A Bank Vault


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Scene Title A Bank Vault
Synopsis Candy reports in.
Date October 16, 2009

A field which became a parking lot.

It's been a busy morning so far for Cat. She's been on the way to this meeting with Candy, called for by the hydrokinetic spy, when she met Sparrow and covered some basics with her. Now, as she makes her way to the location she and Brian had used before, she's taking care not to be observed or followed. Eventually she arrives, eyes alert and cautious.

As before, she's got the silenced revolver concealed under her jacket and other weapons stashed in the guitar case over her shoulder. The woman's thoughts are on perhaps getting into the location where captives are being held by having Sparrow tunnel to them, getting Carolina to use portals, or both. Maybe with an audiokinetic also to dampen sound.

One thing is certain amid those contemplations: Cat needs intel, as much as she can get. Fortunately Candy made contact to set this encounter and share some.

Candy does have intel as she strolls up, though she didn't take the gun that they had given her. Fearing that maybe they put something in the glock to track her with. One thing three months of deep cover have given her, a mind that is very paranoid. Her eyes flicker back and forth while she walks towards the meetings, making sure that every face she sees isn't one that she has seen before.

As she arrives close to Cat, she says, "I found her, and another. They didn't give me the others name but she was unconcious when I was there." Her eyes continue to look around before she adds, "They're keeping them in a bank vault in the bombed out section of the city. Helena's being kept on morphine." She doesn't add that she injected the woman, she doesn't want to think of the more harm that she has done.

Her eyes look at Cat, the haunted look going into the other woman while she takes a deep breath, before adding, "There is a lot of moisture down there. Shouldn't be hard for me to destroy parts of the place, or the whole thing once they are out. And I want in on any kind of rescue operation." The sudden anger that flashes in those green eyes of her is almost startling in its intensity as they continue to look at Cat, "I want to personally kill any and all of them."

She's all business. There's rage controlled by will in Cat's eyes, her features a mask of determination and confidence. The hydrokinetic is greeted on arrival by a single word. "Candy." The spy is studied in silence then as she relates what she has to begin with, only afterward does she speak again.

"The other captive is Wendy Hunter, unless they have more," Cat supplies. "Are they keeping Wendy on morphine too?" Every piece of information can have an impact. "We need all the data we can get. The morphine, I suspect, is to keep SLC abilities suppressed. What does Wendy have?"

And she speculates, coming up with more directed questions. "A bank vault… Intel suggests they went into an underground parking garage. Tell me how to access this HF base, from the outside."

"They aren't, as far as I know. Helena was shouting for them to give the morphine to Wendy, but I… I had been instructed to only give it to Helena," Candy replies, the look of shame on her face evident as the mask falls as she once again becomes comfortable to let some of her defenses go in front of the other woman. Candy begins to relate how they have two entrances to the base, going into detail on where they can be found. "One is on street-level, but the rules are to not go out of that one during daylight hours. The only other entrance is in the subway, I can lead you to that one easily enough, or leave it open for you," Candy says when she has finished her report to the other woman about how to get in.

She listens, and she nods along with the reported data. When Candy is silent, Cat returns to a question the hyrdokinetic didn't answer. "What SLC ability does Wendy have? If she isn't on morphine, it'll be usable by her, most likely."

Then she floats a second question. "Tell me about the opposition we might face. How many people are there, what weapons do they have?"

Candy shrugs her shoulders to the reiterated question, "I don't know. They didn't tell me. They just said to not mess with her. Don't talk to her, don't look at her, and stuff. So maybe she has a persuasion power, I honestly don't know, Cat."

She is silent for a couple of moments longer before she says, "Well, I asked for a Kalashnikov, and I was rebuffed, so I don't think they have those. However, I could be wrong and they just didn't want to give one to me. All they gave me was a glock, not that I even have the faintest clue of how to use it. Other than that one end fires the bullet." She manages to give a light smirk at her attempt at humor, before she falls silent still thinking, and then she remembers the big thing. Her eyes look at Cat before she adds, "They had an almost literal mountain of Cee-four in there. I'm no explosive expert, Cat, but I think they had enough in there to completely take out a block of buildings. Whatever is coming, its going to be big, Cat. VERY big."

There's a nod as she listens and compiles the information in her brain, forming a mental picture of the location. Those cognitive wheels can be seen turning in her eyes. "How many people do they have there, at the highest concentration of strength, and how are they armed?" Cat doesn't seem hostile, she's merely focused and being methodical, seeking to outline all contingencies.

"About thirty is what I counted, didn't see any rifles. Just pistols and uzi's it looked like," Candy replies after a couple of moments thinking. She watches the woman while she stands there, before she asks, "When do you think this is going down?" Her eyes watching Cat still while she stands there, hands clasped behind her back.

"As soon as I can pull people together and make this happen," Cat asserts. "I'm thinking of how we need to move. You said Helena's body is being kept on morphine… Is it possible to fake dosing her so she can maybe be alert enough to use her abilities? The woman in her body may not be able to control them, but… one never knows. She also might be able to."

"If I can pull this off, the plan would be to tunnel in from the outside directly into the bank vault and just take the prisoners without them knowing anything went on. Then the HF operatives can be sealed in and the cops told where to find them." Cat grins at that idea. "We may have an earthmover I recently met in the mix, we've got someone who can dampen sound, and we may also have a person who can make portals."

"But we also have to plan for fighting the thirty-some people." I'd really rather not," she mutters, "given all the explosives you told me about. I've seen this done before. They may be planning to blow up something huge, something which would forever leave a mark in people's minds, and frame us for it by putting Helena in there to be found."

"If at all possible, I don't want to engage them in direct fighting and leave them any room to claim martyrdom or heroism they can use to recruit others. But if we have to fight, fight we will."

Candy looks at Cat while she stands there before she says, "Maybe. But I can't give you exactly where the vault is in the complex. Perhaps if you managed to find the bank whose vault they are being kept in, we could look at the plans. But, unless you do that, you'd be tunneling in blind. Which isn't a good thing to do." A shrug of her shoulders is given before she looks Cat in the eye and says, "If we have to fight, I will be sure that many of those who claim matyrdom are by my hand. And there is nothing glorious in watching your friend's blood suddenly explode from their bodies like a ripe tomato. If anything, I think it'd have a rather demoralizing affect on those who saw it. What would you think," Candy asks with a feral grin, flexing her fingers as if they were claws. Never make the hyrdokinetic mad.

"Plans we can find," Cat relates. "It's also possible, if it comes to a fight, we can take the captives out and still seal the place underground so they're never found. No martyrdom if they simply disappear, after all."

"Fortunately the woman in Helena's body doesn't know anything to tell them," she muses, following with a question. "Is there any evidence she's been tortured for information? I've got people looking to find Doc, the man who switched Helena with the woman occupying her body now. We'll need to make him fix it. Hopefully she can harness Helena's ability and use it to help. Can you manage to fake giving her morphine so her head is clear when the time comes?"

Candy nods her head a little and replies, "I only do it twice a day. I can not give her doses when I am there, but unless you time it to be sometime four hours after I've done it. Then it would be for naught to begin wtih." Her eyes looking at Cat as she says, "That was an idea I had." That feral grin parts her lips again, as she contemplates things. "Though, it would make a nice hidey-hole for us. Only those there would know about it, and its got enough moisture in it, that I can do all sorts of crazy things to intruders," Candy says, after a moment or two. Keeping her own thoughts of bringing it down on herself and those inside of it to herself.

"What hours do you give the doses, Candy?" Cat asks. She won't tell her about Peyton seeing through her eyes, but if she can know when the doses come, she'll know when Candy's headed to the vault and going in, will be able to have Miss Whitney view it as it happens and describe the approach with fresh eyes so details can be written down.

Candy looks at Cat for a couple moments before she gives a time. "Seems I'm generally giving her another dose around these times," Candy says, after a couple of moments of thinking. Her eyes looking at the other woman while she stands there, before she says, "Please tell me that this is coming on my last few days under this cover," the haunted look back in her eyes.

"Yes," Cat replies, "we intend to extract you when we move." Silence follows, she seems to go over everything discussed here. There are blanks to fill in yet. "What condtion is Helena Dean's body in? Has she been tortured for information she doesn't have? Have they come to believe it's not really Helena in there?"

Candy looks at Cat, nodding her head briefly as she hears that. Taking a deep breath before she finally says, "It didn't look like they had been interrogating her. From what I saw, it just appeared that they were keeping them there."

"Do you think the woman in her body will be able to control Helena's ability well enough to help us when we come?" Cat asks, "or will she be out of control with the morphine gone? She's normally a speedster."

Candy shrugs her shoulders while she stands there. "Maybe, I don't know. I didn't talk to her much. Just verified that at least she was answering to the name Helena," Candy replies after a couple of moments of thinking.

"That's interesting," Cat muses, her eyes remaining on Candy for a stretch. Those mental wheels turn further. "Next time you're alone with her, ask her this: What kind of beer does she drink?"

She's wondering now. Is the captive Helena too, or has she merely learned to answer to the name? There was no evidence of torture, Candy says, so she'd likely not have been beaten for seeming to play games and claim she's someone else. The question she's fed Candy will help to shed light. But another is come up with.

"Also ask her if she once thought she and I would compete over a man."

"Alright," Candy answers after a couple of moments committing it to memory. Looking at Cat for a couple of moments she takes a deep breath before she says, "I guess its time for me to head back, before they ask why I was gone for so long."

"Be careful, and thank you, Candy," Cat offers solemnly. She then watches Candy depart before also leaving to set things in motion.

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