A Cause For Revenge


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Scene Title A Cause For Revenge
Synopsis Claudine comes to bag-and-tag Jessica. Adam and Jessica prove to be bloodily like-minded.
Date Late Night, September 9, 2008

Brooklyn — Outside Exotica

Late night outside Exotica. Jessica's just gotten finished with work, and walks out of the club. Been a long night, and honestly, a long week. Even if it just got started. Sometimes it's not the time, it's the mileage. She moves down the sidewalk, and starts to head for her car.

And so she was told to investigate a certain superstrong woman. Sitting outside in a stakeout-esque position in a large Cadillac outside exotica is a young Filipina woman just looking towards the club. She wrinkles her nose as she mutters a few things into her cellphone before closing it. "Target sighted… acquiring in progress…"

With that said, she puts her cellphone in her back pocket and eases on up and out of the car. She needs to get closer to initiate mental contact, and as long as she can see the woman, it might be easier. As such, she reaches out to try to make mental contact. There's no way she'll be able to physically overpower Jessica afterall.

Jessica hasn't really noticed Claudine. Or if she has, she hasn't really worried about a single woman being on the streets of New York. She reaches her car, and reaches into her purse to take out her car keys.

Once Jessica is within range, she'll feel something creeping into her mind. Soon enough, there is no car. There is no spoon. She's not even in the street anymore. In front of her is… herself, where her car use to be. "Go back. We need to go back," her doppelganger says.

Jessica doubletakes. She isn't expecting this, certainly…and her first assumption isn't mental muddlery. Or rather, not someone -else's- mental muddlery. She looks shocked, and asks "Niki?"

"We need to go back. I… I don't feel so good, and you aren't well. We need to go back…" Niki stares back at Jessica, not really knowing what to say as she's the creation of the young Filipina and while she knows a few things, she doesn't know everything. "Come with me.." says the doppelganger, extending a hand out towards Jessica.

Jessica doesn't move. She's not sure she -could- move right now. She feels like her legs got glued to the ground. "But you…go -where-? I've been worried! God, I'm so glad you're…well, here again."

"I can't stay here long. I feel so weak. We need to go back…" Niki replies, sighing softly as she takes a deep breath and continues to look back towards Jessica sympathetically. "We need to go back…"

Jessica rushes up, moving up to Niki. "No, don't go!" One of the few times the ice queen shows some concern or compassion. "Go -where-, Niki?! Talk to me, please!"

Her mental landscapes can only last for a certain amount of time, and even though it's only been a few minutes, there's already some visible signs of strain on the young Filipina. Niki's hand is actually Claudine's and she's been leading the confused blonde towards her own car, making sure that there's no one around. With the door to the backseat open, she pulls out a taser.

Meanwhile, back in the landscape of Jessica's mind, Niki frowns a little, sighing a little. "We will be taken care of. There will be good things. I promise…" And soon she fades from view…

At that point, all Jessica can feel is a surge of electricity coursing through her body. ZAP!!!!!

The blonde looks confused… and then shrieks briefly at the electricity, her body spasming before she collapses, unconscious. She's no longer a threat… at the moment.

Damnit! Claudine was hoping she'd thunk in the car, and so after a while, Jessica is shifted. Soon enough, she'll wake up in one of the cells…

BronxPrimatech Research

It took a big strong burly man to bring Jessica in. She was zapped and unconscious, and the young Filipina felt bad about what she did, but she had to play up to her own strengths as she didn't want to get broken in two, four or eight pieces after all. As such, the blonde is in a separate padded cell, though people can see in and out of it. She's been Haitian-pilled of course, meaning no super strength, and her cell is next to Adam's. Fun!

Jessica starts to wake up. Ow. Head. Electroshock therapy no good. Especially when it's via taser. She looks around, and starts to realize where she's at. "What the hell?" She stands, looking angry. She starts to the door. "Someone let me out of here before I bring this place down around your ears!"

With Claude on one side and a new neighbor - Jessica - on the other, things are going to get very interesting for Adam. The regenerator watched the progress of the new capture from the window on his own cell, his shoulder pressed up against the window and his cheek against the same so he can get the best view he can manage. "Calm yourself down, they won't let you out. Once you're here, you're here. They're awfully annoying about that sort of thing."

Outside Jessica's cell is the young Filipina who brought her in. She sighs softly and shakes her head,pursing her lips the entire time as she runs her fingers idly through her hair before nudging up a pair of glasses resting on her nose.

"He's right you know.." she says, motioning towards Adam on one side. "Ms. Sanders, I'm afraid you'll find that near impossible. My understanding is that you are sick.." and she looks through her notes. "Dissociative identity disorder. I'm Dr. Salonga, and I'm here to help you.." she says in the sweetest tone possible.

Jessica looks back over at the cell door, and she glares. She remembers seeing the woman on the street. "You." There's a lot of venom in that. She steps forward and slams her palms into the door…and looks rather surprised when it -doesn't- go flying off the hinges. "Let me out of here!"

"…And don't tell that bloody shrink a damn thing, unless it's to prepare for a fist to the face." Adam just cannot /abide/ people like Claudine. He leans a little more, a smirk soon coming to curl at the edges of his lips. "If you're here, you're special. They /hate/ special people here, so whatever you can do you can't do any longer. A good thrashing will still put them down, though."

The door at the end of the hall opens with the usual cadence of banging metal, but it is not held long before it bangs back onto it's latches. Bryan doesn't move forward down the single hall but rather come to rest a few paces from the door he just came through, his leather-soled shoes nearly silent on the concrete floor. Folding his arms, the assassin leans against the wall and watches the younger agent and the newest prisoner with the same pseudo-boredom a cat may wear out of sheer superiority.

"Perhaps once you are rehabilitated, Ms. Sanders. I'd like to run a few studies myself. If the files are correct, then I'd like to run a MRI or perhaps a CAT scan. Sometimes there are growths in the hippocampus that have become associated with DID, so let's make sure that you don't have that, yes?" Claudine smiles cheerily the entire time, only flinching when the cell is struck, half expecting the woman to break out. A sigh of relief escapes from her lips when it's all here, and she looks over to Adam's direction, shaking her head. "We do not hate special people. I personally wish to see all of you out and about in society living as respectable citizens, but until certain things are taken care of, well, I'm afraid we cant have that, unfortunately."

Jessica looks back over towards Adam's voice. "Wonderful. Just wonderful." Of course, much like Adam, she's plenty dangerous even without powers if she can get her hands on someone. "So what? You're going to "cure" me? Make me go away? You'll end up with a catatonic basket case. Let me out of here!"

"They /hate/ special people," Adam repeats. Loudly. In fact, he might just qualify as 'shouting' at this point. "They'll want to poke and prod and bother until there's nothing left of you but a blubbering emotional wreck. Hit them while you've got the chance, madam, and don't let them near you." The man's gaze slides along the hall, eventually coming to rest on the newest arrival. Hello, Bryan.

Bryan's eyes meet Adam's, and the agent nods at the inmate. Who's to say a cell has to delete the niceties shared between folk? Still, it's reached the point where Bryan cannot stand idly by. "I doubt it," he says coolly, narrowing his eyes as he studies Jessica. "Even if you wanted that. I doubt it." Bryan glances at Claudine, his expression stony. He steps toward the younger agent, then bends to whisper irritably to her.

Claudine looks over to Bryan, eyebrows raised, but doesnt say anything. If anything, there's probably sooper seekrit mental communication going on and she looks back over to Jessica, sighing softly once more.

"Ms. Sanders, please calm yourself. Perhaps you should get some rest and sleep?" she offers with a bright and cheery smile.

Jessica looks back, decidedly angry. "Sleep, when you've locked me up and done stuff to me?" She walks up towards the door, and looks at Claudine. "When I get out of here, you're going to die. Slowly. Painfully. I'm going to make it last. And I'm going to have fun."

The resident of the cell next to Jessica is very much Not willing to shut up. "If blood start hitting the walls, I hope you'll be mindful of your neighbors and let me join the party." Adam appears at the door of his cell, pressing forward to put his nose against the smaller window. Helloooo, out there.

"I don't remember giving you permission to go /there/, /Salonga,/" Bryan hisses, teeth bared for an instant. Still, he has little argument when it comes to such communications in mixed company. "You could have least used that needle-gun thing and gotten her strapped to a table." Animal tranqs rarely fail. With a sigh, Bryan turns away. "She's in a cell, /Doctor/. How is she supposed to react to that? At least get her away from Munroe before you kill us all." In a few strides, Bryan is at the door again, and he's soon opened it and stepped back through, leaving Claudine by herself with the angry prisoners.

"I suppose you would have rather had me speak in the open.." Claudine says with a shrug of her shoulders as she closes her eyes and reaches out into the young woman's mind. "I think you need some alone time.." she says firmly and resolutely, as Jessica will soon experience well..nothing really. Except in her mind's eye, ears, and other senses will not have the mad ramblings of the angry immortal. Or at least she'll try. And it's not like she can keep it up forever. Illusions are HARD.

Jessica is smart enough to realize that she's not going to get any further arguing with these people. And her support quieted down. She moves over to the bed and lies down on it, saying nothing more. She tries to get some rest, and lets herself start contemplating escape plans. And revenge.

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