A Christmas Witch S Wish



Scene Title A Christmas Witch's Wish
Synopsis Sometimes words aren't needed
Date December 24, 2019

Raytech NYCSZ Branch Office and Corperate Housing

It's the night before Christmas, and throughout all the labs, not a creature was stirring, other than the night guard. With kids a bed, dreams of presents perhaps in head, at least one soul was preparing. SPOTs moving a flutter, putting things outside of doors, and readying breakfast tables (for someone else to cook, lest disaster be had). Alarms checked and doors secured, Alia nods once more as the works continue. It isn't her holiday, that was a few days before.

So instead, she made sure those whom made this place home would be able to have a day merry and bright. A stocking for each resident quietly pinned to each door with little treats inside. And in the lunchroom, a raptor with a Santa cap held up a banner reading "Happy Holidays". Festive tablecloths placed with precision and care, and coffee and cocoa ready to make. With a smile, back to bed went a technopath, silently, wordlessly, wishing for the smiles that morning would bring.

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