A Brief Encounter Of The Telephonic Kind


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Scene Title A brief encounter of the telephonic kind
Synopsis Ygraine attempts to get hold of one friend to tell him to stop looking for another. She instead finds herself geeking at a total stranger.
Date December 23, 2008

The telephonic aether of New York City

During a break from mildly frantic preparations for Christmas, Ygraine disappears into the bedroom of her apartment, closing the door against the background sounds of her flatmate's presence. Taking a deep breath to steel herself, she tries calling Officer Trask once more - this time giving his cell phone a try….

Elisabeth has been in possession of all of Norton Trask's belongings since the shooting, but they were locked up in her apartment and she hadn't touched them since then. So the sound of Norton's phone ringing surprises her, and she's forced to go digging through the bag of his personal effects to find the phone. "Hello?" she says into the phone, not recognizing the caller ID.

There's a distinct pause as Ygraine blinks at her phone in surprise, before she manages to find her voice again. "Ahh, hi. Hello. I was looking for Officer Trask." The voice is that of an educated British woman, probably moderately young.

"I'm sorry…. Norton was injured in the line of duty the other night. I've been holding onto his things for him," Elisabeth replies. "Can I give him a message? This is Elisabeth Harrison — I'm a friend and fellow cop."

Another pause, though Elisabeth might catch the sound of a half-stifled wince from the other end. "I… I hope it's not too bad. It's… hmmmm. I asked him to do me a favour. To see if he could find someone for me, who I thought might be in hospital. I was…." The Briton swallows, then speaks with more confidence. "I was calling to tell him that I know what happened to her now, and that there's no need to check hospitals for me any more."

Elisabeth pauses on her end, and says quietly, "I'm very sorry for your loss." Because the tone of voice makes clear that it was a loss. "Will he know your name with just that description? I'll be happy to pass the message."

Biting her lip, the Briton pauses, then nods to the phone. "Ygraine. I… I think he'll know who it's about. I'd certainly hope he doesn't have too many Brits asking him to find missing people for them."

There's a soft chuckle. "I should hope not," Elisabeth replies gently. "I'll make sure he gets the message immediately. He's at St. Luke's for the rest of the week, if you'd like to stop by and see him. And again… I'm sorry."

Ygraine manages a weak laugh. "She… was a friend. A good one. And someone I'd have liked to get to know better. But… there are others suffering more from her loss. Ummmm. Norton's not under guard, or anything? I could just drop in and see him? Could I ask how he was hurt?"

Elisabeth replies, "He was shot several times during the panic caused by the gas leak during the president-elect's visit. He's not under guard, except in the loosest way — his friends popping in. You can just stop in. I'm sure he'd like the company."

Ygraine pauses, then musters a weak chuckle. "It's conceivable that it's true, but… ummmm. During the Second World War, "exploding gas main" became a byword among the population in London for "German explosive device the government wants us to believe doesn't exist" - in other words a blatant cover-up. If it wasn't really a gas main, and anyone who designs such things might listen to you, suggest they get a better story if something like this ever happens again. Not that I expect you to be free to say anything to a stranger on the phone. In fact… I apologise for raising it at all. Sorry."

Elisabeth actually laughs out loud. "I have to admit, I like you. Never met you, but I like you. Take care of yourself, Ygraine. Go see Norton — he'll enjoy the company. And …. Merry Christmas."

Ygraine offers her phone a relieved smile, and a rather nervous little laugh. "Thank you", she says warmly. "And… I will try to, I promise. Merry Christmas to you, too."

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