A Caged Gift For You


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Scene Title A Caged Gift For You
Synopsis When Elisabeth doesn't call her back, Cat calls again.
Date September 26, 2009

On the phone

Time has passed, here in the basement of the largely burnt out Sea View Hospital while Cat, Helena, and Leonard keep watch over the man who was locked into one of the cells. Her call to Elisabeth has gone unreturned across that time, and Eileen also hasn't made it back with her fellows yet.

So the panmnesiac hobbles to a location a bit away from the others and pulls her iPhone out. Elisabeth's number is tapped in, she presses send and waits for the other end to pick up. Voicemail again, she expects, it's likely still busy out there for the police.

Instead, Elisabeth's voice — husky with exhaustion — answers. "Harrison." And then perhaps only does she look at the caller ID. "Hey, Cat… sorry… I got your message and haven't had a chance to call yet. What's up?"

"It's all good, Elisabeth," Cat replies in a somber voice. "Word is Joseph and Felix were freed at the church, but Mona was hanged. She's gone." Silence follows for some seconds before she resumes speaking. "What's up is this, a caged gift for you." More silence.

She taps buttons on the phone and pulls up a photograph, then sends it along. It's the face of Douglas.

Elisabeth hasn't had access to the list of friends of Danko's — we've not had a picture in the Catabase that she knew about. So when she pulls the phone from her ear to peer at the image, Liz's response is … well, to frown, though Cat can't see that. She puts the phone back to her ear. "Shit… you guys captured one of the Humanis guys?? What the fuck…?"

"We were on the ground there," Cat explains, "Helena, Delilah, and I. Delilah ran off, headed to the church before we could stop her, she gave the report on the rescues and the hanging."

"HF had a helicopter firing into the people on the ground, they fired an RPG at the center and shot down a news helicopter which crashed into the third floor," she relates slowly. "The guy in the photo was on the ground, dressed in police clothing. He was moving through the crowd, chopping at people with an axe. Helena and I were looking for shelter when the ring of fire someone made flared up and cut us off. I found myself not far from that man, so I acted. I shot him a few times in the chest, he was being fired at by others too. Body armor." Cat growls. "I really need to get better ammo."

"So, he comes at me with his gun and that axe, I take cover and shoot again, hit him in the upper leg. Missed trying to blow his balls off. But he kept coming. It was like he didn't feel any pain at all. Shredded the newspaper vending place I ducked behind with gunfire, vaulted over it, and landed right in front of me. So I tried to shoot him in the head."

"It turned into a wrestling match, I held my own with Krav Maga. The neanderthal was like the Terminator, Elisabeth. Battle ended when Helena put out the fire, saw what was happening, and made a thunderclap. So strange; he wasn't bothered by being shot at all, the guy is obviously psycho, but when the thunder went off next to his ear he curled up in a ball like a baby. I pistol whipped him twice, knocked him out."

Elisabeth listens quietly and finally says, "I know what happened at Suresh, I was there, Cat. I was sitting at the hospital all night with Ivanov. Still not sure he's going to make it." She shakes her head on the far side. "Well….. are you working on getting information out of him?" she finally asks. Because his face means nothing to her — there's no telling who he is without fingerprints. "If you get his prints, either I can run them through the system or Hana can. We can ID him. But the question is… what do you guys plan to do with him?"

"I got his prints," Cat states in an of course tone, "DNA too. Not worried about getting the ID. He's locked up out here in a cell at the Sea View Hospital on Staten Island. Eileen came by, she's coming back with some others to have a talk with him, and I think Mr. Redbird will want to speak with him too."

"As to what we finally do with him, that's up to you. We didn't trust the police on scene, he's dressed like a policeman. There could've been others. I asked Helena if she saw any who seemed to be helping HF; she says there was a female officer of African heritage firing into the air. Couldn't tell if it was at Magnes while he worked to bring the HF helicopter down, or at the helicopter."

There's an edge to her voice when she returns to the topic of what to do with Douglas. "In the end, the plan is he's yours, Elisabeth."

Elisabeth goes still on her end of the phone and then rustling can be heard. As if she sat bolt upright. "He was wearing a uniform?" What the fuck? "All right, Cat…. let me know when you get an ID on him. If he's actually a cop — I don't recognize him, but that means nothing really. I don't know every cop on the force — if he's really a cop, though, we'll have to turn him in. If he's not…. I guess we'll decide what to do from there." She pauses and says, "Have you already contacted Richard?"

"He knows we have him," Cat informs. "Helped Helena and I move him here through a portal one of the Ferry people opened. In the end, when the time comes, we thought you might arrest him or something."

"The axe he was using got left behind, but I have the pistol and sniper rifle he carried."

"Sounds like a plan to me, Cat. And good, it saves me a call," Elisabeth says mildly. "Let me know when you know anything, and we'll make our moves. I'm actually heading home from the hospital. Came to see Felix again. I should be home all night."

"See you, Elisabeth," Cat replies, just before pressing the button to end the call. Her rage is held under tight control; the man will be spending time with Eileen and co, Cardinal at some point too she's sure, and eventually Elisabeth.

But what she really wants to do is pretend he's Ethan Holden and enact the vengeance for Dani's murder she agreed not to seek from him.

To slowly break every bone in his body with a sledghammer, make him cry for his mother, and beg to die.

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