A Call from Tokyo


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Scene Title A Call from Tokyo
Synopsis Adam rings Simon from Japan. The two chat about various things.
Date May 21, 2009

Over the Phone

Adam has actually been training all day. Now that he's got his sword back, the old moves from his past just seem to be coming back to him. It's like magic. But after a day and most of a night in training, he ponders. There's another person who he's going to put in training in his own way and perhaps he should see how his future disciple is doing. He lays his sword to the side and takes out his cell phone, bee boop boop beep.

It’s curious how two lives can run perpendicular, even on opposite ends of the globe. As Adam trains with a weapon of the past, Simon is doing the same with a more modern sidearm. The charcoal pistol held in his youthful hand is aimed steadily at a target about thirty feet away. It smokes, having just been fired, hot against the skin of his palm. He’s about to fire again and leave yet another crumpled soda can among the remains of the others when his phone rings.

”Hello?” he says, picking up the device and lowering the pistol to his side.

"Hello Simon. It's your employer. I was calling to…I don't know, catch up. You seemed as if you had a project in mind when I left, I was curious how that was going."

It takes Simon only a moment to match the voice of murderous maniac with the picture of him that sticks in the teenager’s head. “Adam,” he says happily enough, though his heart hides more complex emotions than that. “Everything is going pretty well.” His gaze turns to the pistol in his hand, and then to the scattered remains of the trash targets he laid to waste. “How’s it going on your end? You’re gonna bring me something cool, right?”

Adam pauses on his end, it's almost like Simon can see an arched brow, "Well, I don't know that I've often been in the habit of buying presents for employees, but perhaps I can manage something…have you anything in mind?"

”Um, you left me here on this arguably crappy little island. The least you can do is buy me a sweet pair of headphones or something. Tokyo tech is hard to come by.” It’s a typical teenage desire to have the cool toys, the hip accessories. Though recent events have changed him drastically, at his core he remains that type of youth. “In all seriousness, though, how’s your plan going? You haven’t killed anyone – have you?” His voice becomes a tad bit worried as he asks this.

Adam hmms, "Well, I didn't say you had to stay on Staten. You could have hung out in Queens or New Jersey.." he pauses as he scrawls something on his end, "The plan has been going well. I'm not aware of anyone I've killed." after all, Hiro might have lived, "And you? What of your project? Tell me what happened."

”Phew,” Simon says into the phone, grinning a bit on his end, though only for a brief second. “I’m glad. I wasn’t too crazy about the violence you talked about.” A foot is kicked into the dirt Simon stands on as he ponders what exactly to tell Adam.

”You don’t really expect me to go to Jersey do you? Have you met the girls there?” He chuckles, slightly, playing for time, but decides to tell him a bit. “I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors about the Greenbelt. People showing up dead. All those puppies, too.”

Adam thinks about this for a moment, "Yes.." he says slowly, "Yes…something about zombies, yeah? I've heard a couple guys talking about it…I don't know much more about it than that…" there's a few reasons Simon might bring it up, but most of them don't fit the lad, "Are you hoping to…stop the killings?"

”You’re damn straight I am.” There’s a lot that Adam doesn’t know about Simon. These days, there’s a lot most people don’t know about him, including himself. With the zombie attacks going on, his sister’s possession looming in the back of his head, and the Company to worry about, Simon has been growing up faster than he would have liked.

”I ran into the thing a few weeks back. It tore me up a little, but I managed to get away. It won’t be a problem much longer through.” The weight of his pistol suddenly increases and pulls at his hand as his trigger finger itches.

Adam lets out a breath, "Simon…" he pauses before he goes on, "That's dangerous. I don't know what…you can do, but these don't seem to be the sorts of things you should be attempting alone."

”I don’t plan on it, Adam. Contrary to what you and – well, everyone else I talk to – thinks, I’m not as useless and disabled as I look.” Adam is likely to feel the frown that hangs on Simon’s face as he says that.

”I appreciate the concern, though. At least I know you care.” There’s more than a bit of sarcasm in his voice, though it doesn’t seem to be intended to hurt.

Adam hmms, "Simon. What is it you can do?"

“Adam, if I went around telling everyone what I can do, that wouldn’t be too smart, would it? After the company took me, I’ve been a lot more cautious.” Simon pauses, considering something. He doesn’t want Adam to get upset or anything, so he says, “I’ll tell you what. If you can promise me you won’t kill anyone over there and you bring me back a pair of headphones, I’ll do you one better. I’ll show you what I can do.”

Adam lets out a breath. "Simon, I'd like to make you that promise. I could quite easily lie to you, but it wouldn't be true. There's someone here…someone I have a long history with…and one of us is not going to survive our encounter." he pauses after a few moments, "Alright Simon. All things in their time, but don't go after the thing yourself. Wait…we'll be back in New York very soon. I'll have Jake and Cardinal help you. We'll go after it as a group, it's much safer that way."

Jake and Cardinal have been on the team from the getgo, though Simon doesn’t mention that to Adam. Secrets are held on both sides of this phone call, and he doesn’t want to let go of any more of his. “I don’t who you’re talking about, Adam, but if the guy has done you wrong, I can understand wanting revenge.” Though his voice is unsure, Simon stands by his words in silence.

"The man has done everyone wrong, Simon. He's got a lot of evils to answer for, but yes, this is also personal too." he pauses, "Perhaps one day I'll even tell you what it is, but for now, just trust that this is necessary." he pauses, "Tell me more about this…thing that you ran into."

Simon lets out an audible sigh, followed by a moment of silence. A nearby rock is eyes and the kid moves over to sit on it. “It was old dude. He was seriously nutso and hadn’t clipped his nails in a year, probably. He didn’t talk at all and apparently has an appetite for sweet, sweet boy flesh.” That sounds wrong, so Simon amends, “Well, erm, you know what I mean. Kids or whatever.”

Adam ughs, "What do the zombies have to do with it? Can he create them or does he just look like one?"

”What? No, I guess he just looks like one. God, if he could raise the dead I would seriously freak. I was never too good at Resident Evil.” Simon considers the situation, dead bodies all around him, hungering for his flesh. Just him and his gun. He could probably survive for a while, actually.

"Does he have a power? I can only assume he does if no one has been able to stop him yet…have you figured out what it is?"

”Honestly, I’m not really sure. He can take a beating, though. I’m talking bullets, gauged eyes, and the whole deal. That’s a power, right?” Simon glances and out to the edge of the cliff that he’s on. In the distance, the ocean sparkles under the sunlight with smallish waves breaking across its surface.

"It could be." he pauses, "Alright, well, I'll put some thought into this. For now, just keep yourself safe. Don't go into the green belt alone…I'm sure I'm not telling you anything you haven't already figured out, you're a smart lad." he pauses, "And look out for your sister. I don't know anything about her, but it's clear you care for her. Perhaps for the next few days, you should just look out for her and when we're back, we'll go in like an army."

”I’m not gonna lie, Adam. I appreciate the help, but this is personal. I’ll chat it out with you when you get back. We just might need an army.” Simon doesn’t know about that, but it could be true. So far, this thing hasn’t been easy to put down. “Have a safe flight back. Tell Cardinal I say what’s up.”

"Well, Simon. Having something be personal and having help aren't mutually exclusiveness." he pauses, "Alright, I'll pass along the message. See you soon."

”Thanks. I’ll talk to you soon, man.” And Simon hangs up, thinking about the words Adam has spoken to him. Perhaps he does have a problem accepting help, even when he needs it. Of course, it’s not entirely his decision. The zombie monster has hurt others far worse than him. As stress builds in the belly of the boy, he stands, takes aim at the final Coca-Cola target, and fires a ball of lead into it.

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