36 Gramercy Park East
36 Gramercy Park East
Owner 36 Gramercy Park Associates LLC
Notable Employees
Hours of Operation 24-7
Current Status Open for Business
People Come Here For… Charity Business

While this pre-war midrise building may not be the tallest of the surviving luxury residences in Manhattan, 36 Gramercy Park East was once among the highest-priced luxury condominiums in all of New York City. Following the November 8th, 2006 explosion in Midtown, Gramercy park was ravaged by the fires that spread through lower Manhattan, and much of the residence at 36 Gramercy Park was damaged by fire.

In the years that have passed the building exchanged hands from private owners, the majority of its residents leaving New York City and the building eventually becoming re-purposed from high-class residential space to a division between residential and commercial. Now, the 14-story white-faced building, studded with its crumbling gargoyles that glower out at the street serves new owners. No longer publicly sold, residences at 36 Gramercy Park East are now solely invitation only.

While the Park Associates organization that once owned the building still exists in name, it is a shell holding title to the building and its new inheritors.


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