A Delivery For Dutch


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Scene Title A Delivery For Dutch
Synopsis Carrie takes some time out of her day to return Dutch's gear from last month. They discuss going out to the range and grabbing beers.
Date June 3, 2009

STI office - Basement of ATF

In the basement of the ATF, lives a happy little office. Alois Ohnesorge is at his desk, writing reports as a freshly repainted STI frame hangs on a bent up clothes hangar hook strung over a beam in the ceiling. With him tonight are two men whom, at least in the sniper community outmatch his own fame.

John Ortiz was a monster, a man they called skeletor because routine field starvation had left his face permenently gaunt and skeletal in appearance. He had racked up more than a hundred kills in the US army before snapping up another easy two hundred in mixed action from Africa to Georgia(the country). Recently before his position at the ATF he'd become the first sniper ever to make a confirmed kill on a main battle tank with a rifle. When he killed too many Russians, the Russkies sent a T-84 to smoke him out. So Skeletor just systematically took the entire tank apart with his rifle almost bolt by bolt before finally destroying it.

Then theres Dwayne Fisher, the current author of the US army sniper handbook and a well known Police sniper instructor. He'd stayed behind in New Orleans with his spotter, and avoided detection by just about everyone for more than a month in downtown New Orleans before his spotter took a stray bullet from random gunfire. Dwayne, then sixty two took his spotter onto his back and hiked twelve miles to a medivac point with all the sniper team's equipment. He was never detected.

"So, I mean you think you could hunt terminators with a fifty?"Comes John

"Naw, I mean a 20mm at least. In the movies, he takes like 7.62 to the face at point blank and keeps coming. Ya figger at range, fifty may not be able to penetrate."Dwayne is the first to respond.

".338 Lupua is the way to -"Dutch however, doesnt get very far before Dwayne rolls his eyes and John interjects.

"Dutch, man you gotta stop it with the magnum kool-aide."

With the resources at her fingertip it didn't take Carrie long to hunt down where to find the infamous Dutch. A flash of her badge and an inquiry at the front desk get's her sent deep into the depths of the ATF building. Her boots thump solidly down the long corridor toward the open door at the end. "Knock knock.. I got a delivery for a Dutch." Her tone is good natured, as she steps through the door with his gear in hand and lugged in over her shoulder.

Once in the door she carefully swings the bag off her shoulder and onto the floor. A rifle held with the butt of it resting on her hip, says. "I figured you'd be missing your stuff." The other two men get a glance, and then another. Brief recognition passes over her face. "Evening boys." She offers politely before turning back to Dutch.

All there just clear their throats, and talk the terminator talk as soon as Carrie slips inside. "Good evening, and I see my things have been well cared for."Dutch rises with a small smile, dodging the suspended STI before heading on over. "I thank you for the backup, didnt know homesec was on the island anymore."He snags the bag, and extends a hand for his carbine. He makes a point not to introduce his coworkers, which is far from unusual in this community. "I should buy you a drink or something."

"Hey, it's not a problem at all. You looked like you were packing for Armagedden so I brought it back as soon as I could." Carries offers him the carbine like she's handing over something delicate. "And we aren't on the island.. I stumbled across the live feed." A smirk tugs at the corner of her lip. "Recognized the infamous Dutch and thought I'd better get my ass over there to help." Her eyes flick over to the other two, before she answers to the last. "I could be persuaded to get a drink sometime. I'd love to hear some stories." She gives a shrug. "From what I saw at the fight, I imagine you got some good one."

Dutch accepts the carbine back with a nod, stroking the charging handle a couple times before heading back over towards his desk. "Anyway."He sets the carbine carefully down, and then the satchel before offering his hand and that easy smile of his. "Allow me to be more polite. I'm Alois Ohnesorge, and its a pleasure to meet you."

"Carrie Castillo." She takes the hand firmly and with a bright smile. "Alois? Really?" She asks arching a brow. "Well, it's nice to meet you when your not bleeding all over and I'm not patching you up." She puls this hands to the side and gives him a look over. "Seems you healed up well." Her hand slides out of his and she glances at the other two. "I didn't mean to interrupt any talk about taking out futuristic robots… " She glance at them and motions at Dutch. "I'll go along with him on the whole what's best." She turns her attention back to Dutch. "..I just wanted to make sure you got it. I apologize for taking so long, but Home Sec's been busy."

"Hey you can call me Dutch all the same, but thanks. I had a little help in the healing department but thats another story, here let me give you my number."and on cue, Dutch produces a business card. "My Cell's on there, give me a ring and we can figure out when to have that drink Miss Castillo. I simply cant abide for a good deed to go without its deservedly alcoholic reward."

Taking the card and giving it a once over, Carrie fishes out a wallet from her back pocket. Opening it she tucks the card into it and pulls out one of her own, offering it held between two fingers. "And her's mine. Though I know you work with some of the best. Don't hesitate to call if you need any help with anything.. Or you know.. drinks and what not. It's nice to meet a fellow sniper." She gives him a smile. "I haven't run into many at my office, but then, I don't get to use my training in that often at all anymore."

Dutch smirks "Naw, homesec is pretty soft over there. Next time I head to the range I'll give you a ring, see if you want to tag along. Could show you some pointers or whatever, maybe a beer afterward?"cocky as always, but then what sniper wasnt these days?

Carrie chuckles giving an amused look, she shakes her head. "I don't doubt you could, Dutch. I don't doubt you could. And as rusty as I am sure to be, I'd actually like that. Get back into the swing of things." She's quiet for a long moment and then suddenly says.. "Anyhow.. " She takes a step back and motions over at the door with a thumb over her shoulder. ".. I should… ah… get out of your hair. Sure you got important things to discuss.." Her tone is teasing and she gives the boys a wink.
Dutch smirks, his peers just play dumb for the moment. "You have a pleasant evening dear." He'll wait for Carrie to depart before coughing."Yep, still got it."
"Shut up Dutch"

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