A Dangerous Profession


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Scene Title A Dangerous Profession
Synopsis Lashirah gives Ryans a run down on the fingers prints on the wallet and the identity of their John Doe Agent.
Date April 09, 2010

Fort Hero: Labs

It's late Friday night at the Fort Hero labs. In particular, the forensics lab, where a computer is merrily humming away through fingerprint databases. The scientist on duty, Agent Lee, Lash, not the other one, sipped at her cola and watched as the prints resolved into names. The first two get frowns… the third match, however, could be heard on the floor above. Pretty impressive, given it's a concrete building. "Oh holy… SOMEONE GET IN HERE!"

It is a late night for the senior agent, something he's use too, however it also means taking over one of the spare rooms for a night. So luck has it that Ryans is walking near by when a shout is heard from the the lab. A pause and brows go up, a glance down each side of the hall yields no one, so it's up to him to check.

The door is opened and the older man, peeks in. "Lee?" He slips in the leather shoes scuffing on the linoleum, moving deeper in to the lab."What's going on?"

"… Re… Remember that melted ID card you found?" Lee is a bit shaken alright, as she turns to look at Ryans. "… Found prints. Owner was missing from the 13th, one Simon Goodwell. Worked with HomeSec and CDC, assigned to NYC for H5N10." She pauses. "those were baked in. Also lifted a set the normal way…We have a Level-5 escapee loose in the city. And this Huruma is apparently helping the other one."

Lash looks at the screen again. "… Emotion manipulation, psychopathic tendencies, and is a cannibal." She pauses. "… an emotion controlling CANNIBAL. That… wow." She shakes her head. "That is a terrifying combination."

Listening, Ryans gives a short nods of his head, arms folded, he glances at the computer and says. "I am aware of Huruma." He doesn't sound at all happy about, "In fact, she is the one that handed it to me, personally." A hand motions to the screen. "If you look much more carefully, she has a clean slate."

"At least we have a name to go with the wallet now, this isn't looking good for that kid." There is almost a growl to his words, the earlier confrontation with still a heating point in the senior agent.

"That does remind me… next time, Ryans, be a dear, and put on some gloves before handling things like that?" Lash states. "The newest set on the thing was yours, and if there were any other sets, they were smugged out beneath them."

"At the time, I wsn't really worried about that." Ryans says, his features something nothing. "I had a Level 5 escapee sprawled out on my hotel bed when I got there." There is a heavy sigh as he eyes the screen over her shoulder. "Many years ago, we had her cornered, she killed my partner and left me with a nasty of a scar. A love bite." His voice taking on that flat tone, hinting at sarcasm. "She is one of the truly dangerous ones."

"However," He steps away, a hand scratches at the stubble of his chin, and nods, Ryans knowing he was in error, "I'll try to remember next time."

"… Yeah, I can see what you mean. I take it gettingg her into custody at the time was out of the question." Lash sighs and puts the card to one side. "… A HomeSec liason to CDC here for the Evo Flu. Seems to be a dangerous profession lately?"

"Not if I want to be laughed at, Lee." Ryans says gruffly, looking back at the woman. "Huruma has been for some godforsaken reason, been pardoned of anything and everything. Meaning, it's as if she were like everyone else, unless she does something new." His arms uncross and spread in a helpless gesture. "And she knows this, that's why she was waiting in my place."

Lashirah says, "… Emotion manipulation. This shouldn't surprise any of us. Damn sneaky too.""

"Very…" The senior agent says blandly, a slow single shake of his head. "Do you have a copy of your report handy?" He steps towards her again, brows furrowing, "Wait. You mean this one had the same profession as Lemay? The one that Bennet's girl shot?"

Hand presses to his mouth briefly. "Wonder if it is related somehow…" He waves it away for the moment. "Something to think about anyhow."

Lashirah smirks a little. "If you mean the one I'm writing up on the findings, not yet as I'm not done writing… But the prelims are on the desk over there other than this most recent 'crap'

"Ah.. thank you." The words said softly, as the senior agent is thoughtful. Moving to pick up the report, Ryans murmurs,"Alright…" paperwork in hand, the agents eyes scan over the stuff as he asks, "…anything else while I'm here Lee?" Eyes lifting from the paper, brows lifting.

Lashirah shakes her head and yawns. "An hour's sleep? We've been hit hard lately with the work loads."

There is a firm nod of his head and Ryans mouth threatens to break into a smile, at least his words reflect his joking manner. "I suppose we can let you have an hour, take more if you want." Moving past her, the older man, claps her on the shoulder. "Good work as always, Lee. Get some sleep, I know that's what I'm about to do."

Lashirah chuckles. "g'night Ryans. Try not to find another Level-5 in bed, eh?"

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