A Crown of Daisies


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Scene Title A Crown of Daisies
Synopsis … is what Audrey vows to make Sylar if Veronica manages to gain his aid. The jaded DHS agent makes Sawyer look like Pollyanna in contrast.
Date April 19, 2010

Audrey's Apartment

It was hilarity and perhaps sad, the scene that went on when Veronica knocked on Audrey's apartment door. Dogs barked, two of them, there was a masculine bellow for someone to get the door, followed by shuffled footsteps as Audrey's voice told everyone that she could do it all by herself thank you very much. Which prompted arguments on the other side of the door,a curse when Adurey connected with one of the dogs who got in her way and a bellow for the person at the door to identify themselves.

Eventually, Veronica was let in after one of the tweedles opened the door much to Audrey's grumping and coffee was brought by all. It's a female tweedle this time at least, and one who is a lot more tolerant and not rolling her eye's at the senior agent's demands. "Agent Sawyer" Audrey's manages to pat her hands on a file and push them across the table in the direction of the company agents voice. Reports on what Audrey and Cooper had found on Samson Gray other places other than the taxidermy store. "come to stare or come to talk shop?" Blunt, but courteous. Her pale face not near relaxed nad her eyes are always moving, squinting, hoping.

The dogs are glanced at with some amusement, the 'Tweedles' and Audrey's obvious exasperation, even more amusement. However, Audrey herself receives no such glances of mirth — not that she could see them if there were any.

"It's no fun to stare if you can't see me staring, Hanson," Veronica says dryly, though she sighs, showing she doesn't find it funny at all as she stirs cream and sugar into her coffee until it's her opposite: sweet and blond. She opens the file and flips through it. "And I've been on the receiving end of an Evolved power more than once. I wouldn't laugh and I don't find it funny. I'm sorry you're going through this — it is temporary, right? If not I can see what I can do about finding someone in our database…?"

"No one knows except Sylar. I bet he's having a laugh ever since" Ever since he left her and she was found by searchers. "I'm sure if something could be done Sawyer, Parkman would have found someone. It'll come back, when it comes back, or it never will" Pale hands are clasped around the coffee mug, carefully navigating it up to her lips. A scab running all around one wrist seen when she does so, peeking from beneath the turtleneck sweater. "Till then, I have my darling tweedles. At least Joan here knows how to make decent coffee. So what's up?" Paperwork was everywhere on the table, some in front of Audrey, most of it in front of where Joan is supposed to sit and blindness, doesn't deter her. writte across the pad is a list of things to do and one of them, seems to be requisitioning information regarding sylar and antartica.

"I came to see how you were doing. I'm afraid I don't have much new. It's looking like the too-coincidental coincidence of Gray Senior and Luke Campbell is, in fact, a coincidence, given what I got from witnesses from the shelter on follow up," Veronica says, glancing down at the notepad and noting the word Antarctica. "I have a source who ran into Campbell since, but lost him again. Fuckin' kid is all over the city, but by the time I get there, or by the time we can get him away from bystanders who we don't want nuked, he gets away. If any of your people see him, take him down. He's dangerous, but I don't think he's useful to us in the Gray case — unless Samson cares enough about the kid that using him as bait might work, but … really, I doubt it."

Sawyer gives a jut of her chin to the note pad — though Audrey can't see it, of course. "I worked with him in Antarctica. What is it you wanted to know? Most of it's classified." What isn't?

"Everything" Straight ahead the agent looks, blinking but not registering any juts of chin or glances towards pads of paper. Her own hands suss out a pen, meaning to write down information about Luke but Joan is right there, to take up a different one and does it instead, underlinging it then reading it aloud to Audrey. "Thank you" Tolerable. Barely. The dogs bark at the snow outside.

"It's beyond my clearance, so i'll have to request it. I'll make sure that it's understood that if Campbell is seen, he's apprehended. He seems to have some area of effect ability, burns skin lightly. He went off in a park when Ivanov cornered him but we got nothing. Just that he went hunting with him, possibility of using him as bait is unknown, given that he attacked the guy at the shelter, but it might have been a one off provocation. Cooper! Stop barking. Ivanov, you too!"

There's an upward tic of one of Veronica's brows at the word 'everything,' and then her lips curve into a smirk at the names of the dogs. She hasn't met Cooper, though she's heard of him, and Ivanov of course she is well aware of. "Ivanov should be a cat," she points out, before picking up her coffee cup and sipping it slowly, thoughtfully.

"'Everything' is above my clearance to know about, and I was there, Hanson. I doubt you'll get everything." She frowns a little at the Tweedle there to take notes. "I don't even know everything that went down. I don't know that any one person there would be able to tell you the entire story, except maybe Petrelli, if…" If he retained Kazimir's memories, but that's another story she probably shouldn't mention.

"Gray was on another team prior to Antarctica. Madagascar. I hear he had a little slip of his good conduct while there, but was unsuccessful. "As far as what he did in Antarctica, I'm … not sure, really. But I can tell you that his team in particular were instrumental in the mission — the rest of it would have been pointless, if they failed."
"Was everyone there but me?" There's a quizzical look on her face at the revelation that Sawyer had been present. "I'll find out" She'll dog everyone and get up Parkman's ass if she has to, the determined look on her face replacing quizzical. "Petrelli told me some. Ivanov's been quiet"

Coffee carefully makes it's way again, some things easy enough to deal with if you can't see it.

"Other than that, i'm stalled on Samson gray's case. I got nothing. Cooper commented that the snow might be keeping us from finding any bodies and I have toa gree with him. Once this blizzard ends, we're going to be swimming in bodies

"There's a disturbing thought. Spring thaw and a city full of corpses," Veronica says with a grimace. "Hopefully with people staying in, he's limited in what he's running into, but … with shelters and such housing people by the hundred, I'd have to say that's just wishful thinking." She taps her short-manicured nails on the ceramic mug a couple of times. "I've actually been thinking of trying to use the contacts I made to get a hold of him," she says, cautiously, eyes watching Audrey's face for a reaction. "See if there's a chance he'll work with us — appeal to … well, it's not good for him that someone else is out there doing this stuff. And I think he really is trying to be a different person — he could have killed you."

"He didn't kill me because he considered me not a threat and just wanted to know who told me that he's capable of producing clones and where his one copy was Agent Sawyer. I don't care that he helped with whatever in Antartica, Gabriel Gray, Sylar is a wanted criminal and is responsible for the deaths of thousands."

"Most of the wanted criminals who helped in Antarctica," Veronica says, wrapping her hands around the mug, "were clean slated for doing so. His being there saved thousands, even millions of people, Audrey." She's not lecturing the other woman — it's spoken matter-of-factly in her husky voice. "I didn't work with him much and on the ship, I never interacted with him — I stayed mostly to myself, as you can imagine I wouldn't be popular among many of the others." Ferry and Phoenix and the like. "But I can tell you that the one act I was witness to, early in our mission in Antarctica, potentially saved the rest of the mission. We might not have succeeded in the first step if he hadn't have been there. I don't know what he did in the stage his team took part in, not the specifics. Petrelli might be able to tell you, but I can't, even if I wanted to. I simply don't have the information."

Veronica leans back, bringing the coffee cup to her lips to sip again. "What he did in Antarctica can't erase the lives he took and for selfish reasons, but it's possible he has enough control over his power that he's no longer mad. And if the government says he's not wanted anymore… what can we do? We can ask for his help, give him a chance to earn his keep as a free man." She pauses, something finally clicking. "Clone?"

"There wasno pardon for him, I haven't been told about one, nor has there been anything from on high, so until I hear otherwise, I'm still hunting him down to make him pay for the death toll that's attached to his name" It's spoken with the rabidness that always accompanies anything involving Sylar.

"He has more abilities we didn't know about. I think he can stop time, turns into inky shadow or smoke, one of the two. He can eliminate sound, blind a person, take them into the shadow with him and he's capable of making copies of himself. Different personalities, but him. One was in the lighthouse, we were going to catch her and in turn, get him. Use his copy as bait"

Fucking Kershner is the first thought that goes through Veronica's head. "I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have gone if he weren't given some sort of a deal… maybe because we thought he died they never actually filed the paperwork." She takes out her PDA and types in the new abilities to his name — if Cardinal weren't sort of alive, she'd worry Gray ate his brain. "Lighthouse — the orphange?" That's another personal connection and one that has her worried. "You were going to catch her? What happened? Who's the clone? And … somehow he lost track of her? Is he hoping to … reconfigure?" She shakes her head, confused.

"He didn't loose track of her. He knew she was there and helped her escape. stopped time and kidnapped me for a 'chat" Audrey's nose rankles at the experience, which has left her bereft of her vision and at the mercy of the two tweedles. "Probably won't get another chance at her frankly, but if you see a woman matching Jennifer childs" There's a snap of Audrey's finger and Joan is quickly combing thorugh papers so that she can produce a picture of the redhead. "Tranquilize, without hesitation. Take her down. That's who he's masquerading as. The one who took me is going by Gabriel and the one he warned me off of, is going by Sylar. Though I wouldn't be surprised if he popped out a few more to fuck with us"

Audrey pushes back from the table, rising up on wobbly feet, supporting herself on the table to try and get her bearings. She wants a refill on coffee. "I don't think he's trying to reconfigure. Best of my knowledge, he's content to leave her there. They don't all have the same abilities. Seems you pop out one nad it gets a few or one"

Childs. Veronica stares at the picture, memorizing the face. She and Gillian never talked of family except for their own tiny version of it, and the fact that Gillian was practically her sister. "So it's a clone but a shapeshifter?" she asks, her voice a little uncertain. "I'll get the coffee unless you will yell at me for helping," the Company agent offers, getting up as well.

"I can get coffee on my own, you're welcome to get your own" She falls silent then, save for counting footsteps, having one over with joan, precisely how many there were from the table to the counter and where the coffee pot was. If this was permanent, she'd have to learn to do it on her own. She had a new appreciation for the blind, that was for sure. "that one can shapeshift, and the few abilities. She tore up frontline pretty good on her own"

Veronica watches Audrey do the task on her own — she knows it's better to assert your autonomy and power in a case like this, especially if it's permanent. Act like a victim and you become one. "So Gabriel … or the man we know as Gray … helped this other clone Jennifer get away, and then there's one he's calling Sylar, too? Is he calling the third Sylar because he feels it has his bad traits — serial killer Sylar traits?" Veronica asks, even as her mind starts working on how to ask Gillian about this situation.

Storylines> Bow ties are cool> Magnes says, “She just needs to call Kazimir and he'll talk sense into him.”
"He told me all that while we played Patty cakes Sawyer. And then, then we braided hair and exchanged secrets about who we love before he raped my mind" She is careful to locate the pot, pulling her hand back as she actually touches the pot and Joan offers a "Up to the left" Before returning back to writing down stuff.

Refill is successful. Hooray and Audrey is rewarded with the sound of the coffee hitting into the cup.

The Company agent rolls her eyes, though of course the DHS agent can't see it. "Well. Maybe if I approach him not trying to capture, kill, and use him as bait, he'll be a little more forthcoming and helpful," Veronica says, tipping the coffee cup to drain it. "If I learn anything new, I'll send it your way if I can. Remember not to mention to any one else I'm working on this, because it's classified. And the brass who put me on it," (Martin, rather than DHS, of course) "would have my ass if he knew I was playing show and tell."

She stands, thumb already spinning the roller ball to find Gillian's phone number. "Good luck with the vision. If I can get Gray, I'll ask if there's anything we can do about it." She turns to head for the door.

"Right. Like he'd help. he's going to find his father first is my understanding" Audrey turns, one hand always on a surface to help her with her bearings. "You do what you have to do but don't get your hoped up Sawyer. He's an animal, and one that needs to be put down for the better good, after what he's done"

"Right now, Hanson, his father is more my priority, so it seems he and I are on the same page there. May as well team up, if he's willing. I'll count you out of the dream team, if it happens, though, if that's how you feel," Sawyer says, keeping her words light. "Get better soon." She gets to the front door, nudging the dogs back with her feet gently, before slipping out.

"Dream team" That earns a snort and counted steps back to the table with one hand out. Right. Her and Gabriel working on the same team together to stop his father. "You get him Sawyer, I will thread him a crown of daisies personally and put it on his head to welcome him" She remarks as Joan rises to let the other agent out. "Try not to freeze out there"

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