A Bit Personal


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Scene Title A Bit Personal
Synopsis It's a bit personal as Kaylee asks Abby's opinion on Joseph's birthday present and Abby hints at another dream that hits close to home.
Date April 13, 2011

Bannerman's Castle: Infirmary

She seems a little nervous as she glances into the infirmary. Eyes seek out the location of one particular person. Kaylee Thatcher doesn't have to look far, before she spot Abby's bed. There is a quick glances out into the hall, as if looking for someone.

There is a bag and a small white box in her hands as she moves rather briskly to the fire mimics side. The telepath gives her a bright smile, moving to hook a foot into a chair and drag it closer. Quite the balancing act. "Hello Abby. Mind a little company?" It's asked, though she's already moving to sit down.

She's closing up the checkers travel board, one of the pre-teens in with an injured shoulder that got conn'd into playing with her moving off since the game is done - he won - and at the sound of Kaylee, the former blonde is looking over to the telepath. Color back in cheeks, just this side of skinny and worn, Abigail offers up a smile. Kaylee "Kaylee" Thought before it's spoken. She's glancing down to the box and bag, inside of her brows crimping in and up. "Please tell me that none of that is for me"

"Actually…" Kaylee gives Abby a michievious smile, setting the bag on the floor next to her and opening the box, the lid with the words Magnolia Bakery on the top. She looks rather proud of herself as she extracts a cupcake with white frosting and deep red cake. "Get well present. Cause I know infirmary food sucks even on the best days." It offered gripped between fingers.

"The rest…" She leans forward and says softly, "It's Joseph's birthday." Kaylee looks nervous suddenly, glancing around the infirmary. Maybe checking to see if anyone is lingering near. "I — See…." She trails off, biting her lip for a moment. "I kinda wanted your opinion… on some… thing?" And it's one of those rare occasions that her cheeks miiight show a hint of color.

Red velvet. abby might have been minorly upset that the box says Magnolia instead of oh so sweet, if Kaylee were any other person and not likely on a New Yorks most wanted, apprehend with extreme prejudice list. But it's red velvet and she can smell the cream cheese icing and is quickly turning so as to block the sight of the lone cupcake from anyone else lest she find herself having to share.

Selfish moment. She's having those more and more these days.

Well, selfish moment in that she doesn't want to share it with anyone else but is peeling off the wrapper so it can be pried in half and part offered up to Kaylee. Expensive cupcakes. Delicious cupcakes.

My opinion on what? Upside to talking with a telepath, when your mouth is full, you can still talk and they can hear you.

The telepath seems rather pleased at the reaction, gladly taking the wrapper. "I… ah… well…" There is a slightly nervous laugh, another glance goes to the infirmary. "Can't exactly get him anything really great… and he works hard and all," digging graves and being council, "And, ahhh…." She looks down at the bag and then pulls it around in front of her.

Reaching in she lifts out something dark blue and silky with thin straps, but she doesn't lift it too far from the bag as it's clearly not meant to be worn out in public. Her cheeks are not pink. "Think something like this is too much?" Kaylee asks voice soft, keeping huddled to try and keep it out of people's view. "I bought it awhile ago… before the ah… 8th. It's a bit more snug in the chest and hips, but…" but it fits. Else she wouldn't be showing it.

"I'm just…" worried what he'd think of me. The words echo in Abby's head as Kaylee bites her lip uncertainly. Doesn't seem proper for someone dating… She seems hesitant to complete that. Shouldn't hopefully take much for Abby to connect the dots to her hesitation… and probably why she was there showing it to her.

Are you sleeping in that way with one another? This from Abigail who cranes her neck to see into the bag, a flash of surprise on her face and then appreciation. Nothing too slinky, something that Abby might even have worn for Caliban. //Because if you are, then there was this thing that Brenda used to say" Wraper disposed of, the other half of the cupcake is offered up to share with kaylee.

Less on you means more for him.

"I can't believe I'm having this conversation." Kaylee can't help but chuckle a bit, letting it fall back into the bag. The offered cupcake is waved off, All yours enjoy it.

Considering the topic, she keeps it mental, We've been sharing a bed and room since New Years. Here and Grand Central. There is that tone in even her mental voice when she talks about him. //I guess it's the… ah… fugitives way of moving into together. // Her mouth hooks up in the corner, her cheeks still colored.

"I got three different flavors for him. I wasn't sure which he'd like best. I got the red velvet and the caramel and… devil's food one." The caramel had called to her when she stared at the huge variety. "I'm taking a risk with it all. Banking on the fact that to the core, he's a guy." Slinky wear included in that. "Hoping I don't weird him out… or… something equally bad." She sends a nervous glance to the bag. There is stocking and heels that go with it too. Comes across in a small alsmot shy mental voice.

No stockings or heels. Red velvet. He's southern. Red velvet She offers up in return. Stockings and heels send one message, just hte nightgown sends two. First, that your trying to wear something pretty for him, and you are ready to.. you know You know. The second is that if he's not, then it's no big deal, you just wore something pretty you thought he might like, for his birthday. Abbys wipes a finger through the cream cheeze frosting, gathering a bit on her finger before sucking it off, bliss on her face. It's not baloney cake, but twenty times better. "Heaven"

No heels or stockings. Check. The mental check list goes off in Kaylee's head. The words murmured as more background noise as she speaks out loud. "Thanks, Abby." There is a touch of relief there. "You are always a life saver…" Red velvet cupcake. Check.

"So. How much longer in here?" Turning the subject away from things Abby is currently cut off from. "Got worried." Kaylee admits, mouth pulling up on one side. "Who was I going to turn to for my advice?" It's a joke, if lamely delivered. Cause she had been really worried.

"Next week, probably. Get short of breath pretty easy. Megan's gonna probably try to keep me in here long as she possibly can. THe moment I can though, bunch of us are heading to mainland for Curry, and I'm going to go and get Kasha. Decided I can't just sit around planning for the day when I'll adopt her, wait for a better time in my life. It's not going to get better and she's just going to keep getting older" And older and marr- Oops, thinking.

The look given Kaylee is one that is often on the face of someone caught red handed.

That get's Kaylee's attention. She seems to sit up a little straighter, not unlike an animal suddenly becoming alert to their surroundings. "What?" It is always tempting to go in there and dig around. The urge stronger lately since her trip into Hannah Kirby's head.

Fingers tighten slightly on the box, the urge settling down slowly. "I think you'll be a good mom." Kaylee's tone suspicious as she watcher her friend. "It's just not the right time for me to take on Emily full time." Plus her relationship with Joseph. It would complicate things to a degree in her head. "Maybe if I can get away, I'll go with you, see her." She misses the little girl, but Ferry life keeps her so very busy.

The little Kasha Kaylee… or the fully grown one living in New York. Abby watches Kaylee carefully.

"Litt—" The word is cut off as what Abby says clicks. Eyes narrow with interest. Curiosity piqued. "What?" is hissed out like she heard a bit of juicy gossip… or something that will label Abby as completely insane. Abby can see Kaylee's mind working as she scoots the chair closer, leaning — careful no to crush the cupcakes — over. "What do you mean?"

It's not that insane really. They'd had members of Phoenix time travel, the current sitting president is one from the future. Edward Ray, Kaylee's father had information deposited for him that was from the future. Peter has been to the future.

That there's someone from the future, parked in New York is hardly a surprise or insane. Talking here, don't want to scare people. I met her. I met her over christmas, stayed with her. I didn't know till the other day, but I met her Kaylee, she saved me. We met before that, she offered to stand in line at a charity line to get me a package of supplies. Kasha, all grown up, is somehow here in New York. //My Kasha. She's beautiful and she's…// Abby licks her lips.

"She's beautiful and healthy and I-" //Don't know why she's here"

At least time traveling isn't insane to her. She remembers hearing about her father's trip. Still the mind wants to reject it. So she's a little slow to respond, staring at Abby instead. "Really?" It's not a question of disbelief. She sounds more curious then anything. "She's in this time line?" That doesn't seem farfetched considering what they did for the past themselves.

"Whoa…" It hits the telepath full then. "That's…" Kaylee trails off. Dumbfounded is a good word for her. "I meant little Kasha, but I'd go as support for the other if you needed a wingman." Not that she thinks Abby would need it, but what kinda friend would she be if she didn't offer?

"No" Abigail shakes her head, running a hand through her short brown hair. "No, I don't want anyone coming with me. And I.." //I don't want to be rude but, I think that what I saw, I'd like to keep to myself. I don't know whether she'd like others having seen it, it was… personal" Heartbreaking. Abby does her best not to think about.

"Did you have any questions for her?"

There is a slow nod of Kaylee's head. "I figured you wouldn't need it, but…" she had to offer. Kaylee studies her fro a moment longer, before brows furrow a little. Sometimes it takes effort not to listen to the murmurs. "And I won't ask about it." It's a promise Kaylee can keep, even if it is going to make her fidget a little.

But when it comes to the questions. "No. No questions. I'm learning too much as it is about my future." Kaylee says softly. "Already know that Joseph may get swept out of my life in a short time." Short in the terms of relationships.

"I'm sure there will be plenty of dreams to work around it," Kaylee assures.

"Ten years, round about it seems" She'd had that dream. "Maybe a little less, little more" It's not like the dreams have solid dates in them. Abigail finishes off the cupcake though, licking at her fingers. "I'll keep you updated. I don't want to scare her off. I'd like… well. I know this. She's a mimic, like me. And she is strong, and has a gentle loving heart and gives it to someone special and she loves me and needs me"

There is a small smile, listening. "That will be so surreal for you." It is for Kaylee, since all she's known is the baby version and trying to imagine the girl older isn't working.

"But yeah, keep me informed." Kaylee straightens and tucks the box closer to herself. "For now, however, I better git before Megan boxes my ears for keeping you from resting." A hand snakes out to squeeze the other's arm gently.

"Glad your up and okay."

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