Then she says quietly, "Nancy, I need you to tell me what happened the other night. We found the video… and the others. Tell us about it."

Nancy leans into the embrace. The question is not answered right away. She is comforted by her father before she finally begins to speak, information her father is hearing for the very first time. "There was a bulleting board on the internet for.. others like me. They were talking about how we were going to get taken away from our parents and experimented on by the government." She gulps before continuing. "I.. we found a place to meet, and started meeting ever week. Just to talk about who got new powers and stuff. Then one day two of our friends never showed up. Someone said they'd been taken by that Homeland place. We all got scared and Brandon came up with this idea. We wanted people to know what was happening and so we all made a deal."

She pauses for a moment as she takes a deep breath. "We decided to take this poison. We would all die, and not have to worry about the government coming for us and maybe someone would do something to protect the others. We picked a day and everyone showed up. We had this punch that had the poison in it and everyone drank it." Tears start to roll down her face. "I watched everyone die.."

Elisabeth tries not to flinch. Oh, God, this poor kid. "And this is the first time your ability has kicked in, I would assume," she says gently.

The young teen looks at the officer. "I.. what do you mean?"

Elisabeth is gentle. "Did you drink the poison too, Nancy?"

Nancy nods. "I drank with everyone else.. but.. nothing happened to me." She starts to cry again. Katherin puts an arm on the girl. "Did you feel sick at all when you drank it?" The girl nods. "Just for a few minutes. I thought it was working and that I'd go with the rest, but.. it.. it just stopped hurting." the girl replies through her sobs.

Elisabeth nods slowly. "We believe, Nancy, that you've got some form of healing ability… or neutralization of toxins or something. You're going to need to be tested, but… it's a pretty safe bet at this point." She shakes her head. "There's no need to be worried. You are not going to be taken from your parents. They can even go to the testing with you."

There's some doubt in the girl's eyes as she looks up at Elizabeth. She shrinks against her father, who tries to reassure you. "You can bet that we'll be going with you. No one is taking you from us, Nancy. No one." He seems the type to be able to guarantee such a thing. "Just tell us when and where and we'll be there." He continues to comfort his daughter as she weeps next to him, scared now. Katherine glances at Elisabeth with a glance that asks if there's anything more?

Elisabeth returns the glance and shakes her head, moving to stand up. "Nancy…. I cannot begin to tell you how sorry we are." So much could have been different, so much could have …. Elisabeth just looks at the girl's father with the same pain he must be feeling. That they chose this… she cannot even begin to fathom the waste of life. "We'll see ourselves out. You'll get something in the mail about an appointment. Please, by all means… bring her yourselves, bring a lawyer if you feel it necessary, whatever you want to do," she tells the grief-stricken father. And then she leaves the house, not even waiting for Kat. When the agent gets outside, Liz is over on the far side of the car.

Katherine beeps open the car doors and slips in. Once Elizabeth is inside the car drives off. They do not talk. They don't look at each other. Kat pulls up next to Liz' car left at the scene and when the officer exits the car without so much of a word, Katherine drives towards her house, where she plans to be alone, with something strong to drink. Where no one will watch her cry.

There are no words. Elisabeth merely rides back silently and she gets into her own car to head back without another word to the uniforms on the scene. She manages to keep it together until she gets home to her apartment, and Abby is treated to the rare sight of Elisabeth completely losing her mind.

Name Age Ability Name Age Ability
James Denson 15 Speedster Brendan Fischer 16 Energy Blasts
Tonya Gross 14 Gadgetry Builder Nicole Graham 16 Flight
Shasta Granger 14 Ice Manipulation Eric Granger 14 Water Manipulation
Jimmy Brandi 13 Music Mimicry Maureen Humbert 12 Plant Talker
Trish Keyes 15 Voice Mimicry Ron Anima 14 Avian Talker
Jane Thurston 16 Lightning Liliana Whitaker 14 Telekinesis
Melissa Alston 15 Strength Christopher Langdon 13 Color Manipulation
Khalil Martouf 12 Language Acquisition Tranter Jayma 16 Insect Control
Jenessa Wayne 12 Super Memory Halldor Rigby 14 Stealth
Frannie Pollie 13 X-Ray Vision Keisha Sindri 14 Energy Reserve
Richard Kaelea 15 Cyberpath Vincent Haven 15 Glowing
Billy Stanton 13 Energy Blasts Leslie Canfield 15 Telepath
Annmarie Thornton 14 Gender Shifting Roland Ludivine 13 Night Vision
Amber Dyson 16 Metal Manipulation Trevor Jean 12 Wind Control
Elizabeth Myers 12 Metamorph Gregory Hilliard 15 Invisibility
Mark Dupont 13 Pyrokinetic Frannie Collins 16 Healer
Dawn Spring 14 Light Manipulation Monte Ayano 14 Gravity Manipulation
Simon Edric 13 Perfect Timekeeper Nancy Stillwell 15 Unknown

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