A Cop, A Paramedic, and a Fireman Walk Into a Bar..


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Scene Title A Cop, A Paramedic, and a Fireman Walk Into a Bar..
Synopsis Nobody suspects the SCOUT inquisition, not even the Captains Brother, an ususpecting Fireman, or the healer who's just trying to do a good deed and proove she's not biased or intolerant.
Date December 22, 2008

Morningside Heights

Morningside Heights was and is still known for its high density of educational institutions. Most of the neighborhood is owned by Columbia University; the rest is shared with Barnard College, the Manhattan School of Music, the Teachers College, Columbia Greenhouse nursery school, and a variety of religious seminaries.

In addition to places like the Cathedral of St. John the Divine and Morningside Park, the neighborhood boasts a variety of restaurants and clubs, excellent bookstores, and Mondel Chocolates, selling handmade chocolate candies even today.

Before the bomb, Morningside Heights was dominated by students. That is still the case today, but their majority is now far smaller — with Morningside being one of the neighborhoods least affected by the explosion, it has become a very popular place to live. Housing is extremely expensive, but people are willing to pay through the nose for a place they know is safe and sound — at least in structural terms. Population density is high; like everywhere else in the city, so is crime, although Morningside's biggest problems are theft and embezzlement. Along with the consequences of college parties and/or pranks.

Late afternoon this close to Christmas, it might as well be midnight. The darkness has dropped, a star or two finds a hole in the overcast to twinkle through and people are hurrying home from a long day of working and shopping, heads held down as they wander the sidewalks, clouds of breath around their mouths. What little flakes of snow making it down to the ground linger in a hair there, a bag there, but nothing major today.

James is just heading out of the main entrance of St. Luke's hospital, having left his uniform in his locker in favour of flannel shirt, jeans and a thick leatherjacket pulled up against the cool of the air. "Yeah, you too, Mike. Take care, tell the family merry Christmas, alright?" he waves his colleage off, turning his attention towards the road, pulling on a pair of gloves against the cool in the air.

Danny is not far behind James. He's been to visit a friend, smoke inhalation, after yet another fire from the other night. Hands shoved in his pockets, he just looks tired as he begins to trudge out. But then, it seems like the whole world is trying to burn down the City, Manhattan specifically. Trying to keep that from happening? A more-than-fulltime job.

Tires roll to a stop, as a quick clip of a siren sounds off from a slick black BMW. A red light flashing momentarily from the interior. The car stops quite close to James and Danny, parking by the sidewalk. The door is opened…

And out steps Captain William. The lead SCOUT officer, the man has a light smile on his face, his eyes rolling to james. The door is shut behind him as the Officer makes his way around the front of the car towards James. "Bonjour." He says simply.

Abby's been resting. Not the conrad or Sergie defenition of resting, but the Abby defenition of resting. Which means she's bundled up, parked on one of the benches outside the hospital while she watches the paramedics drive in, then out, EMT's, all the emergency personel. Three empty redbulls on the bench beside her gather snow, as does her, a little buildup on her shoulders and in her hair. Blue eyes switch to james as he exits, then Danny. Finally Williams when the BMW pulls up. Something niggling at her about him when he hops out of the car and she gets a good look.

"Bonjour, William." James replies, a wide grin spreading on his face as he comes to a halt and greets his brother, reaching out an arm for a brief one-arm squeeze if Ze Captain of Ze Guards don't watches himself. "I take it your voicemail actually works, or you just dropping by to say merry Christmas?" he asks, leaning back to have himself a good look at William.

Danny doesn't seem to be paying attention to the family reunion, until he's almost on top of the pair and it's only with an outstretch hand and a near ballet move that he avoids blundering into them. "Damn. Sorry, sorry. In my own world," he tells them. "I getcha?" He's pretty sure he didn't, but just in case.

"It works." William returns plainly, returning the gesture to his younger brother. "But, I was stopping by to make sure you come have dinner with us. Lysette and I. The three of us can have Christmas together." William proposes, the Captain is quickly sidestepping once the ballet dancer moves their way and gives him leeway to move about. "You're fine, no problem." He responds, offering the smallest of smiles to the man.

Cop, Cop from the park. Like way back. The red bulls are gathered, tossed into a garbage can before the blonde heaves herself up from the bench. her step sare sure, hand slid into her pockets as she comes up to the group. "Sorry, to disturb. One of you is a paramedic, yes? or an Emt? Something of that sort?" The tired blue eyes switch from person to person. not william, he's a cop. The other two though, one of them. A shy soft smile on her face.

James blinks, as his step back nearly brings him into Danny's previous path, and turns his head to the man. "No worries, man. No harm done." he offers, a somewhat wider smile on his own face. "A dinner for three sounds great, tho." he then continues, turning back towards William to reply. "If we can make it lunch instead of dinner, I'm in. I had to cover a shift, you know how it is."

Then, out of nowhere, someone is asking for an EMT, and he turns his gaze over to Abby. "Um, what kind of assistance do you need, miss?" He's -technically- just now comming off his shift, but if someone's hurt.. well. You don't have to be on-duty to do your job.

"My bad," Danny says as he makes sure everyone's all right. He takes a moment to step back, so there's not a repeat performance. When the girl speaks up, he shakes his head, starts to answer, but James seems to have things in hand, at least for right now.

"Yes, he is an EMT. The very best." William says proudly to the woman as she approaches the group of men. He is dressed in his SCOUT uniform, which is a glorified SWAT suit. It must be uncomfortable, though he doesn't seem to mind it. His eyes flick to his younger brother again. "By the way.. I was wondering if you could take a look at a bullet wound.." He hums, arching a brow. "I could use your help.." Again. It's not the first time William has brought his scrapes to his younger brother.

"Oh, no, no assistance. I'm not hurt. I've been watching, people brought in, and you come out, and you sir" There's a polite gesture to Danny. "I've been watching for a while and i'm just curious how.. you know, you like your jobs" Williams uniform catches her eye. "Hows Elisabeth, Harrison?" Abby cants her head to the side, that direct Williams away more as an afterthought.

James oh's, and is about to come up with something intelligent to say in response to the young lady, when his brother snaps his attention straight back. Yes, it seems like theoretical questions about his occupation will have to wait, in favor for more practical uses, or possibly he's going to trust Danny to come up with something more interesting than a breath.

His smile fades some, even, and he gets something just a little tense around his eyes. A sign of worry. William is not in the habit of bringing the -small- stuff for a band-aid and a kiss-better, and why he rides here on his own rather than call for an ambulance and start getting proper treatment right away, James will never really understand. "Did you get…?" He pauses, glancing to Abby and Danny, before he continues, murmuring in French, «Let's just get indoors, please? What happened?»

Danny raises his brows at Abby, but shrugs a little. He tells her, "I like mine. It's hard work, specially here lately. It's like that poem about the world ending in fire or ice. Right now? I'd tell you fire." Another shrug, "It's hard work, though." He glances sidelong to the brothers, before looking back to Abby. "Why do you ask?"

William's head moves to the side as he studies the girl. What an odd question… He glances to James, then to the other man. And then his face really screws up when she asks about Elisabeth. "She's fine." He says in a guarded tone, eyeing the woman suspiciously. He glances back to James. "«It's no problem. I got shot at a raid. Just want to you know, speed it up.»" He says, gesturing with his hand. Then he looks to Danny, slipping back into english. "Are you an EMT as well?"

'Good. Was gonan visit someone else just, you know" A gesture to the uniform. "Your one of hers" Her blue eyes flip to Danny, the small grin there "Thinking about.. going to school for it.. wait… are you shot…" Abby's voice tapers off, gaze going from Danny, to james, then William. Shot people don't stand upright. Not the ones she knows. She's eyeing him up and down, looking for some sign of blood, a hole, something.

«Speed it up.» James replies by repeating this, his face going dead-pan for the briefest of moments, and then he breathes in, nodding. He knows full well that if he doesn't help William, he'll just go back to work, most likely, stubborn brother. «Of course.» Then he glances over to Abby, realising that they're out on the street, and in a town like this, French isn't going to help entirely. "Yeah, Will here has a way of expressing himself that is all his own. We're going to get a translation into print, sometime soon. But we really should get going, lunches to plan and what not." His smile returns, however briefly, as he makes a move towards William's elbow. "Merry Christmas, you guys."

"No," Danny asides to William. "Fireman," as he turns to focus on the man, he tilting this way and that, as if trying to figure something out. Still he looks to Abby, then back to William. He lifts a hand to the departing brothers, "Merry Christmas."

Shaking his head to Abby, the man waves a dismissive hand. "I am fine. My brother here just has a special talent." William says once again, proudly. "«It's just a pain to be running around with. I also have a woman I would like you take a look at..»" And as if on cue. "How do you know Elisabeth Harrison?" He asks, scrutinizing Abby.

"Ah. Helping out the city." William says with a little crinkle of a smile to Danny. Though he doesn't allow James to drag him away just yet. "Captain William Harvard." He says, offering a gloved hand to the other man in greeting.

"She's a friend. Looks out for me." She doesn't break her gaze from William as she answers. Decide, debate, right here. Does she? Does she not. Felix's words haunt her a bit. What, you don't like cops? "Bullet go through, or still in you? If it's out" Already she's pulling her hand from her pockets, plucks on the fingers to loosen them so she can release them from the gloves and offer her hand to William to take after he's done shaking Danny's. "Shake my hand. Trust me. Your brother…." She looks to James then back to William. "… Can look at you afterwards"

"Danny. Danny Rhodes, nice to meetcha," he offers automatically, as he brings one of his hands out of his pockets for a shake. He looks from person to person to person, shaking his head a little. Looks like he's just rolling with what's happening.

One can't say that James didn't try, at least. Finding his brother choosing this, of all times, to be sociable, he pauses up for a moment, narrowing his eyes as he draws a line between dot one and two, «This 'Liz' from your office we're talking about?» he asks of William, in amidst the other questions going on here, and then he focuses on Abby. So, this might be who she was talking about, if we connect dot three and four. We're getting a pretty picture here, soon, just a few more dots. And where the heck does this pattern fit in with the rest? "Well, yes, I can probably wait, considering that he's still on his feet, but as you might understand, I'm not really all that thrilled about taking chances with that, miss…?"

"Really? A friend? Looks out for you." Interesting. His hand unclasps from Danny's, his gaze going to Abby intently. "Nice to meet you Danny, thank you for your work.." He says distractedly. William raises his hand dismissively. "Stop worrying Jamie. It's been a week at least. I'm fine." He says a bit irritated. "I just—-" He glances down at Abby's hand. Gives a sideways glance to Abby before degloving his hand and offering it to Abby, slowly.

Danny frowns faintly, either at the distraction or possibly something else. Either way, he falls silent and recovers his hand. He goes back to studying William.

"It's okay, I promise I won't hurt your brother. Just.. I promise. Have faith" Her lips move quietly, quickly, just a little prayer as her hand closes on Williams and she keeps it there. Thumb wrapped aroudn the top of his hands, the tips of her fingers around the other side, a simple handshake. Not so simple to William, simple to the others. The moment of contact, subtle warmth spreads, the slight tingling and she holds him fast, settling her blue eyes on the other mans. "Have faith"

James arches an eyebrow, but if William wants to linger around a week in hurt before he gets some help with hurting, well… fine. He just looks somewhat less happy then, wrapping his arms across his chest as he waits, quietly, watching the exchange, just a touch of worry lingering about what visibile frazzled edges he has. Unlike his brother, he's more into wearing his heart on his sleeve, or in lack of such, on his wrist.

One brow arches high as Abby's contact is made. His gaze switches back to James. "«She does what you do.»" He comments, a bit of shock in his tone. Then he looks back to Abby. "Thank you ma'am. May I see your registration card, please?" The Captain asks kindly, as he scrutinizes the woman.

Danny pauses, looking from Abby to William, surprised. Another shake of his head. He might even take a step backward. This looks like it's going from zero to awkward in about 1.2 seconds.

Her hands still in his waiting for the telltale trickle to end. "Sorry, don't have one. Not Evolved" Despite Elisabeth's try's to make her see it as both god given and 'evolved' "Faith healer. I lay on hands. Just a moment, maybe two then you'll be done and your brother can go look over you, I promise"

James's eyebrows both hike further up at William's french, and then he looks between Abby and Will for a moment, then over to Danny. Well, that wasn't really expected, but.. "That's why you're thinking about becomming an EMT, miss?" Well, she did mention this, even if he really wasn't listening at the time. This does, however, nothing to lessen that worrysome crinkle around his eyes.

William smirks just a little bit, his brows arching. "I'm sorry ma'am. But.." Wow. "You are mistaken." He glances over to James. "My brother here can do the same thing you can do. Roughly." Is she trying to lie to him or is she really that… naieve? "You're going to have to be registered. Please, come with me." He says, gesturing to the slick black BMW. He finally brings his hand away from Abby. Regloving himself. He gives James a quizzical look. "«I can't tell if she's serious. Explain to her or something.»" His best way of saying 'fixit'.
Danny continues to watch the unfolding drama, with a touch of incredulity. Still, he stays where he is, waiting to see how it's resolved. And he resolves yet again, not to show off and to keep his damn mouth shut.

'Evovled don't need to pray to god to heal" Abby glances at James. "Do you? Because I do. He won't give it, till I ask and even then. So no, i'm not mistaken" She's regloving too, slipping hands back into pockets. "Faith healing. Jesus did it, others have done it. If you don't believe, thats fine. You don't have to believe. Just I have to believe" Her blue eyes flicker to Danny before settling back on William.

«One of these days, you're going to get us killed by an angry mob with pitchforks, you know that, right?» For all his wish to trust the people in the world with not being total dastards, James wasn't born yesterday and he has been into a warzone before. Not entirely unlike New York can be, these days, and people living in those places can be… unpredictable. Still, he doesn't sound angry, nor upset. Just a little… resigned. The french reply is followed by James switching back to English, turning his attention more properly to Abby, poor Danny left to his own devices as long as he decides to not suddenly jump up and declare his anti-Evolved opinions. The drama, indeed.

"Actually, I think it's something better sorted out somewhere else than in the middle of the street. And no, I don't have to pray. It's just… It's something I do. A bit of myself goes to help fix what's wrong, and people can get better." Not always, no. "But I think it'd be best if you followed with us, we can get some coffee on the way, go down to the office and get things sorted out. If nothing else, you can make faces at both of us when they're done and say there's nothing Evolved by it, and I'll follow you to Church for mass on Christmas morning." Straight face 'n all, the boy ain't tellning stories, all honest, focused on her face.

"Regardless. You're going to need to take a seat in the car, ma'am." William says, a little more sternly now. Though his attention flicks to James. The younger of the pair apparently getting the tact and more compassionate traits, obviously. William gives a nod. "Exactly." He then looks to Danny. "Nice to meet you again, Mr. Rhodes. Again, thank you for your work." With that the Captain walks back to the black vehicle, the back door opened smoothly as the man gestures to the woman to enter. "James, you can take shotgun."

"You're welcome," Danny offers. He's been given an out. So, excuse him as he begins to drift away, after all he was effectively dismissed. Poor kid. "Merry Christmas again."

"Christmas Eve, Wednesday. I go on Christmas eve, not Christmas morning. Christmas morning is for Catholics. I'm not Catholic. I'll be at St. Luke on sunday" They don't believe, take a chance on cops. Thank you Felix. And now Elisabeth is likely to get read the riot act. Abby sighs resignedly, a dip of her head to Danny. "Pleasure to meet you sir. Take care, Happy Holidays" Before the blonde resignedly makes her way to the open door. She kicks the snow off one boot, then the other against the tire so that there's less slush and who knwos what on the mats int he back of the expensive car. Not exactly the way she had ever invisioned this happening if she had to, but hey, no cuffs.

James 'ah's, offering a nod to the correction to his assumption, as well as making a mental note of it. Because… well. No because, really. He just does. "Be well, sir, and merry Christmas, again." he offers along with a smile and a friendly wave to Danny, as he moves to follow his brother and their new acquaintance towards the car. Going for shotgun, without objections or any visible glee at the prospect, he doesn't seem much worried about what little slush there might be on his boots - if anything, the floor is gonna get wet, and he's got other worries at the moment. Like… "There'd better be coffee where we are going. I'm just off a shift, Wills." If they don't want him to fall asleep somewhere on a waitingroom chair, they better make it black, hot and strong, too.

Closing the door after Abby, William allows James to close his own door. The first thing Abby is likely to notice is the cage that seperates the back and the front seats. The elder Harvard makes his way to the driver's seat. Opening the door, sliding in, and the ignition is on. The car is moving.

For now, James words go ignored. "What was your name again ma'am? And could you please redefine your relationship with Elisabeth Harrison? How do you know her?"

Danny heads for his car. Yep. Another shining example of our finest at work. He disappears into the bowels of hospital parking.

'Abigail. I was a waitress at a reataurant she frequents" Her purse sits on her lap, hands crossed, one on top of the other over that purse. Her gaze goes to the cityscape that passes them and not the cage. Though.. BMW, with a cage. SCOUT is surely loved, or it's a personal modification. "Leave her out of this please"

James leans back into his seat for a moment, looking over his shoulder at the now named Abigail, and then back to his brother. Hmm. However, he has and will expect of William to not instruct him how to bandage and take care of wounds, so he's going to stay quiet for now. Pinching at the bridge of his nose for a moment, before stiffling a yawn. Oh, this is gonna be a wonderful, long evening.
Danny has left.

"Abigail." William says coolly as he maneuvers the vehicle. His brows arch. "You're very strong headed Abigail. I don't meet women very often who feel its alright to tell Police Officers what to do. Now, I am not going to leave Elisabeth out of it. I apologize. She's never told me about you. Why is that?" William asks, he's on to something..

'Because she's been trying to do exactly what your going to make me do" Abby answers. It's simple, soft. "I'm not strong headed. I'm strong willed. She's got much on her plate right now, she doesn't need this. Your brother needs caffine. He's been helping people. I have a redbull left if you want it" Her lips are pursed, resting temple on the cool glass. Teo was gonna kick her ass.

James looks out the window on his side, trying to hide the fact that the corners of his lips are pulling upwards, and the look on his face going from resigned towards amused. "Oh, no, you hang on to that, miss. I'll make due with some regular coffee when we get there." he replies, clearing his throat once. Then, in a murmur, he continues, «Brother, you don't think an interrogation regarding her relation to Liz,» Since William didn't respond earlier, he simply assumed that was the case. «who by the sounds of it didn't want to cuff her up and force her anywhere, is slightly outside of bringing her in for Registration?» No, he's not going to ask in English, because he's not going to openly question his brother's authority. He still -is- the younger brother here, even if he mostly forgets to act it.

"«This is over your head Jamie. Elisabeth has been up to something. I don't know what. She has an informant, an informant she won't hand over to me. I suspect there is more I can find out if I find out what Elisabeth is hiding. This could very possibly be the break I've been looking for, Jamie. This is not just about registration. She clearly has some psychological or mental issues. That is for psychiatrists to figure out, not me.»" Comes the French reply, before William half turns his head over his shoulder indicating he is ready to speak to Abigail.

"Ma'am. Please try to cooperate. Now, please, tell me. Why wouldn't Elisabeth tell me about you? How well do you know her?"

"I think officer, that I have been co-operating, or I wouldn't be patiently sitting in the back of the car here and instead running away from you as fast as I could. I've answered your questions up until now and very respectfullY and i'll still answer what I can and respectfully as your due as an officer of the Law" Her eyes search out his in the rearview mirror. "As for Elisabeth. Because I don't advertize gods gift. I don't scream to the heavens that he's blessed me and how and she respects my privacy. I know her enough to visit her when she was in the hospital like she did me, but not enough to give her a christmas present. I don't know how much better to define it"

«Of course it is over my head, Wills. I'm just saying… did it ever occur to you that you're still human, and as such, you're not supposed to know /everything/?» James sighs a little, looking over his shoulder with a touch of apology in his bodylanguage, and then shakes his head, sinking back into his seat again, resting his elbow against the inside of his window and his chin on top of his hand. He's got absolutely no reason to complain, he's along for the ride because William invited him, and he's doing the human equivalent of rolling over and baring his throat, just… with more words involved, the final protest before lying down. Fine. "You have been very accomodating, miss Abigail, really, no one's questioning that." Good paramedic, good cop? …yeah, something like that.

William's eyes roll as he makes a turn. "Abigail.." William sighs softly. She is the most difficult cooperating person he has ever met. He slips a sideways glare to his younger brother. Giving him a 'be quiet' look. Then his gaze returns to the road. "Is it possible, Abigail…" Something clicks. "What did you say your last name was, Abigail?" William asks quickly.

"I never said it. Beauchamp" Patient Abby. Sitting in the back and watching the two in front of her. "And can you please stop talking in french in front of me. It's very rude to do that. What is possible? and yes, he implied it, by asking me to be co-operative, as if I wasn't being co-operative" Abby shifts in her seat. "Despite i'm sure, the looks people are giving, seeing me in the back of a strange police car. THey're certainly not thinking good things about me. They're thinkign what i've done wrong, and criminal, same as the Officer he… " Maybe it's time to shut up again.

James isn't /all/ that surprised to find that French isn't entirely unknown. Lots of people know French, all around the globe, although the odds of Abigail knowing it were quite small. But perhaps not with a surname like that. "I'm sorry, miss, it wasn't our intention to be rude." he offers, again turning in his seat to look at her while speaking. Partially because he's speaking with her, partially because talking away from someone in a car considerably lessens the chances of your message getting across correctly. Then, since he's being, visually, asked to shut up, he's going to. For now.

"Abigail Beauchamp. You're the girl from the church attack, are'nt you?" William asks, his brows shooting up as he turns around almost the full way to face her. But remembering he is driving the car forces him to turn back and drive the vehicle. Everything else she says is inconsquential and subsequently, ignored. Though when she reprimands them he gets an incredulous look. Kids these days. No respect for authority.
"Yes" It was on the news, she was a brunette then. "It's never anyones intention. I didn't understand what you said, just that it was french"
James isn't going to elaborate on what it was that was possible, simply sitting in his seat, riding along as he waits for this car-trip to end and some coffee to be available, even the horrid stuff they usually have around places like offices and police stations. Tar, but guaranteed to keep you awake and at least semi-coherent. Simply letting William do his job, even if he doesn't entirely agree with it.

And then a wrong turn is taken. If any James or Abby are aware of where they are going they will most certainly notice, William is turning the wrong way. "Abigail." William repeats again softly, as if toying with the word on his tongue. "Whether you like it or not, you are Evolved. Look up other of your 'faith healers' none of them will be like you. It's possible you have a psychological block, thinking you need God to use your ability." William.. is obviously the more blunt of the two. "This requires registration. Now, I can sense you don't want that. So, we might be able to cut a deal. Save your arguments and tell me whether or not you're interested."

It's the wrong turn that sets the woman to stiffening, Williams words. The question about whether she was the person at the church. What was patience turns to panic in her eyes even as her fingers tighten on her bag. "You'll call whatever isn't defineable by science, as evolved. I'm not evolved, it's not some psychological block. It's my faith and god. I'll not let someone take my faith from me. What I do is divine, not scientific. Where are you taking me" She's slowly shifting to a self preservation mode. Her heart rate kicks up a notch, and her breathing quickens.

James blinks, as he turns back towards his window, noting the turn and not getting it to entirely correspond to the logical course towards their goal. And yes, William is considerably more blunt than James, but the younger brother would have thought this had been properly established by now and could be left as such rather than repeated. No luck with that, it seems. However, James is going to straighten up in his seat, give William a very sharp look, a bit of narrowed eyes and a slight tightening of his lips, and then he makes a concious effort to soften his expression before he throws a look over his shoulder at the young woman in the backseat. "…it's alright, Abigail." However much comfort that statement may be is anyone's guess, but he can't help trying to offer some, nonetheless.

"Abigail. Whether or not I believe you is inconsquential. HomeSec will define you as Evolved. HomeSec will register you. You have to understand there are people just like you. Daniel Linderman himself has the same ability you do. Just because you say prayers before you use it.." The man shrugs. "HomeSec is not as kind as I am." And William hasn't been particularly kind today. "So let's cut a deal. I have a job to do, Abigail. My job is to protect people. To get the bad guys. I suspect you know things that I don't. So let's say you and I meet up and have a casual conversation, and I'll just forget all about what you did today."

"Why? Why do you suspect that? Because I served Elisabeth coffee? Because a guy came out of the shadows and pinned me beneath a pew while he turned around and nearly stabbed my friend to death? Because Elisabeth sat beside my hospital bed and I sat beside hers? You've been asking me questions saying your taking me for a chat to a police station, but you turned right, not left. THe police station is to the right. You haven't read me my rights, and you're interrogating me. Let me out, right now. I'm just a bartender, with a gift from god. you'll call it what you like" Abby's voice grows morestrained and high as time passes, not near shrieking but definately upset and verge of something. Her hand darts to the door handle to try and pull on it to open it and get out. Screw moving car…

Hearing the sounds of Abby scrambling for the door behind him, James mutters something under his breath, half-way prepared to dive back there, or possibly out his own door. He's obviously not accustomed to police cars, with their backseat doors and, more importantly, that barrier between the front- and backseat. His usual mode of transportation has a bit more room, and less hindtrances. So, he'll turn his gaze over to his brother instead, with the very clear vibe of 'What the f**kzor, dude!?'.

Frowning deeply, William gives a sigh. "Alright. If you don't want to deal with me. Then you'll deal with Homeland Security." The man offers reluctantly. The car stops at the red light, going to make a u-turn. "I'm not interrogating you, Abigail. I asked you a few questions. Please calm down, or I will actually have to arrest you. Right now this is just a friendly escort to get you registered." William murmurs. He glances over to James, giving a shrug. "I just wanted to have a friendly talk with you Abby. If you would rather get registered that's fine with me. I was going to go drop you off. But I suppose you've made your decision?"

"Friendly talks never are friendly!" Abby snaps back. Doors locked. Or course, Cop car. "They end up with me pinned beneath pews, having to try and touch my friend so he doesn't bleed out on a floor till help arrives, or it ends up with stupid fed's who offer what your offering but can't follow through because they're dead in an alley somewhere, so pardon me for wanting the hell out of the car and not trusting you. Stop threatening me. You haveb't even shown me ID to follow through, you just have a uniform and a car"

James sighs, pinching at the bridge of his nose again and taking a bit of a breath. "Abigail… Abby, no one here is out to hurt you, and I'm not going to let anything happen to you. You have absolutely no reason to take my word for it, but I can show you my ID right now, and it will tell you that my name is James Harvard and my occupation is paramedic. That's not a job I took 'cause I like people getting hurt, that's because I like making sure people -don't- get hurt." His voice is kept at a normal tone, although perhaps dipping a little deeper from a touch of exasperation with his brother's methods. Flies. Honey. Are they going to have to have that talk, again? Or, well, he talks, William listens and then does what he thinks is best anyway, because it's his job. But. Still. "We're going back to the right way, and we can go to registration, and things can get sorted, okay?"

A deep sigh. What an annoying girl. Would information even be worth it? "Just a uniform and a car?" The man rolls his eyes. "Young lady. I am Captain William Harvard. I am not threatening you, young lady. I am telling you the facts. You are an unregistered Evolved, whether you accept that or not. As such—Certain laws must be adhered to. I am offering you an out, when all I want is a chat over soup, or coffee, or whatever you like. But young lady, you are being very difficult. I am being quite reasonable." He flits his gaze over to James. "«Don't encourage her. She's acting like a child.»"

'And when I don't have answers you like, or answers you want, it happens all over again. I've been through this" she can't play the whole I healed the president, let me go card either. "I'm not being difficult, i'm being scared. You saw what happened at the church. Sorry I don't have your constitution. ID. Please. Not like you don't have my name" She's still sharp toned, but at least she's got yanking on door handles, or trying to put her feet through the window.

James murmurs a brief "Sorry." in William's direction, although it doesn't sound entirely sincere. Still. He looks out the window, watching the people and streets outside, trying to keep himself from getting further involved in this particular discussion. He's not supposed to meddle in this. He's just a paramedic, off-duty to boot, on his way home to his cats and some sleep, really.

William's hand slides down and then produces his credentials. The badge is pressed against the cage, picture, name and all. The Captain then takes it down off the partition. "There is no need to be scared Abigail. I am a Police Officer. You're getting excited for no reason." The car goes past the next intersection, then the next.. They'll be arriving soon. "I am not a mob boss, Abigail." William says incredulously. "I am enforcing the law. You are breaking a law. Now you can help me catch the more sinister, much more dangerous people loose in the world or you can get registered and just forget this bad day. What's it going to be?"

"I can't help you catch people. Don't you understand? I don't know what you want from me, other than a list of people i've served coffee to? I don't want to Register either. I'm not evolved, i'm a faith healer. You know my name, that will get you any information you want. You'll be able to find me. Just.."' Abby shakes her head, hands coming up to rub at her face. 'Do what ever you want. I shouldn't have helped you. I should have just asked my stupid questions and let your brother take care of you" She drops her temple againt the cold glass with a dull thud, looking out the window. "all I've ever done is just heal people like he asks me to"

James isn't going to, no, he's going to stay out of it, on pain of annoying his older brother further by having opinions on how he does his job and… awww, who is he kidding? James runs a hand up his face and through his hair, and then looks to the backseat, over his shoulder. "And that's a good thing, helping people, Abigail. Don't matter what you call it, what you do. I supposedly don't heal people, I 'manipulate life-energies' or something like it, but it is what it is, whatever kind of label they put on it in a lab. That doesn't change. And it's the law, you know, being registered. Secular law, but still. The law's the law, until the people decide to change it." He lets out a sigh, starting to feel just how tired he actually is, about now he should be out of a hot shower and in his bed, with purring furballs at his feet… not still on his feet, trying to stay coherent. Letting his head fall back against the neckrest, he closes his eyes hard for a moment.

"Abigail, how about you let me decide whether or not you can help me catch people. I have questions for you. All I want from you is to meet over lunch, over coffe, I will pay and ask you some questions. And you can explain that you are not Evolved to HomeSec." William explains, bringing the car to a stop. "I want us to have a good relationship, Abigail. You decide what happens now."

"Fine" Comes finally from abby, eyes closed tight, feeling that it's some monumental error she's just made, that she's making. A very resigned "fine, wahtever you want" She opens her eyes, looking through the cage to the two brothers. "You have my name, i'll give you my number. I work nights, so don't call before noon. Can you just please let me out" Part of it is seeing the state that James is in that the blonde gives in.

James's shoulders sag a little, and he looks over to his brother by way of just turning his head where it lies, giving him a non-plussed look. Oh, he's so gonna… gonna… hide your comic-collection and tell you mom threw it out with the garbage. Or something. Sometime. Captain of SCOUT, big boss, big brother, and he has a girl sitting in the backseat, asking for 'please, sir, let me out'. It's a momentary look, though, and a momentary feeling, quite possibly a touch biased by baby-brotherness and a good dose of fatigue. He's going to stay quiet for real, this time though, and he'll move to open his door and get out of the car. Unless stopped by William, he's intending to open up the door for Abby, apparently trusting her to hand over her number.

"Of course, Abigail." William says. Parking the car on the side of the road. The Captain steps out crisply, fingering a card out of his wallet. The door is opened quickly and Abby is freed to go. Though the card is handed off. "If you have any problems, you can contact me at this cell phone at any time. There's not many that can protect you better than SCOUT, should you need it." The man says, before closing her door behind her. Giving James an eye. He gestures for the younger brother to get back into the car. The man watches him sternly until looking back to Abby. "I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable Abigail. I'm here to protect you. And I will do whatever it takes to get those who hurt you and your friend behind bars. I'll be calling you soon."

Abby crawls out of the car, the lack of iron and steel around her doing much ease some of the tension in the young womans shoulders. "Uncomfortable is an understatement" True to her own word, the religious blonde settles her purse on the trunk of the car. The red bull first is taken out, last one she brought with her and she slides it carefully over in James's direction. Then a small notepad and pen plucked from it. She scribbles her own number down, exchanging it for the business card.

Considering that James has at least a ride home ahead of him together with his brother now, and Abby's going to be free to go, no registration ahead whatever James might think about it, he's actually going to accept that Red Bull, with a bit of a thankful nod and a very quiet "You're a lifesaver, thank you." It might not give him wings, but it'll keep him coherent for another half hour, and that's all he asks for, really. Then, after a quick glance over in the direction of his brother, he's going to get back into the car, shotgun, and sit down and be quiet. …he didn't do nothing. Honest. All he needs is a gorram halo.

"I apologize Abigail. But think how many you can save just by talking to me." William says in response, taking the piece of paper, handing off his own card. With that he gives Abby a little smile before going back into his vehicle. Shutting the door, he glances over to James. "«I hate my job.»"

Abby moves over onto the sidewalk a nod for James, grateful that he's taking the drink and a somewhat sullen look to the SCOUT captain. It's only when he's safely ensconced back in his car that abby even deigns to murmur "More than you know befor eI ever opene dmy mouth to you" The card is tucked away though, hands shoved into her pockets and she starts swiftly walking away from the BMW.
«So don't bully girls into giving you their phonenumber. Asking her out to dinner, or a movie, or some sort of social activity probably would have been easier than kidnapping her and threatening to Register and hand her over to HomeSec.» It's hard to tell if he's kidding or not, as James replies in quiet dead-pan, watching in the rearview mirror as Abigail walks away, making sure she's actually heading away before he looks over to William, giving him his full attention, absently opening up the Red Bull. "N'est ce pas?"

"«Faith healing James. Faith Healing. She was obviously evolved. How can someone possibly be so dense and alert at the same time?» William is clearly frustrated and it is being unloaded onto James. "She should be registered. It's the law James. It wasn't a threat." He mutters, starting the car back up. "I did not kidnap her. I was doing my job. If she wasn't so…" He trails off, letting the angry tone say the rest for him. His car pulls out of the spot, his eyes flicking to the rear view mirror for a moment. Then he drives on.
Abby's jogging now, heading in the direction that they came from, nary a glance behind her. It's cold, it's christmas, and she did have things to do that hadn't included being threatened and brought to the police department, much less make deals with more people. A coffee shop up the block gets her attention and digging into her purse for her wallet, the religious blonde disappears into there, presumably to stock up on more caffine.

James leans back into his seat as the car accelerates, helping himself to some caffeine as he listens to William's frustrations, nodding slightly. "I know it's the law, William." he agrees softly, "Some people just have to do those things in their own time. I'm not saying I don't think she should go on being unregistered, or murder people, or anything the law frowns upon" he hurries to add "but you can't force people at gunpoint. Then you'll end up nowhere better than certain european countries, say, 70 years ago, and isn't that what we're trying to work /against/?" Caffeine and sugar. Whomever invented that sweet goodness for your veins should be given some sort of award.

"If I used a gun, maybe it wouldn't have wasted a half hour of my time." William mutters in response. "I'll take you home. And, you should try to switch shifts around. Who's heard of a family Christmas lunch?" In truth, he himself will most likely end up working anyway that night. But the car hums off towards James neck of the woods.

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