A Bag Of Rainbows


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Scene Title A Bag of Rainbows
Synopsis Brian and Tahir attempt to share A Bag of Rainbows.
Date January 8, 2011

Dorchester Towers, Tahir's Apartment

This is the home of Tahir Avery Dunham.

Fellas? Have a Beer. Watch the Game.

Bitches? You know where the bedroom is.


It took a long time..

Finding the right suit, the right tie. Avoiding cameras, spending twenty minutes on choosing sunglasses, then saying it would be nightime anyway… Then coming back and spending another thirty minutes on sunglasses. Brian has spent more time in getting ready for this night than he has for a date ever. With a woman.

But tonight Brian was not preparing himself for a date with a woman. He was preparing himself for a night out. With a man. Hoping either to win Tahir over with his charm, or win his respect by drinking more than him.. Something. Winters is on his way to force Tahir to change his opinion of him.

Dressed immaculately in a black suit with a red tie, Winters hand goes to slap against the TAD's door three times.

In his other hand dangles a bottle of patron. One way or another, somebody's opinion of someone is going to change tonight.

Tahir Avery Dunham is having a boring night. He's not exactly going to be doing anything right now except for waiting until it is time to go to a couple of his Booty Calls. As of right now, though, he doesn't have any plans. None of his girls are available for such. Not at this moment.

So, when there is slapping at his door, Tahir is raising an eyebrow and pressing Pause on the Sportscenter on his DVR. "You better not be trying to sell me anything!" is shouted at the door to whomever is on the other side. Tahir's up and over the back of the sofa, on his way to the door. "However, if you are a stripper that B-Rad and the other guys sent over for me? Let me just say… AW HELL YEAH!"

Tahir finally reaches the door and yanks it open, his gigantic smile immediately starting to fade as he spots a too recognizable face. Recognizable because it belongs to the evil kidnapper of his little sister, Samara. "You." Tahir's not even going to give out his name. It might give the guy more power. "Come to die?" Tahir cracks the knuckles on his right hand, just by making a fist.

"Something like that." Brian murmurs, his eyes dipping down to the fist from behind his expensive sunglasses. The bottle rests in the palm of his hand, pushing his hand up the bottle spins in the flat of his palm before his fingers close in on around it. "See that? Spent like twelve hours trying to get that trick right." The bottle spins again, Brian holding it by one end, offering it to the other man.

"You can kill me later." Winters insists. "First get dressed, let's go out. On me." The bottle is nudged a little closer to the other man. "No tricks. Just let me prove to you that if I wasn't the guy dating your sister you would like me. Then you can go back to hating me as much as you want." The bottle sways back and forth in an inviting sort of way.

Tahir is not looking forward to letting his guard down. But it's Patron. Okay? You can't deny the Patron. It's just not possible. Tahir tries to keep the fist, but it opens up and his hand darts out to grab at the bottle. "I'll change. You prep the Pre Game." Tahir spins on his heels and leaves the door open for this dude to follow him inside, whilst he heads over to the kitchen and puts the bottle down. "Glasses on the mini-bar." is said, before he's disappearing off into the bedroom, where he can take a step or two towards the closet and proceed to begin the suit selection process. Which could take a little while.


Was easier than he expected. Stepping in, the man nudges the door behind him close with his foot. Taken off guard a little by actually being allowed in, he glances at the bottle in the kitchen. Examining it like it contains some sort of super power. Which it arguably does, Winters heads over to it. Watching him go, Winters pulls his glasses down, putting them on the counter. Going to recover the glasses (the kind you drink out of), Brian spreads them out on the counter.

"Chaser? Or no?"

He calls out, opening the bottle. He places it by the two glasses and just stares at them for a while. He had only planned the part til getting at the door and saying his little speech. He did not actually think about the whole 'hanging out' part. Hmm.

"First rule of Pre-Gaming? Never use a chaser."

Tahir's vocie comes from the bedroom direction as he's already dressed. Okay, so it didn't take as long as it normally does. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he's got a wing man tonight and he's not going to waste the opportunity. Especially since the wing man is already spoken for. Perfect!

Tahir brushes down the sleeves of his slick gray suit jacket, which comes with matching pants and a black and gray tie. As usual, his finishing touch are black tinted glasses with silver frames. "You chase, then you're paying a shitload more to get blitzed when you're at the club." Tahir figures he's something of a party expert. "And the only thing that's gonna' keep me from punching you into the Stratosphere is me being completely blitzed out of my skull."

"I didn't know that rule." Brian points out. Admittedly, he hasn't done a whole lot of partying. His years that should be dedicated to partying and ass chasing have instead been consumed by shootouts and smuggling runs. Or hiding orphans from the government. Not a whole lot of pre-game drinking involved with that. He gives a light nod, Tahir's probably right. Pouring the glasses, he pushes one to the other man. Setting the bottle down.

Picking up his own glass he goes to throw it back like a champ before slamming the glass down. Wincing and grimacing he takes a few moments to fight back the water forming at his eyes before looking over at Tahir. "So.. Where do we go? I don't really know the best clubs.." He knows the best safehouses.

Tahir just stares at Brian for a long moment. For the record, he has been in shootouts and smuggling runs too! And even some more missions that took him to REDACTED and off the coast of REDACTED. So he knows about all that kind of stuff and how to Pre-Game! So No Excuses! His staring continues though as he just shakes his head. "This has got to be the worst Man Date I've ever been on." And that's when Tahir downs his own glass of the good stuff. Blink. Twitch. It goes down so smooth, though. But then, Tahir's used to alcohol. "Except for that. That right here is the shit." Tahir points off towards the bottle. "Refill!"

As Tahir hands the glass off to Brian, he's already tapping his chin and trying to plan the night out. "We could swing by The Deck. I hook up with the bartender there regularly. She could hook us up with some freebies for Halftime. That'll get us completely F'd up. Before we hit the expensive spots. Where all the Samantha Joneses are." Aw yeah. Slutty Women on the menu!

"Listen man. It just started. Give me some time to dazzle you. I'm nervous." Refill! Both glasses are filled back up. Brian's glass is picked up and thrown back down. Another rattle through his body as he forces the stuff down. "When I met your parents. Your mom said…" Brian says somewhat in a daze. His hand swinging to grip the counter. Give him a second. Taking a moment, he decides he's better. "She said you had an ability. Mind if I ask what it is?"

He gives a little nod. "The Deck. Alright." He smiles lightly. "Alright Samantha Jones!" He cheers excitedly. He won't be trying to get it on with Samantha Jones, but it sounds like something he should be displayhing enthusiasm for. "I have our ride taken care of.. So don't worry about a cab." He waves his hand dismissively.

"I hope it's not a limo. Limos are too much in this town. Unless, well, unless you're going to one of the parties I go to. Then you're pretty much on the right track." Tahir downs his second glass and already he's starting to get that happy smile on his face. "One more! One more!" Yes, that is his Rosie O'Donnell impression. He happens to love A League of Our Own. Excellent movie.

Tahir's eyebrow raises up. His Mother is telling the enemy his business? That's no good. No good at all. "Oh, it's nothing to write home about." Which he knows to never do again, now. MOM! "I'm just what women want, s'all. Nothin' all that great." Tahir shrugs as he only partially lies. "What. You got one too?"

Tahir's eyes narrow on Brian at this moment. It better not be anything dangerous to Samara.

"I could look up your power if I wanted. On the registry." Brian points out, going to drip the bottle down again. Two more glasses, two more dead brain cells. Staring down at his glass, he glances up at Tahir somewhat distractedly. "Ah. Yeah. It's not a limo. I'm driving." He lets out. "My car. But.." He shakes his head. "I'm not drunk." If Tahir wants to be cryptic, he can too! Maybe.. He really likes talking about his power.

Poking his glass with one finger, he glances over to Tahir. Blissfully unaware of Rosie O'Donnel impressions, Brian takes the final gulp of patron. Placing the glass down once more, he looks over at Tahir with a somewhat goofy smile now. Ok fine! Tahir! You drug it out of him. "I replicate. Myself." He flings his hand through the air as if to demonstrate his ability. It's not a good demonstration. "So.. there's a bunch of me. All over the place. Aren't you excited?"

"I'm gonna' need a bigger bottle." Tahir is already not having fun anymore. He just shakes his head as he listens to the words coming out of Brian's mouth. Except the only thing that Tahir is hearing: I CAN MAKE SO MANY OF MYSELF THAT WHEN I CHEAT ON SAMARA NOBODY WILL KNOW BECAUSE I WILL BE WITH HER AT THE SAME TIME THAT I'M CHEATING ON HER. NYAH NYAH! Which would be why Tahir is glaring at this exact moment.

"I hate you even more now. You know she's my favorite person in the entire world, don't you? Like… seriously." Tahir feels he might as well get the explanation out of the way. "I mean, if you even make her sniffle in the wrong way… I will beat you down. All of you." Tahir's so serious right now. It's… weird. "Like, I will travel the Earth to find each and every You there is. Just to kick Your ass."

Brian goes to meet Tahir's gaze steadily. It looks like the 'fun' part of the night is over. And the wrestling in a pit for male dominance is about to begin. Brian watches him blankly as he speaks before taking his own turn. "So favorite you didn't show up for her funeral, right? You know how much that hurt her? And I really don't give a fuck if you like me or not. Although I was kind of hoping I could come to your show some time…"


"But that doesn't matter. If you really love her so much maybe you could try caring about her a little bit, right?" His shoulders are set, he realizes what he's saying. To a guy who just took three shots. He's prepared for flying fists of fury. Or ballkicks of rage. "If you did. You'd see she's happy with me. And I'm happy with her. I'm not like you. I intend to make her happy and keep her happy." Gripping the counter. "And I'm not some junior classmen in highschool you can just threaten the fuck out of."

And so it begins. Which pretty much means that Tahir is going to have to get his suit messed up. "Alright. Let's just do this." Tahir is pulling himself out of his jacket and even working his tie down to pull it off also. "No face shots. And no breaking my television. That shit cost a fortune." At least Tahir is pretty good with coming up with rules on the sly. "Nice trick, by the way. Bringing me alcohol to get me twisted before you start a fight. I'll have to use that tactic sometime." Tahir shrugs, bouncing on his heels like he's some kind of boxer. He even takes a couple shadow punches at nothing in particular. "Unfortunately for you, I fight better when I'm tipsy." Probably a lie, but who knows.

Pushing his sunglasses away, Brian pushes the bottle away as well. Reaching up he goes to take his jacket off. Folding it and placing it on the counter, he goes to undo his tie as well. A few buttons are undone on his shirt as well. He's not going to push this back. In his experience if someone wants to fight, they're going to fight. No amount of diplomacy will satiate the man.. And it's more fun this way. Tapping his fingers idly on the counter for the momnet his chin bobs up to the rest of the apartment.

"You want to push some couches out of the way or something?" His hands come up in front of him some. Krav Maga doesn't look a whole lot like traditional boxing. His knees bend slightly as he takes a step back, preparing for the other man. "By the way. I asked your sister to marry me."

"She said yes."

Tahir is already moving to grab the side of the sofa… when the bomb is dropped on him like no other bomb has ever been dropped on himself. And he's been through quite a few bombs, to be perfectly honest. But it all comes to a bit of a head when the room stops spinning from the words that were just dropped on him. He suddenly doesn't look like he wants to brawl. Not now. Not after hearing that. When he turns to look back at Brian, it is with some weird combination of disgust, anger and emotional turmoil. "… Just go." And Tahir is pointing off to the door. This is not a good moment for him. Not the way he should be finding out. "And you can tell my sister that, while I'm totally happy she's not dead, she can pick up the phone and call me."

Tahir takes a step around the sofa and slips down onto the cushions. Clearly, spoiled brat style. He grabs his remote control and everything. "Y'know. If she wants to know why I won't be at your wedding."

Oh Snap! Dramatic Words!

Frowning, Brian remains at the counter. "Don't act like a woman." Winters mutters. "I came here to talk to you. I love your sister, Tahir." He appeals, taking a single step forward. "Okay. Granted. I shouldn't have told you like that.." His hands come up, palms out. He might be feeling a tad guilty after that one. "You can be pissed at me. Fuck me. Aaa I'm the devil." Winters admits, letting his hands fall to his sides.

"Don't punish her." He pleads, watching the other man stonily. "She hasn't done anything wrong. Nothing against you. Don't punish her just because you hate me, alright? She doesn't deserve that."

"You're not getting this, Brian." Tahir must be really upset about all this. He's using the enemy's name. Which is not something he would do. He hasn't even finished unpausing the Sportscenter on the DVR yet. So yeah, he's out of it. All the way gone! He should be watching sports and paying attention. "For years, I thought my sister was dead. I fucked up by not going to her funeral. I fucked up by joining the army, thinking that would change something." Before Tahir gets all emotional and crap, he leans his head back onto the sofa. Staring up at the ceiling. "Then, she shows up, outta' nowhere, right? I'm thinking… Yes! I got my sister back! Only, I come to find out she's not back because of me. Or even for me. She's back for you, dude." Tahir shrugs, as if all is lost. HOPELESS. "And now she's off, getting engaged and stating this whole life without me. She's changed so much since she was not-dead-dead. It's like… why am I even still her brother? She doesn't need me anymore. She's got you." And finally, Tahir turns his head to look at Brian. "Times Infinity."

"What am I not—" Brian pauses. His voice had started loud, and then capped off when his name is used. He remains silent, watching the other man. His lips curl back, eyes narrowing. His teeth are bared though it is difficult to discern what his strange features are attempting to express. When Tahir finishes, Brian looks down at the ground, completely silent.

"That was.." His face distorts as if about to run off on a sling of insults on the other man.

"The most beautiful thing I've ever heard another man say." There's no mockery or sarcasm in his voice. Maybe it's the patron but Brian is completely sincere in his admiration for the spiel. Looking up, he brings his hand up to his face. Scrubbing at his cheek roughly. He looks back at the bottle. It's picked up again, two more glasses are poured.

Picking them up, Brian makes his way over to the other man. Settling down on the couch, he places the glass in front of the other man. "I see.." He says softly. Bringing the glass up, he tips another gulp back. "I don't want to fuck things up, dude. I just.. I really love her. What do you want me to do?"

"Do what you're doin', dude. I mean, you're standing here, fighting for my approval except not. You're like… totally sticking up for your love. That's some real shit right there." Tahir has taken his glass and is sitting himself back up to a much less slouching position. "I ain't got no reason to hate you. I only hate you cuz you're taking my sister from me. Now she's gonna' be all grown up and I never got a chance to see it happen." Tahir shrugs and takes a drink. "But it is what it is, right? You gotta' take what life throws at ya' and hope it's not a nuclear missile." Oh, Army Refrences.

Tahir's finished with his drink before he even knows he was drinking it. "Just do me a favor and make sure you take care of her, alright? That's the most important thing. Keeping Samara safe. She needs to be numero uno in your life, boyo."

Tipping his drink back, he sets it on the table. Glancing to the bottle he then glances over at the man. Before letting out a creak of a laugh. They're both dressed nicely, without ties, without jackets. "I really love her man. She's like.. A bag of rainbows. And wherever she goes she spreads around leprechaun seeds that grow into Dream Trees. It drops Miracle Fruit. And when you eat it, you're flying on unicorns over chocolate rivers and dolphins that can talk." When his mouth shuts, he glances down at the bottle, brows furrowing some. Did he just say all that?

Taking the bottle he pours himself another glass. "I'm sorry you missed out on having your sister man. I.. My sister? We were both separated at birth. Like that witch mountain movie. We were twins and we both got adopted.. And.." He might have lost his train of thought. He pushes the bottle over to Tahir. "I'm a cool guy man, I swear. And I can speak Cantonese, if you want a wingman in Chinatown."

"I'll take care of her. She.. She's really a great girl."

"That sounded like a lot of weird sex talk in my head. Which means never talk about dolphins and eating Samara's fruit around me again. Cuz… that's just no. NO." Tahir pours himself some more of the delicious liquid that is probably keeping him from punching Brian through the window, but whatever works. "Just, don't tell her I went easy on you. She probably remembers me as the guy that knocked out all her dates. One kid took three punches? I liked him." Tahir raises his glass in a mock toast. "Here's to non-violent solutions and Cantonese Wingmen!" He has no idea what in the hell he's talking about, but he knows it involves his sister. Somehow.

"I don't think it was sex talk." Brian murmurs, staring down at the glasses. The bottle is almost empty now. "Did we accidentally the whole bottle?" Brian asks, somewhat slurred. "What do you want me to tell her?" He brings up his own glass to meet the toast. "Non-violent Cantonese solutions!" He isn't really sure what the fuck is going on anymore either. But he does know one thing.

"I would beat your ass silly, by the way. If we really fought."

"Oh Wigga Please!"

Tahir is starting to get his black on, since he's getting more and more gone by the second. He's not really sure if he's coming or going, but the fact of the matter is that he's still a better fighter. "You couldn't take me if we were in a gay bar, butt ass naked with 'INSERT HERE' tramp stamps on our backs!" That's right, Tahir is losing it with each passing moment of doom.



"… This just got weird, didn't it?"

"Oh fuck you man. I know Kra.. Something. That Israeli shit. I got trained by Mossa.. Mufasa. I got trained by fucking Mufasa. And I got trained as a fucking secret agent. Wha'd you do? Be all that you ccan be?" He makes a pbbbtt noise in doubting the other man's fighting skill. "I would stamp your tramp, and fuck you up more than you have ever been fucked before. You would go a whole month without having the desire to make love."

He looks up when he starts to realize what he and Tahir have just said. He wets his lips awkwardly.

"Want to watch TV?"

Tahir stares at Brian a long time. And then figures that there needs to be something to fix all of this. "I'll get the chips." And the remote is tossed at Brian, as Tahir is up and stumbling his way off towards the kitchen. "You start the Sportscenter!" Things start to get slammed around and crunched as Tahir's half drunk self is trying to figure out how to get chips in a bowl.

If there's anything that can bring guys together, not like that, it's Sportscenter.

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