A Cake Afternoon


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Scene Title A Cake Afternoon
Synopsis Cake (or pie) brings out a pleasant conversation between two friends.
Date March 13, 2011

A Shop in Brooklyn

It's that kind of afternoon that screams for cakes or other sorts of sweets. The kind that refuses to be denied these sugar treats. And of course, sugary treats are best when there's company to enjoy them. This logic is what prompted the call from Koshka to Adisa, requesting the other girl meet her at a small shop in North Brooklyn that offers all matter of food stuffs.

The younger of the two teenagers is already inside. Koshka has gotten herself a slice of chocolate cake while she waited for Adisa. The frosting is picked at with a fork, enjoyed with such a slowness the cake might go stale before it's finished.

What's there not to like about sugary treats on a lazy afternoon? That's Adisa's thought when she got the call from the other girl. So of course she agreed to meet up and hang out. Arriving not too long after the other girl (fashionably late), she makes her way into the little shop with a tiny bounce in her step. Looking around, she makes her way to where Koshka is sitting. "Hey!" She says as she places her coat on the free chair. "I'll be right back, just gonna get myself something!" She chirps. Making a quick decision, she gets a slice of apple pie and soon returns and takes a seat across from Koshka. "So, how's it going?"

A grin greets Adisa's arrival, as well as a nod. Koshka finally takes a real bite of cake, savoring the chocolatey goodness. She's just about to start on her second bite when the older teenager returns, then settles for scraping out a smaller nibble. "It's… going okay I think," the younger girl answers with a shrug. "I talked to that teacher I know last week, brought a friend with him this time. They're going to help with finding those forms I lost."

Adisa toys with her pie lightly as she listens. "Oh yeah? So, you gonna…you know…really…do that? You know. What you were saying you didn't wanna do but were like…totally thinking of doing anyway?" Finally, she takes a small bite of the pie. "You know, if you like, totally want me to like, come with you when the time comes, I will. I've totally been through it already myself, you know? So I can like, be with you and like, look out for you and totally watchout for any trickiness."

"Yeah, I think I'm going to do it." Koshka frowns at her cake for a moment, still the idea is one she's against. But things for an unregistered youth are becoming more difficult. "The one my teacher-friend brought with has a contact in the government. She was going to find some answers for me. So like… I haven't heard from either of them yet but… I have the teacher's number. And I think… having a friend go with would be really great."

There's a little nod as Adisa listens to Koshka. "Well, like, at least you're totally finding stuff out, right? And like, um…well, I suppose this might be a kinda like, good thing to do? Sometimes you gotta like, do things you don't wanna do to totally help others, right?" That may partly be from experience, but she partly learned that from the Jersey Shore. TV teaches her things! "Totally, just like, tell me when you plan on doing it, and I'll totally go in with you."

"Totally will," Koshka says. "And you're right. Sometimes it's not just about… not having things. Sometimes you can still make a statement even with things. —That's not all hypocritical, is it?" She pauses to think over her own question, then shakes her head. "Whatever. I know people who turned the papers in and they're doing just fine with things."

Adisa smiles. "You can totally make a statement with things. You like, totally just need to know how, you know? But there's like, totally sneaky ways around and stuff." She winks. "And you totally know people who turned in their papers and are totally doing fine. Like, you know, me. You can't go wrong with that. I'm totally making the best with like, every single day, you know? I like, have a totally wicked job at a salon. I know I like, live with my brother, which is kinda lame, but like, he's a TV host on like, a show that's on during the night. So he's totally gone before curfew and back after curfew is lifted. I've totally got nights super free in that apartment. It's totally awesome."

"Daryl got me thinking one afternoon." Actually, Koshka and Daryl had done a fair bit of talking about future prospects that day. "We were talking about what to do when we grew up and just kind of things on that line." The famous conversation that led into their crime co-op. "Anyway… He sorta… laughed or I don't remember. Didn't agree with me wanting to go into the military when I was old enough. And… I sorta kept thinking about it."

Taking a breath, Koshka grins up at Adisa. "But you have to be registered to do that. And there's… other things to consider right now, too. With.. helping with the kids and all. — And you have a place all to yourself? At night?! I seriously need to go over there some time. I think the House could be without me for a night." Or three.

Adisa shrugs a little. "Yeah, I guess so. But like, you know, I registered when I was in Chicago, you know? 'Better to be safe than sorry' or something like that." She rolls her eyes and takes a bite of her pie. After the swallow, she smiles. "Yeah, well, most weeknights I've like, got the place to myself, you know? It's like, totally when Tahir is at the studio. He's like, a TV show host, right? And he's there all night. Not that he'd have a choice either way, right? Like, once he's inside the studio, he totally needs to stay there, with the curfew and all, you know?" She smiles brightly. "You should totally come over and stay. It's like, super fancy there. Like…super fancy. Tahir totally does stuff in style."

"Yeah. My dad was all…" Koshka rolls her eyes. "Y'know. Soon as it became required all naggy and stuff. So lame. And he tricked me which is… kinda what triggered things." She shrugs and picks at her cake a bit more. "But anyway. I've decided and… I'm going to do it. Soon as I find out some more information."

After taking a bite of cake, Koshka points her fork toward Adisa. "He's a really real TV show host? That's… Wow. That's… Sam never said. Just that your guys' brother is all protective. When can I come over? Maybe… Maybe I could meet him? That'd be pretty cool, never met a TV host before." Just stolen a wallet from one.

"Well…yeah, he's got this late night show. It's like, called…'Up All Night With Tahir Avery Dunham'. Or something. It's on very late. I like, totally rarely watch it myself." Adisa admits. "Sometimes I watch it, or I like, catch the highlights." She shrugs. "He's like, gone to the studio on weeknights, so you can like, totally come over any time." Adisa rolls her eyes. "And yeah. Sami was right. He's totally protective. Like…super protective. Which is totally a joke, since he always like, has girls over." She shakes her head and heaves a heavy sigh as she takes another couple bites of her pie.

"That's so weird." Koshka digs back into her cake, mulling over the chocolatey goodness. "All my siblings are younger than me. You met some of them right? When you've come over to my house? Never had an older brother before. Brian's… kind've like one though. I guess. And kind've like a dad. Protective and smart most of the time."

"Weird? Like, not really. I mean, like…well, ya, maybe just a lil. Tahir is like, a totally strange guy. But like, he's my brother right? So I've like, gotta love him and stuff. Or something. It's like…some sorta unwritten rule or something." Adisa shrugs and goes back to her pie, taking a tiny bite. "I guess I might've met your siblings? I like, can't remember. I'd like, have to spend more time there, you know?" She nods a little in the mention of Brian, listening intently.

"And you and Sami are like… I dunno." Koshka looks up to grin at Adisa. "You're both way more sister like. I think. Sam is like the older sister who's all mature and super smart, but still real fun to be with, and you're the younger older sister who's always fun but real smart too." She shrugs a little, shoulders rising and falling as her eyes settle on her cake. "That's weird, sorry. Family is kind've something… I don't know."

"We're like…way more sister like than what?" Adisa enquires, taking a little bite of her pie, which is nearly done. Her eyes twinkle at the mention of her being fun and smart. "Well, I like, totally try to be fun. I mean like, it's such a drag to be totally like, mature and stuff all the time, right? I mean, we're young. We're totally supposed to have fun." She's definitely happy to be called the fun and smart older sister. She'd never been called that before. "Don't be sorry. I'm like…totally glad you like, think of us that way, you know? You're like…the younger sister I totally never had. I like, always wanted a younger sister, you know? But like, it never happened. So I was the youngest. But like, you're super cool."

"Than… just friends I guess." Koshka scrapes her fork through her cake, taking another bite. "Sam's starting to get the mom thing down, though. 'Specially with all the little kids around. But you're both more like sisters anyway. To me. And I like hanging out with you."

Adisa smiles a little. "I like…totally couldn't imagine Sami as a mom. But then like, I dunno…it's weird. You like, never imagine your sister as anything than like, your sister. You like, don't think they'll change. Like, Sami for example. I guess she's like…changed. I mean, she totally has a bit more fashion sense now. Which is totally weird. She totally didn't have as good of fashion sense back like, before…you know. I dunno. I just like, hope she doesn't turn into our mom. Our mom is just like, you know, all 'mommy knows best' and stuff. It's annoying."

"That couldn't be too bad," Koshka says with a shrug. "I mean, moms are suppose to be that way, right? Even if it's annoying?" Another shrug follows, and a final bite of her cake. "My mom was a loser, did drugs and stuff, had this loser boyfriend. But I think Sami'll be a good mom one day."

"Believe you me, my mom's an artist. Artists are like, totally full of drama." Adisa responds. "Drugs are like, totally another story. And I'm like, super sorry to hear about your mom. Like…totally totally. Like, nobody deserves a mom who's like, on drugs and stuff." She says solemnly. "But, like, you've got this whole other family now, right? I mean, I know there's no blood relation, but like, it's as good as one. And like, we've got something going. There's things called 'sisterhoods' and it's like, a groups of girls who are like, close friends and they're like, practically sisters. It's like, super awesome. That's kinda what we got. What with our close ties with…you know, everything. It creates like, a bond of friendship that's like, super strong."

Koshka shrugs to the apology. "It's fine. I haven't been bothered by her choices since I was a little kid. And you're right. I have my new family. Which is way better." Looking up again, she smiles and nods. "Yeah, I like that. That… sisterhood kind've thing. That's for reals what we have I think."

"New families are awesome sometimes. Don't get me wrong, sometimes old ones can be nice. But sometimes they're not, so you totally gotta get a new one. At least one that's made up of like, friends and stuff." Adisa responds. "Like, I love my family. I totally do. Despite all the…weirdness of everything. Like Tahir the TV guy, and Sami the ghost girl, and mom the artist and dad the doctor. But like, I've got these other people as well, that are like, kinda family too. Like you. And that's pretty awesome." She says happily.

"It is pretty awesome." Koshka grins and stands up from the table. "Day's still got some time to it. Let's go do something fun. Like… I don't know. Catch a movie or something. Oh, and I got to get more candy for the house. Lots of candy and sweets. Oh, maybe some of those little fruit pocket pie things. And I should buy some real food too."

Finishing off her pie, Adisa smiles and nods. "Like, totally awesome." She reaffirms. "Movie sounds fun." She nods, standing up along with Koshka. "And I like, totally know a few places around that are super good for like, buying candy and stuff. I'll like totally take you around and show you if you like, want me to."

"As much as I'm not one to bum rides," Koshka says with a grin, "I'll seriously bum rides from you. Let's go." Leaving a few bills on the table for a tip, the younger teenager links arms with Adisa and heads for the door. Movies and candy and a few hours of fun are in store.

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