A Bunch Of Chimps


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Scene Title A Bunch of Chimps
Synopsis FRONTLINE is called in to back up a riot squad. It's pretty basic.
Date Jan 11, 2011

The Bronx

The scene is a madhouse. The arrival of FRONTLINE's personnel carrier containing Emerson, Ivanov, and Harrison really added a lot of tension to an already tense situation. Elisabeth spoke to the officer in charge, and she comes back to brief the other two. «'Kay guys, here's what we've got so far.» She pauses as staccato gunfire rings out from several areas and a molotov cocktail starts a car in the street burning.

«Two rival gangs have been vying for the street. They're both Evo. Captain Gacy says that there are no more than five of them in each of these groups.» The gunfire gives away the position of the two groups. Either end of the street is blocked off by black-and-whites with flashing lights, as are both alleys, so the two groups are essentially trapped. «They don't know what power sets they're looking at, and so far they've kept it to straight gunfire back and forth between themselves and with the cops. So we need to get in there, incapacitate one team at a time, if possible.»

«This sounds like a video game,» Fel opines, happily. Only Felix would sound pleased at the prospect of a gang war. «So. Who're the Sharks, and who're the Jets?» ….is he remotely serious? Likely no. His wince at the molotov hitting the car isn't visible, but the sucking intake of breath is clear down the radio link.

THe sound of the molotov has Emerson looking off in it's direction with an unseen scowl, before turning her attention back to the other two. «If only urban warfare was as easy as Call of Duty,» she replies dryly, her tone more on the serious side of things. «I'm not worried about gunfire. Not knowing what powers are in play is tricky, though. It means having to be extra catious. Any ideas on how to handle this, or do we just try out flanking them?»

A video game indeed. Elisabeth sometimes thinks we've landed in the middle of one of those damn things. She glances toward the fire and shakes her head. «Best guess at this point is go in and flank 'em, one side at a time. Ivanov, you wanna run recon and see if there's anything obvious we're not seeing?»

«Yes'm,» He says, in that 'butter wouldn't melt in his mouth' tone. And with a whirr of disturbed air, he's off. FRONTLINE's equivalent of Edna Mode has done a stellar job - his suit no longer shakes itself to pieces at speed.

Emerson takes a bit of a half step back as Felix zooms off, grip tightening on her weapon. «I don't think I'm ever going to get used to that,» she replies in that same dry tone, before looking back at Liz. «With any luck, these are just a bunch of thugs. I will be surprised if Ivaov manages to turn up much more.»

«Me either,» Elisabeth admits on a faint chuckle. «It's like working with the fuckin' Flash.» She listens to the radio chatter from the police band in her helmet, not inflicting it on Emerson. Her blue eyes flicker over the situation as the police hold their positions. But gunfire erupts from the alley that Felix headed for and she taps back into the private band. «Ivanov, report.» She doesn't like that.

It's hilarious when someone tries to shoot you. Especially when you move like Fel does. There's a rattle of submachine gun fire as some ambitious kid with an Uzi knockoff tries to bag himself a superhero. None of it even gets close. «Well,» he says over the link, «I think I wild weaseled an idiot. There're four over here, armed with what looks like AR knockoffs.»

«Sounds smiple enough,» which is actually a bit of a relief to Emerson. «Hopefully, it stays that way.» Posture straightening, the solider looks over to Liza and gives a bit of a shallow nod. «I'm ready to go as soon as you are. Hopefully, there's no one waiting over there to throw fire at us or something.»

«No, we're going to let Ivanov take his tour all the way around. Fel, tell me what the other guys are doing out there,» Elisabeth sends over the radio. Recon is more important than just jumping in at this point.

More pitter patter of little feet. It's like having a heavily armed hummingbird loose. «Five more. Total of nine. I'm seeing some chimpanzee bullshit out here, but no actual power use, as yet,» he reports, even as he comes skidding up.

«Chimpanzee bullshit?» Emerson inquires, turning her gaze on Felix as he comes to a stop beside them. She rolls her shoulders a bit, a somewhat awkward motion in her armour, before looking back to Liz and nodding. «Take her away, Liz. We'll have this done in no time, I'm sure.» One might think, listening to Emerson, that she's going out fo her way to try and jinx the team.

Elisabeth laughs as Felix comes to a stop. «Chimpanzee bullshit,» she echoes. «They're infighting.» She speaks KittyCat apparently. «All right — we're hitting the chimps first, since they're stupid.» She flips radio channels and says, "Captain Gacy — I need a team of four to follow us in to the building on the right. We're going to take point, and then your guys are welcome to wrap it up."

She looks at the other two and says, "Rifles." She herself can't use her ability.

He does speak a very odd variety of English, does Felix. He cants his helmeted head at Emerson. The grin is audible, somehow. «I can smack 'em around,» he notes, with enthusiasm. «Do some blunt trauma.»

«Anything that puts them down quickly sounds good to me,» Emerson replies quickly, sounding rather amused. «Try not to hit them too hard. We probably need one without a broken jaw.» FOr questioning, of course, in case there's more of their lot about.

Elisabeth just smirks at her team.

Four officers in riot gear peel off from a car near the back and head at a trot toward the FRONTLINE group. Elisabeth gestures for Felix to have a good time taking the lead. She and Emerson hoist rifles and take the cop squad in with them.

When Felix gets back to the room above where there was fighting, there are Evo powers being thrown about from among three of the group while the other two at least make some attempt to keep firing weapons across the street at the other group. The three fighting seem to be relatively low-level abilities — one is clearly a telekinetic. He's got a kid who may be blood related pinned to the wall. The third one is trying to hurl wind at the teke to get him to let go. And the kid on the wall is manifesting a brilliant white light of some kind.

"It's the penalty box for you lot, unnecessary roughness," He's clicked the mike on the helmet on, to actually be heard by the hoi polloi indulging themselves. The telekine's the most obvious threat, and he gets bull rushed. Fel's pulling his punches, not really using his speed at least in attack, until he turns to try and stun the other two with carefully judged blows.

Emerson has no smart ass quip or comment to throw out like Felix. «Well, not as simple as I thought,» she does say, amusement clear in her tone, «But I think that's okay!» A burst of fire is shot off in the aerokinetic's direction, intentionlly aimed towards his feet and missing by a wide margin. Really, it's more to draw his attention as she approaches, moving aginst the wall and bracing herself. "Iw ouldn't do what youre thinking," she remarks with her mic flipped on. "You'll regret it, I promise."

Elisabeth's attitude is almost entirely nonchalant when they first enter, her rifle slung up on her shoulder and pointed at the ceiling. Emerson's shots bring the two at the windows around with their weapons raised, and that's when hers comes down and points at them with deadly menace. Three shots are fired, parely missing one of them. Her mic flips on and she says to them, "Ah, ah, ah. Drop them."

It's then that things tilt just a hint sideways as they are wont to do when you think you're covered. The guys across the alley have suddenly realized their foes have been detained and now there's a massive burst of gunfire aimed at the cops on the ground. It sounds like a battlefield out there.

The ladies have things covered in here. Literally. So Fel goes tearing off towards the insanity on the ground. «Gonna take care of the goons across the street,» he says, with that infuriating confidence.

What some may find infuriating confidence, Emerson finds to be reassuring. «Go get 'em, Ivanov,» she distractedly cheers as she reaches the aerokinaetic and- well, she doesn't really want to shoot him, but as he turns and flings a burst of air her way, it certainly means she can't leave him him standing, lest he sweep her off her feet in a manner she's entirely not open to. So she does what she does best as she approaches him, closing teh distance with ehr weapon raised and entering closed corners.

She cocks her arm back, and fighting the artificial wind resistance, cold cocks him in the jaw as hard as she can. Which isn't as hard as she'd like, but it's enough to send him stumbling back - and her lerching forward as she no longer fights the gust of wind.

Well, dammit all. The two with the guns fire off startled bursts into the ceiling. Ivanov was right. They're chimps. And the four cops pour into the room and begin rounding them up. Liz herself holds the two she's got under her weapon and once they're secure, she steps to the window to take aim at the schmoe's across the street.

He gets a little fancy, for him, anyway - leg sweeping down the first thug he comes across. Here's hoping there's no one above - the gun fire goes wild, and then he's trying to punch the little punk right into beddy-bye. It's so nice to be licensed to do things the NYPD would've fired him for.

Watching the punk Aerokinetic stumble and fall to the side is satisfying enough for her at the moment, particularly since Felix seems to be handling the rest of the thugs well enough on his own. Catching her balance as she lerches and stumbles herself, Hannah lets out a bit of a sigh as she bends down and pulls up the one at her feet by the collar, pushing him up against the wall.

"I told you you'd regret it." His lack of response means there's a good chance that his jaw is at least fractured. Probably good thing. Listening to punks babble about how you'll "be sorry" is just as tiresome as listening to enemy combatants do the same.

Elisabeth's shot is fired off and takes one of the guys in the shoulder at the same moment Ivanov pummels the other and his shot goes wild. Good damn thing Liz has armor on!! The bullet smacks her in the chest, the adaptive armor hardens instantaneously, but she's thrown back on her ass with a guh! «Goddamn it,» she grunts roughly. It takes her precious seconds to catch her breath again. «Fuckin' lucky shot.»

«I'll kiss it and make it better, later,» retorts Felix. Now he's just playing with his prey. Bad kitty - not quite throwing them into the walls. He doesn't want to kill anyone. This time.

Hearing Elisabeth hit the ground behind her, Emerson turns her head back towards her, making sure not to loosen her grip on teh aerokinetic. «Jesus, Liz, are you okay?» She actually doesn't sound that worried, but it's always best to make sure.

«Yeah, fine,» Elisabeth grunts, climbing to her feet. «Armor took it all.» She'll have a bit of a bruise, but eh. «Ivanov just likes to keep me on my toes,» she comments ruefully. Because seriously, what are the damn odds of that happening? «You cleaned up down there yet, Kitty? Cuz I still hear somebody's pop gun goin' off.»

Felix retorts, «Working on it, working on it. Honestly, boss. Such a slavedriver,» He can't resist camping it up. Who's to hear, after all?

Emerson just laughs a little into her headset, dragging her capture over to join his comrades. «Just give the word if you're bored, Ivanov. I'll gladly come play with them,» she notes, her grin invisible to the rest of them.

«That's cuz you fuckin' talk too much!» Elisabeth fires back. She moves back to the window to observe from there, seeing the rest of the riot teams moving in to take over once Felix has them downed. It occurs to her that having Felix in a position like this, where he can just go all Wally West on people's asses…. is goddamn useful. Besides, he sure seems to enjoy it. «Riot team just manhandled your fourth shooter to the ground,» she informs him. «We're clear.»

Turning to Hannah, she chuckles. «I like the days this job turns out to be clean and simple, honestly. SCOUT used to occasionally get these. Oh, look, it's an Evo. And sure, one or two had abilities worth a damn and the wherewithal to use it. But the rest were just for show.» She shrugs. «C'mon, we'll meet him at the bottom.»

And when they appear, Felix is preening. He's found a convenient beam of winter sunlight, and has struck a pose in it designed to make the suit gleam like onyx. Vain little queer that he is.

If no one's ever seen someone in Horizon armour actually facepalm, then now's the time to take a picture, because that's exactly what Hannah Emerson when she sees Felix Ivanov standing in a beam on light ahead of them. «Yeah, bask in that while you can, Ivanov. 0-1 you, but next time? We'll see who shines.» All said playfully of course, Emerson punching her comrade in his armoured shoulder as she reaches him.

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