A Different Kind Of Homecoming


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Scene Title A Different Kind of Homecoming
Synopsis Anna returns amid questions.
Date December 21, 2010

Confucius Plaza — Brian's Apartment

"You just got punk'd!!!"

Brian lets out a quiet chuckle as he stares dully at the television set. The young ex-agent reaches over to the tv-tray set up beside the couch. Picking up his glass he goes to take a sip of his drink. "Paulie Shore, you're such an idiot." He mumble/giggles to himself. Winters tips the vodka back into his mouth before setting it back on the tray. As per usual, the young man is shirtless. Wearing only black basketball shorts. Bringing up his legs, he hugs his knees to his chest for a moment, peering at the tv. It isn't too long before he is glancing at the light drizzle that splashes against the windows.

Watching the moisture from the outside for a long moment, Winters turns to look over his shoulder. Wondering idly what Samara is doing back there, he looks back to the TV. "I think the noodles are ready." He's busy. He can't get it right now.

The night has been wearing on a few hours now, only five minutes til curfew. The bustle on the streets of Chinatown below is finally calming down. Leaving the apartment in a relative silence.

There's a loud crash at Brian's comment. "Dammit," Samara murmurs as the glass shatters. She's been practicing most of the day with various surfaces. Right now she's moved on to water glasses… twenty or so line the counter as she runs each of her hands through them in turn. But the voice broke her focus just enough to knock one off.

With a heavy sigh she's reaching into the closet and extracting a broom to clean up the mess. "Sloppy~" she quietly reprimands herself before her eyes catch the noodles boiling over. She trudges to the stove and turns down the oven. Pressing her lips together, quiet curiosity takes over. Her eyes move from the noodle pot to the burner next to it. Carefully she moves it from the hot burner to a cool one.

Swallowing hard she stares at the pot a little longer. "C'mon Sam. You can do this. It's just a pot… you won't even feel it… " as she reaches out her hand she whispers one more word, "Probably." She takes a slow deep breath and focuses all of her energies, annnnnd…

"FUUUUUUUCK" oh yes. She burned her hand.

A knock on the door, a really timid one. The person who gives the knock is not unknown, in fact, it is Anna. The teen knocks on the door again after abrief moment. And then she waits for someone to open the door. The crash inside has not gone unnoticed, nor has the swearing.

Brian doesn't look back at the crash, or the yell. Stuff like that has been happening all day. At the knock at the door, Brian reaches over and grabs the shorts resting on the arm of the couch. Flinging them over to the side, he extends his arm. Easily sliding out of him, another Brian now sits on the couch. Naked. Quickly grabbing the extra pair of shorts, the newly arrived copy straightens the clothing and pulls it up over his legs. Pushing off the couch, the newly arrived blue shorts Brian steps over to the kitchen.

"Burn your hand?" Brian asks casually, peering at the pot. Folding his arms over his chest, he grins softly at her. "Get an ice pack, ho." With that, he turns to face the door. Taking a step towards it he reaches into the bookcase next to the door. And inside a hollowed out book, a gun is pulled out. Placing the gun behind his back, Brian goes to unchain the door. And finally open it,

"Brian's pleasure palace how may I…" he pauses when his eyes dip down to Anna. "You!" He exclaims, opening the door fully. "Where the fuck you been? You didn't leave a note or anything!" Brian scowls, he might be a little irritated. "I thought you got caught back up by.. Them! Come in!"

Samara frowns, "Yeaaaaah." She sighs heavily as she shakes her head, "No. I can't use an icepack. This is my punishment." Someone picked up B.F. Skinner's learning book from the library and has been exercising rewards and punishments for the last twelve hours to try and train this ability of hers. Apparently anyone can get a library card (it's amazing). "If I don't let the punishment be all… like punish-y then… I will never learn." That's what the book said. Kind of.

But Brian is already gone before she can explicate all of the reasons why it's so important she catch onto this whole thing fast enough. Rubbing her eyes, she sighs and balks into the pressure after glancing at her hand. The skin is bubbling; it will blister. With a tug on the freezer, she extracts an ice pack and then peeks around the corner to see who is at the door.

Sami doesn't look quite as she did when Anna had left; not today anyways. But then, she's trying to feel comfortable in her own skin, or as the case may be, clothes she wouldn't be caught dead in. The black fishnet stockings and black skirt have an almost Lolita fashion feel, begging the question what style she's aspiring to follow. Her heels are freakishly high and she's relearning how to walk in them with any semblance of balance. The tone and scowl have Sam clunking around the corner— her movement lacks its usual grace thanks the the apparel. She cranes her neck to peek further around Brian as her eyes narrow, "Anna?" There's a short pause. "OHmigosh! I thought you were like taken by Humanis First pirates on a whirlwind adventure to like… kill evolveds at sea…" There's a short pause as her nose wrinkles, "Maybe I dreamt that?"

"Sorry." Is all Anna has to respond to Brian as she comes in. "And I think you dreamt that, Sami. At least, it sounds like a dream…" She peers at the phaser, "You didn't secretly become a precog on me, did you? Because that doesn't sound like fun to me…"

"If it makes you feel better in my dream you mutiny'd and turned the ship into the Glitter Pirates. It was awesome…" her gaze turns upwards as she tries to imagine the glitter pirates. Her hands are shoved into the pockets of the black skirt she's wearing, the notion of glitter pirates fading from Sami's features. Her tone changes as she allows her chin to drop to her chest, "But… Glitter Pirates or not… you had us worried. Like actually."

"And I mean, it's scary enough out there without a connection to Humanis First, right? It's not like the world is what it was when I was growing up… kind of grew up… died." At that she actually smirks.

There's a twitch of a smile at Brian's amusement. She feels like a freak, but this is the way it goes.

"If you want me to leave again, I can." Anna says defiantly, I know I shouldn't have done this, and it won't happen again. But I don't want to talk about it, okay?" She looks over to Sam, "That's a weird dream, nope. Don't think you're a precog after all, I'm not that into glitter, really."

"Bullshit Anna." Brian glares, his glare momentarily skips over to Samara. This is upset time, this is no time for Glitter Pirates! "I'm not your parents, and yeah. I know they're dead. So are mine. I'm done with this teenage drama, alright? Like it or not, you've been pulled into an adult situation, and you need to try to look like an adult. None of this passive aggressive, I can leave if you hate me so much. I'm giving you a place to stay. And in doing that, I'm putting myself, and Sam, at risk. By just skipping around the city doing whatever the fuck you want, you're putting Sam and I in danger. So we're going to talk about it. And you're not going to leave." His voice is intense, and the next question is in the same tone. Though the lyrics differ from the theme of the rest of the song. "Do you want some ice cream?!"

The Brian on the couch stands up and finishes off his drink. Making his way into the kitchen, his glass is set in the sink. His features are kinder and softer. His bare back to Anna, one hand goes up to take Samara's hand. An apologetic look deliverd to her, a little squeeze given to her hand. "Did you get any ice cream?" He asks softly.

Samara's lips tighten at the glare. Her eyebrows arch apologetically as she shoots him a sheepish smile. She says little during this reprimand; she hasn't exactly been under parental or guardian-al influence for a very long time, and silent people can't reprimand anyone. Wearily, she emits a small sigh, "You're a teenaged girl alone in what feels like a post-apocalyptic New York City. You need be more careful. Not everyone out there is good or gentle or kind. I know I don't… I don't act like it… "

Her eyebrows tighten further, "I know you lived through November 8, but in the thick of it… it was terrifying. People are capable of nasty things. And we're trying to help you here. Really we are." Unlike Brian, Sami's tone is gentle, disappointed, but gentle.

The second Brian causes her face to relax. "I bought some," she says equally softly. "But I haven't ate any yet."

"Wait, so if I have to look like an adult, do I get to drink?" Wrong question, Anna. Very, very much the wrong question. "Anyway, nah, ice cream is better in summer. Don't you have something warm? I could really use something to heat up, you know?" And she's blatantly ignoring anything resembling important questions.

"Hot chocolate?" Brian suggests before his features darkening. "Wait no. No hot chocolate or ice cream, until you tell me where you went and what you did. Anna. You need to understand. You look fucking suspicious right now okay? I want to be able to trust you, but you need to throw me a fucking bone. What the fuck did you do out there?" He flails in the direction of the door to express where she went.

The other Brian gives Sam's hand a light squeeze, leaning in he gives her cheek a light kiss. "You look good." Leaning back he looks her up and down before nodding soundly with his assessment. "I'm going to go watch Val Kilmer get punk'd." Prancing back into the living room, he goes to collapse back into the couch to watch the tv.

But Brian in front of the door is still adamant. "Please Anna, make this easy for me."

Sami's throat clears, "I don't think that's what Brian meant, Anna. Looking adult means acting adult. Being responsible to the people around you no matter what. Even if they make you angry and nearly give you a heart attack for your own good, being adult means recognizing your responsibility to other people and what you can do for other people." And maybe that's what it means to grow up.

Samara's eyes close at the kiss against her cheek. "So do you," she whispers in return. "I feel ridiculous," she counters quietly. But she just needs to own it, right? Loli goth. She can pull it off with practice hopefully. Her lips curl slightly upwards as he disappears to the couch to watch Val Kilmer be punk'd.

"Look, it's simple. Either you accept that I need some fucking freedom to get out every now and then, or I turn around and leave." Anna says, just as adamant as Brian. "If neither of those options are acceptable, I shall give you the same treatment I gave Zach."

"Talk to me like that Anna, and I will punch a child." Brian growls. "I never said you couldn't have friends. You disappeared without telling me anything and you still won't tell me anything, how am I supposed to know you didn't go to Humanis First? Tell them who I am?" The Brian standing in front of the door, places his back against the door. Blocking the door completely, Brian lowers his arms slightly over his abdomen, watching Anna stonily.

The other Brian has seated himself on the couch, watching Anna's back quietly. His eyes drifting over to Samara then back to the TV. Placing his hands on his lap, he sighs quietly.

Staring down Anna, Brian's anger slowly melts slightly at the sight of Samara. "Listen Anna. This is no time to have a teenage rebellion. Our actions could get each other killed, all of us need to be careful to protect each other. So I need to know where you've been and who you've talked to."

Sam's gaze flits between them (Anna and each of the Brian's). While she's concerned and has shifted into a somewhat defensive stance, there's little left to be said. Except, "You're not a prisoner here. You never were. There's no ifs, ands, or buts about it." Her arms are hugged around her body, causing all of the goth-wear to fold in on itself. There's an odd gentleness to her voice as she sighs, and reminds, "You were the one that was crying in the street terrified of what lurked around the corner. Do you want to be safe? Do you want to live?"

Sam shoots Brian a nearly apologetic look. While the anger may not be remotely directed at her, in her bubbly sweetness, she's sorry just the same. "These people, Humanis First, they're dangerous. You know that. Wandering the streets alone and disappearing for days on end… this isn't just about our safety, it's about yours. You could've been dead in a ditch and we never would have known. So please… pleeeease… where were you?"

"Somewhere. Not with humanis first, promise." Anna responds, sighing. "Look, it won't happen again. But allow me to have my little secrets, okay?" Her eyes are directed at the ground. "I'm safe, it won't happen again, and I'm not going to tell you where I went. If that is not acceptable, then I'm sorry, but so be it." Her eyes flit towards the door again, "But one question, if this is not meant to be a prison, then why is a Brian blocking the door?"

"Because you're a stupid little girl Anna." The Brian at the door, abandons his post at the door walking into the kitchen. "Go wherever you want. Do whatever you want. If you don't trust me I can't trust you. You can stay here tonight, but we'll be gone by the weekend. And unless you can wise up and act like an adult, I'm not giving you the address. I'll also be putting the word out in my network of contacts that you're a risk and not to be trusted." The Ferrymen. "I'll give you an address for a shelter nearby. I know the guy who runs it, he's pretty nice. You should be able to stay there." The first Brian disappears back into the bedroom.

The Brian still on the couch, hugs his knees to his chest. "I'm packing. But.. I'm done. We can all have ice cream now."

While Brian's answer about Anna being stupid is moderately satisfactory, Sam adds, "Because running away in the middle of argument gets everyone no where, running in circles for days on end." But that's all she has left to discuss.

"Right. Ice cream" that she can distract everyone with. Ice cream is the solution to all of the world's problems. The black-toting goth-dressed twenty year old disappears into the kitchen amid the sounds of bowls being shuffled and ice cream being scooped. Moments later she reappears with three bowls— one balancing precariously on her forearm with a spoon stuck in the ice cream of each. Whether Anna actually wants it or not, Sam has served it up. Everyone needs to just chill. Ice cream will help, she's certain of it. A pink bowl, that Sami had bought earlier this week for no reason other than she'd always wanted a pink bowl, is passed to Anna.

A quiet sigh escapes Sami's lips as she clunks— CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK— into the living room. She sidles next to the Brian on the couch and holds out his standard fare bowl to him with a gentle smile and slight tilt of her head.

"I am fifteen." Anna complains, "I am stuck in situations that I don't know how to deal with. I'm trying to manage. And I have to act like I'm like five years older to boot?!" Anna sighs. "I was at a place some woman arranged. I thought I knew her name, but I left when I realized I didn't. She goes by at least two names, and I can't be sure either of them is the real name anymore." The teen shoves the ice cream away forcibly, "And I said I didn't want any icecream."

"And I'm trying to help you." Brian shoots back. "I've done all this Anna. I've been through shit like this. I've lived on the streets, I've been mixed up with dangerous organizations. I've dealt with dangerous people. People that make your Zach look like a puppy. Which is probably what he is, anyways. So if you just trust me. I can help you. Okay, Anna? A place some woman arranged? How did you meet her? Did she approach you? What all did you tell her?"

He points at the cupboards. "You can make yourself some hot chocolate." Pushing his spoon into the ice cream, Brian takes the spoonful, returning Samara's expression with a simple bob of his chin. "Did you tell her… Everything?"

The rejected pink bowl is happily taken over by the goth girl as she shovels a spoonful into her mouth. There's something nearly rueful in her expression almost assuming that through Anna's rejection of said-ice cream she's won something. What? She'll never tell.

"This is good," she declares about the cold creamy-textured treat. Even if the pseudo-fight continues, she will not let it destroy her enjoyment of its deliciousness. "This could be your best idea all day~" she sings to Brian before enjoying another spoonful.

Turning back to Anna, she considers, "You're right, you're fifteen. This is a lot to take for a fifteen year old, but Brian I want to help. That's why he invited you to stay here." She hmmms quietly about this woman, "Where was this place she took you? You just need to recognize not everyone is sunflowers and lollipops."

"I didn't tell her anything about you, and almost nothing about the Humanis First situation, honest." Anna responds with a sigh. "Some seedy hotel, almost abandoned." She then answers Samara. "Anyway… she offered to help, and I was scared of her, so I was afraid to say no…"

Leaning forward, something is whispered to Samara before Brian leans back in the couch. Taking another spoonful, he gives a light nod to Anna. It's only that she's fifteen that he's not pressing the matter further. Though he'll need to do checkups on this woman. Just to make sure. "Can you write down the address, give me the names she gave you? I'll just check her out. Make sure she's on the level. Background checks. Stuff like that."

Winters takes a little spoonful of the ice cream. Eating it slowly he turns his gaze back to the tv, to watch Val Kilmer get punk'd. HIs lips jump up in a smile, laughing quietly at the image on the tv. "Oh Val…"

A tight-lipped smile is cast to Brian and Sami reaches over to squeeze his thigh and then returns her ice cream to the coffee table. She pushes herself up to a standing position and CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK trudges back to Anna, reaching out to squeeze the teenager's shoulder, "You're safe now. You don't need to be afraid of the random stranger anymore. It sounds like she actually wanted to look out for you— " assuming she's not some psycho "— so, just be careful who you trust, okay?" Her lips twitch upwards into a smaller smile as she extends both of her arms. Should Anna take the embrace, she'll gain a supportive hug, there to recognize the complications of the current situation.

Anna accepts the hug, squeezing Sami tight. While hugging, she tells Brian the address of the place, "I only can remember two names, Maria and Lola… and I only know Lola because some shipper .. Smedley .. called her that."

"Smedley?" Brian smirks a little bit. "Alright. Funny name." He gives a little nod, taking another spoonful of ice cream. Glancing over to the two women he scoots over on the couch. "Okay. I'm sorry I yelled at you Anna. But.. Communication okay. You need to tell me where you're going when you go out." Getting to the side of the couch, he pats the couch. "Come sit, you two. Jadakiss is getting punk'd next."

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