A Chance Meeting For A Change


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Scene Title A Chance Meeting For A Change
Synopsis Megan is looking around Summer Meadows to see what she might need to make change. Katherine Marks comes along knowing that change is needed. Perhaps together the process can begin.
Date November 28, 2009

Summer Meadows

Through the course of Thanksgiving's food distribution, Megan Young made contact with several housebound seniors who needed a little extra TLC. So she's taking this sunny, chill Sunday afternoon to check back in on several people in Summer Meadows and make sure they're all right. There is much that needs doing in this neighborhood; a lot of it is mobilizing the people to take care of their own, but some of it is also helping where a helping hand is warranted. The redhead stands outside a house near the front of the subdivision, studying the lay of the land thoughtfully in spite of the fact that just being here likely makes her a target of whoever might be looking for trouble.

For Katherine Marks, the idea of Thanksgiving always seem to just pass right by her. She had no close relatives that were still alive, even before her supposed death. There's still plenty she doesn't remember and Thanksgiving would be one of them. So instead of eating turkey and stuffing, Katherine spent the holiday at home in front of the television. She doesn't do that often, but since most everything else was closed, including Old Lucy's, she decided to make the day of it. Though, if she were being honest, it wasn't all that entralling. She found a few Christmas specials, but overall everything on television was pretty dull. But Friday, everything was seemingly back to normal and she decided to get some grocery shopping down as as she steps out of her apartment onto the street where Megan stands looking as if perhaps she's lost, Katherine gives her a crooked stare before she moves closer. "Are you looking for something?"

Turning as a door opens not too far off, Megan watches the younger woman's approach with a cautious eye — just making certain she's not about to be jumped. "No," she replies easily enough. "Just making mental notes on what kinds of things would be useful and helpful down here as opposed to … window dressing." She tilts her head. "How long have you lived here?"

"Ten days." Unfortunately, the thought of being jumped never once crossed Katherine's mind. Perhaps she's a little too trusting in that manner. She just happens to notice when things seem out of place. Which is probably why Megan's look of caution is probably for the best. "Construction repair would probably be the best. I think some of these buildings are not in very good shape." Including her own. "Making things pretty, definitely isn't going to make things better." Katherine has already made a few minor changes.

Megan nods slightly. "Well…. since the people I'm volunteering with want to actually help and not just pretty it up…. I'm standing here making mental notes about what that will take." She smiles faintly and holds out her hand. "Megan Young. And you are?"

Katherine's eyes watches the hand slip forward. Most would have the instincts to reach for it, but it takes a few moments before it registers in her mind that she should do the same. As her hand reaches for the other and gives it a firm shake, she introduces herself. "Kat Marks." Funny thing that before the 'accident' she never introduced herself as that, but always with her full name. Shortened, however, Kat recently has come to acquire a taste for it. "Since I live here, if you ever need any more help you can just ask. I like to help when I can."

Megan smiles. "Well, I'm pretty sure we'll be taking you up on that. This effort isn't going to be us coming in here and cleaning up the mess. It's going to be us donating our time and energy to help the people who live here clean up the mess. To take back their neighborhood. If all of you don't step up…. it's going to fail. Abysmally." She studies Kat. "It's nice to meet you."

"It's nice to meet you too." Katherine studies the building for a long moment. "I'm not too certain how many around here really care to clean up. Or it would have been done already." She runs her fingers across the grated fence that borders the building, removing the rust and fixing the small dents that have accumulated. It's a subtle gesture, almost done without thinking. "Sometimes a mess gets to be too big and you wonder if it can be taken care of at all. Some give up. Some continue to try. Some add to the problem." It's not the best neighorhood to live in, but it's her home for now. "I guess we have to try and convince some of the others to come to our side."

"That's what this is all about, Kat Marks," Megan says quietly. "Convincing them that they can. And maybe they need a little help. And maybe the effort's doomed to fail because of apathy. But… we won't know until we try, will we?" She looks around at the place and says quietly, "I've seen worse. I've lived in worse. This can be done."

Katherine pulls her backpack from her shoulder and reaches into it and tears a piece of paper from her notebook and grabs a pen and scribbles some information on the paper before offering it to Megan. "Here. My address and phone number. If you come out to work and need help, just call. I'll come help. It's the right thing to do." And that's what it's all about, right?"

Megan takes the paper and nods slightly. "I'll pass it on," she promises quietly. Taking one last look around the area, she glances back toward the house where she just made her house call and then back at Kat. "Have a good night," she tells the other woman. And then she pivots on her heel and heads toward her car. The paper is stowed safely in her jacket pocket as she goes.

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