A Clean Mind


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Scene Title A Clean Mind
Synopsis As suggested, Abigail goes to Kaylee and has her look to see if Susan as tampered with the southern girls mind.
Date July 16, 2010

Gun Hill: Kaylee's Apartment

At least with the onset of darkness, the temperatures within the one room apartment cool down to something a bit more bearable. Between school and other projects, Kaylee has yet to corner Doyle to help her put the window cooler in. So instead a giant silver floor fan hums loudly, pushing the air around the living room helping a little and Kaylee is dressed in doubled up tank tops and a pair of light khaki shorts.

Her puppy Missy has as least moved from in front of the fan and planted herself on the couch, sprawled out as far as she can, claiming it as her own. Her sides rise and fall quickly as she pants away the heat.

Some B-52's plays softly in the background, which the telepath bops too, that tight blonde pony tail bouncing on the back of her head. Standing in the kitchen, Kaylee Thatcher is working on pouring a pair of iced sweet teas. "So… exactly what brings your around?" Picking up the glasses, the telepath makes her way back into the livingroom, looking at Abigail. "And… sorry about it being warm in here." It's offered sheepishly as she sets the glass in front of the other woman, a glance goign to the box near the window.

"It's okay, trust me, I can take a little heat" Abigail comforts. "I can come around tomorrow and help you get the unit up in the window, I'm pretty handy with things like that" The blonde offers, delighted at the sweet tea prospects. "Or you can come study in my place, it's got air too, so it's nice. You could bring mIssy to see her brother"

Tank top, black strap showing out from underneath and across shoulder, khaki skirt and flip flops. She was nice and brought pastries from a shop before stopping by. "How good are you at being prodded Mentally. Like, do you know if your susceptible, because of your ability or is it harder folks to mess with your mind?"

"Thanks, I just need to corner Eric, but I've been so busy with the summer classes starting to come to a close." Kaylee wrinkles her nose a bit. "Finals around the corner and all that." Setting her own glass down, she shoves Missy over so she can sit down. "But I may bring Missy over at least." Her hand runs over the rusty fur, the puppy lifting her head to look at the telepath. "She needs to socialize, the trainer said… at least so she'll tolerate people. She likes Eric and Joseph alright so far… doesn't care much for Sable." The words trail off and she glances at Abby, turning thoughtful.

"I've… for the most part able to tell if I'm being poked at. Even when this one guy Maury was in my head… I knew someone was in there… the Company founder that made me allergic to Adam Monroe I… knew she did something but not what. Other times I've been able to fight off mental attacks.. like the guy that attacked Melissa. He tried to put us to sleep. So… I guess it depends on various factors." The blonde picks up her glass and cradles it in both hands, giving the other blonde a curious look. "Why?"

"Think you can look in my head and tell me if I've been messed with? Someone who's put a suggestion or something of the sort, decided to make me forget something? I was talking with Peter about something, something that actually concerns you. He said I needed to come to you and have you poke, before we did anything further" Her fingers curl around the glass of amber liquid with it's ice cubes suspended picture perfectly.

The mention of Peter has blonde brows pulling down into a frown, her gaze drifting down to her glass. "He.. sent you, huh?" Her tone a touch flat, but then she sighs giving Abby a small smile. "Yeah. I can look around and see if anything stands out." Climbing to her feet, Kaylee glances over to a shelf of photos, just a glance would tell Abby that — just like Peter — there is a picture of the two among others sitting there. Many friends, some family.

The sweating glass is set down on the table, before she climbs to her feet, damp hands rubbed on the front of her shorts. "It's easier with touch." Moving to sit on the coffee table Kaylee gives her a crooked smile, her hands lifting to settles finger tips against the other's temple. Eyes slide shut even as Abby can feel a little pressure, something Kaylee uses so that people don't wonder.

Slowly her head turns a little one way… then the other as she skims through the other woman's memories. "Nothing… seems off. I don't think she's done anything to do. Nothing that looks like blocked memories… or anything of the sort."

"No, Kaylee, Peter didn't send me. Peter said you might be one of a few who can do what I need done. I'm not here on Peter's behalf or anything of the sort. I'm here on my behalf because there's something hinky going on. Peter is not the be all and end all of everything in this world Kaylee. He's just a guy who's brain I picked about my brain"

There's a settling of her hands in her lap, closing of her eye's and a few inhales, exhales, relaxing. She knows from Parkman what to expect, the feel of someone rummaging, peering here and there as if her mind were some literal cabinet stuffed with papers that were memories and thoughts.

A baby laid on a blanket and Aby's fingers tickle the stomach eliciting sounds from the infant. Fingers drumming on a steering wheel while waiting for a light to turn green, the busy dashboard of an ambulance. Looking at boxes in the Terminal with Eileen, discussing the medical supplies.

Back back back, and nothing, like Kaylee said. There's a relieved sigh from the younger blonde as Kaylee gives her verdict. "No triggers or anything of the like, waiting? I didn't think there'd be but Peter made a pretty good case for it"

Once she's out of Abby's head, Kaylee opens an eye to give her an amused look. "Didn't say Peter was, but… either way. He was right about sending you to me." The other eyes opens and she lets her hands drop to settle cross on her lap. "No triggers…" It's added as an after thought. "At least that I can tell."

Kaylee's shoulders shrug slowly. "Clean as far as I can tell… unless they are just that good."

Hand go to the table and she pushes to her feet, scooting out from in front of Abby and heading for the tiny kitchen again, but this time for Ibuprofen. The bottle is given a shake to check the content, the pills inside rattling.

"If it's what I think, then no, you're good enough. I'll take some of those too, this day has been a real piece of work, if there's not enough, don't worry, I'll manage. Hey kay, this is your only place to stay right?" A glance around. "If I asked you to relocate, some place that wasn't a ferry safe house, for about two weeks, would you?"

"This is my home yeah, everyone is here in the building it seems like. Joseph, Eric… Colette. I'm able to keep an eye on them here. ake sure Joseph doesn't hole up in his apartment, even if it's or somethign as silly as walking the dogs." The telepath sends a sheepish smile her way, and brings the bottle with her, offering it out to the other blonde. Eyes travel around the apartment she's finally getting into shape and making livable.

"Not sure where I'd go if I relocated, so I guess it would depend on what would warrant it?" Gaze drops back to Abigail a brow twitching up with her curiosity. "Is… something up?"
"Maybe" Abigail concedes. "It's looking more and more like it. I'm getting worried actually" She launches in then, shaking two tablets out for herself, about the day out in Queens, about what was overheard, susan and the boys words about taking care of Kaylee. Through it all she goes, about Hana, the text message back, Susan and the Garden with the negation laced tea. This is brought up by noah and his high praise of Susan, the lack of the two men back from their little trip and the incident that happened in central park that made the papers.

What Abby lays down for her, has the telepath looking dumbfounded by the end of it. Even after the other woman has let off what she has to say, Kaylee is quiet, jaw clenching tightly. "Have… you told Eileen?" Even she knows it's a stupid question, so she slowly shakes her head. "Never mind, sorry… I should know better then that."

There is soft sigh, "Your worried she's going to come after me to try and mess with my head?" Brows lift slightly, before furrowing again. "I could look into others heads, but… without permission from the party in question, I could get dumped out the Ferrymen. I made a promise to some of the senior members… and I doubt someone like Hana or Noah — two rather scary people to begin with — would let me to peek."

"And there you find the crux of the problem. I don't know who to go to in the Ferry. Eileen, probably. This is gonna have to wait until we see if Central Park has anything to do with it, whether it's just me being paranoid. The problem too is that.. if she is doing something, say she's a telepath like Matt, or she's jsut someone who can rip around and plant suggestions, then… She's been undermining the Ferry for a LONG time. She'd a fed too, so she could be this.. leak that everyone says we have. I don't know what to do. I'm worried for Delilah, she's preggo in the eggo as they say and… if someone decides to clean up loose ends…" Abby'll likely just turn to freaking fire is all, lets see them try to kill that.

"If it comes down to it, see if she'll stay here for a little bit." Kaylee smiles a bit. "Got plenty of space in this building. With all of is in the building, we can't not be able to protect ourselves, especially if you tell others, such as Eric."

Lips press together and her gaze drops to her glass on the table, "When it comes to people I feel I can go to… tends to be the Remnants. Raith… Eileen… People that at least can take a stand if need be." Kaylee shrugs a bit and gives her a lop-sided smile. "I'm not sure how well, I'd be going up against her if it came down to it. But you know I'd try." The telepath states with a matter of fact look, the glass picked up again, leaving a wide round circle of water on the table.

'This is speculation too Kaylee. I could be… I could be totally wrong, this wouldn't be the first time that I've just plain been off my rocker. I still need to go see Francois. He's just been peripherally involved with the Ferry and I trust him to have an objective view. I'm too close to the situation, I mean, I think Raith though I was being screwy. I don't know if Eileen or Raith have been messed with, or if it would have been feasible for them to have been messed with. I mean… who can you trust in the Ferry when… you don't know what's really being done and all you have is a conversation overheard that was only part of it and then … a newspaper article"

Abby shakes her head. "I should drop it but then… then I can't. I can't tell Eric. You can't tell eric, but if you can, if you see folks here, ask them if you can peek. Make up some excuse, what have you, get their permission. Just start with the folks here, at least if we know folks ehre haven't been messed with, we have a small group to start with. We can tell them later, if there actually turns out to be something"

"I never let people convince me that Joseph was just probably off doing something, not kidnapped." Kaylee points out, brows lifting a little. "If you feel this strongly then, yeah… keep at it. I'm behind you… I'm sure others are too. Everyone will fall into line after that."

Eyes glances upward in thought, listening to the humming minds around her. "Yeah… I'll… see what I can come up with. Sable is easy, the woman wants me to dig around in her head." That fact amuses the telepath a lot. "Send people to me if need be, if they agree. I'll take a look, just make sure I know what the excuse is." She makes a zipping motions with her fingers. "This is safe with me."

When she goes to take a sip of her sweet tea, something occurs to Kaylee. "The other day she came here looking to talk to Odessa… The thoughts about Odessa bouncing around in her head were not exactly pretty. Susan thinks pretty loud at times."

Susan wanted to talk to Odessa. That's not… good.

'Odessa stops time. Can stop it and you don't know at all. She kept someone from hurting me one night." Could Susan have been asking Odessa to… do something to Kaylee? "Check Odessa. But.. bring.. bring doyle with you. check out doyle and if he's clean, take him with you. I wish you could take a negator with you but.. but just check her out. Even if you have to do it on the sly. Odessa of all people would understand and you tell her that it was me who needed it down. What exactly was she thinking about ODessa?" There's an even more sinking churning feeling in her stomach.

Kaylee lets her eyes slide shut as she thinks back. "It was all… disdain really. Calling her things such as… Unreliable, self-centered, narcissistic — " The words echo in Abby's head in Susan's voice, a faint sense of being out in the heat, the blurred images of the buildings front steps. In her concentration, Kaylee is leaking a bit, mentally. "And something more broken up once she was getting out of range about how it should have been such a simple… something or another…"

She lets out a long sigh. "Nothing useful unfortunately." Kaylee spreads her hands a little in a helpless gesture. "I just remember that she had been there looking."

This was all very mystery suspense movie-ish. This all felt like it should be in one of Mel's mystery movies that she brings over. "We'll start. Start with Odessa, and the folks here. If Central park just turns out to be some gang thing then… then I'll drop this and go back to little proper abby the perfect ferryman and forget it ever happened" She promsies out loud to herself, Kaylee as her witness. "I should get going, I have to go pick up Kasha and.. see if Francois is home, he's my last stop in all this. Just.. you be careful of yourself okay, don't go do this checking alone, bring someone along with you"

"Alright." The word said in a sigh, Kaylee isn't sure how the hell she's going to do what's asked of her, but… she'll give it a shot. "And I will… just in case. Eric's probably the one I'll drag along." Climbing to her feet, Kaylee sets her glass on the table. She's proud of herself… she didn't asks all sorts of questions about Peter… maybe she's definitely getting over him. There is some relief to that.

"Let me show you out… oh… and thank you for the sweets." Kaylee glances back at the offerings. "I don't normally allow myself the luxury since I'm on a tight budget."

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