A Case of Pocky and a Job Offer


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Scene Title A Case of Pocky and a Job Offer
Synopsis Adam visits Tamsine soon after his return to the States with a pile of souvenirs and a proposition for the redhead.
Date May 23, 2009

Tamsine's apartment in Greenwich Village

Adam knocks on the door of Tamsine's apartment.

Tamsine looks up from the sink where she's doing dishes — doing dishes of course these days consist of rinsing out the three dishes she used over the course of the day and putting them in the dishwasher, since it's not like she cooks much now that it's just her. She frowns and heads to the door, standing on tiptoe to look through the peephole. Why do they make peepholes so tall that short women and children can't look through them? When she sees it's Adam, she wipes her hands on her jeans and opens the door. "You're back!" she says with a smile.

Adam smiles, apparently holding a bag. In theory, it's from Japan since it has Japanese writing on it, "Of course I'm back, was there any doubt?" and in one movement, he slides his arm around Tamsine's waist and picks her up in his arm and suddenly kisses her with a rather urgent fervor. After all, he hasn't seen her for a couple weeks. He lets her down and moves into the apartment.

She gasps a little at the suddenness of that kiss, but eventually her arms make their way around his neck and she kisses back. She laughs as he sets her down, shutting the door, and following him into the living room. "Well. You weren't just going there to sightsee as I recall. There may have been some danger," she points out, raising a brow and waiting for him to tell her if all went as planned. Part of her doesn't want to actually ask.

Adam mms, "No, I wasn't. Still, things went well." he says off handedly and that's it. Likely, he'd say more if she demanded details, but it seems clear he doesn't expect her to. Instead, he opens the bag and takes out a case, a case, of pocky and puts it on the couch.

Tamsine looks at the case, blinking for a moment — what would she want with a case of Pocky? — before she recalls the conversation about souvenirs and her odd request. She laughs — really laughs — for a long moment. "Oh, God, Adam," she says with a shake of her head and merriment sparkling in her brown eyes.

Adam looks up, "What? You wanted Strawberry?" he seems clearly a bit confused at her reaction, but he continues pulling out souvenoirs, a hello kitty t-shirt which seems a tad too small (but Adam's a clever boy, it's likely supposed to), a snow globe showing a shinto monastery, a walking godzilla with a 'japan' t-shirt and finally, something in a small box.

She stares at the pile of souvenirs. "Well, maybe you did get in some sightseeing after all," she says with a shake of her red head. "That is a kid's t-shirt," she points out with a laugh, but aside from her chest, she isn't much bigger than the kid it was designed for. "The Pocky was more than enough. It's like a year's supply…" she murmurs, though she picks up the box curiously.

Adam mms a bit as he glances up and considers her chest, then says, "Oh, I'm sure it'll fit." he hands her the box and says, "Open it." inside, made out of pure jade is a japanese castle. The detail is intricate,, clearly having been hand carved. What's interesting is that there's even little figures carved around the base. The most prominent of them is a tiger which has been attached somehow and made out of a ruby. The ruby's been faded and it matches Tamsine's hair, more or less. At which point, Adam says, "That's you."

Tamsine gasps as she examines the tiny castle, her fingers lightly tracing its contours and then the teensy ruby tiger. "Me?" she says with a little bit of a laugh. "Just because it has red hair, hmm? I'm not much of a tiger in other ways. I'm probably more a mouse," she says, a bit self-deprecatingly, but she looks up with a smile. "It's lovely. It all is. Thank you." She leans forward to kiss his cheek lightly. "Can I get you something? Coffee? Tea? Pocky?"

Adam mms, "Just having you sit here would be nice." he says as he makes space by pushing the case of pocky aside, "Siddown." he tilts his head, "So, tell me what's been going on with you." she might note that he very familiarly puts his hand on her thigh.

Tamsine sits and rests her bare feet on the coffee table. "Not a lot. Still on leave, still looking for something else to do… the parents think I should move back home with them and go back to school for something new, but… you know, I worked so hard to get this place, I'm not going to give it up." She shrugs a bit. "I need to either go back to work or find something soon, because there's no routine right now, and I need a routine or I have too much time in my own head."

Adam mms a bit, "I told you I'd find you a job." he says, "I've even found a couple businesses I might purchase." he looks thoughtful, "Which would you rather manage, an Irish pub or a bowling alley?" he questions. "Then, we'll get you some night classes at the community college like we talked about. And if it works out well, it could actually build into something." he says as he pats her thigh.

"Bowling alley or pub… I … don't think I've ever been in the first and I rarely go in the latter… I don't know the first thing about business, Adam," she says, glancing up at him. "And I don't want to just do a job because someone's… looking after me. It sort of goes against everything I've worked for my whole life. I could just work at my parents' store if that's what I wanted to do."
Adam shakes his head a bit, "To be honest, you'd be doing me a favor, Tamsine. I need the business for various reasons, but I don't want to run it. Can you see me running a bar?" he shakes his head again, "It's just not my thing. And you need a different direction. You'd have free reign."

"I … if it's doing you a favor, I guess I can try it. I just don't want to mess anything up," she says glancing down a little shyly. "I guess at least until I find something better… okay. And I think… the bar would be easier than the bowling alley, wouldn't it? So the bar." She shakes her head, unsure how the social worker born of hippies will manage to run such an establishment.

Adam smiles a bit, "Good." he says as he reaches forward and strokes her hair a bit, "It'll be fine. And if things don't work out, we'll talk about it, but I think it'll be good for you. Get you in a new direction, get you out and about among people." he leans in and kisses her lightly, "You'll see, it'll all be good." he pauses, "So, I don't supposed you missed me when I was away."

Tamsine smiles into the kiss and leans against him. "Maybe… just a little bit," she says, looking up at him through dark lashes and smiling.

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