A Day in Japan



Scene Title A Day in Japan
Synopsis Magnes goes out on his own after getting his money converted.
Date May 5 2009

Shibuya, Tokyo

Shibuya is a large shopping area in Tokyo, with the world's largest six-way pedestrian crossing, many trendy shops, electronics stores, and nerdy places as far as the eye can see… If you can understand the language

It's morning, Magnes told Kimiko and Hiro that he wanted to get a feel for the city from above, which had nothing at all to do with finding Shibuya, after looking it up on the internet.

He has a Japanese/English dictionary and a small book of Japanese phrases with him, with little to no grasp on pronunciation at all, skating through the morning rush as best he can. This seemed a lot funner in Jet Set Radio.

He bumps into a man, who quickly bows, which causes Magnes to try and bow, since, it's polite, right? Then they bump heads. "Sorry sorry! Uh, I mean…" He reaches into his dictionary to look for the correct word, but the man quickly walks off after another bow and a rubbing of his forehead.

Magnes pushes on again, trying to see stores through the crowd, then finds a small street, a street that seems to have an abnormally large amount of guys with glasses, pasty skin, and a few well rounded looking individuals who just have that aura. This must be one of those streets! "I found one!"

He opens the door to a small shop, a shop full of NES, SNES, and even some systems he's only heard about in ancient gamer legends. "Wow." he sighs before reaching into his pocket, pulling out a few bills. "I have thousands of yen, this exchange rate is amazing." Because, well, he didn't bother discussing how yen works with Kimiko or Hiro.

He quickly realizes that his money isn't going to get him as much as he wished, but there are so many old games, which means plenty of cheap stuff. He grabs up some of the ones with characters he recognizes, in titles he never knew existed; hopefully he'll be able to read these things one day.

"Ah, I need an um, Super Famicom for these…" He sits the stack on the table, then whips out his dictionary and phrase book. "I, peed, Super Famicom, thank you please?" The short Otaku-man scratches his long hair, giving Magnes a weird look, then just sighs and reaches under the counter to sit a system with two controllers near the stack of games.

"Yes, I'm speaking the language now!" he excitedly says, then pays for his games and walks out with his bags. He's off to buy manga now, a few for Hiro and Kimiko too, because, well, he'll be able to read it one day!


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